The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)


Published on July 8, 2014 um 06:23

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Chief Technical Officer

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registered company

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education , cultural diversity

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Summary of your enterprise

CloudGuide is a universal app for museum and art gallery exhibitions, creating a new channel for cultural sites to communicate their heritage through multimedia guides. CloudGuide aim is to unify the knowledge of all kind of museums and cultural heritage sites in one single app while creating a new dialog between the visitors and the museums or cultural sites. Background information on the exhibition is usually necessary to fully understand the content, but its not always given. Through Cloudguide, visitors get to know more about the history, people and events related to the museum exhibition. Also,it empowers to the visitors to listen to the story that the museum wants to share with them while allowing them to give opinions and ratings about all the exhibitions. CloudGuide holds only official content provided by the museums therefore they can trust the information provided. The project consists of two platforms (one for the user and museums) and a mobile application for the users. The platform makes a museums content editors life easier and brings professional recording and translation at any museums fingertips. Through in-app ticketing, statistics and gift shop merchandising, museums can attract a larger and more global user base.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

First, CloudGuide would provide a lot of benefits to the museums and other cultural heritage sites. With CloudGuide even the smallest gallery with a low budget will be able to create its audioguide and improve its visitors experience. Moreover, the digital audioguide provides a much nicer experience to the user, which is another big concern for the cultural heritage sites. Museums and art galleries do everything in order to improve the user experience of their visitors and give them some knowledge. CloudGuide not only allows the cultural heritage sites create a better experience from the visit, but also to help their visitors learn more about them. Through the digital guides less booklets will be printed and visitors, especially students, will have an interactive tool where they can see all the artworks and cultural knowledge of the world in one single app and platform. Moreover, from now on visitors will not have to carry around the bulky old-fashioned audioguides and download multiple apps for every museum. They will use a single app with a clear friendly interface. The app and the platform are free. CloudGuide also takes care of people that is not highly involved in the cultural world. According to statistics the average group of museum and cultural site visitors are a family of 3 people where only one person is interested on the content. Therefore, CloudGuide app will give to the rest of the visitors or family members a chance to discover from a new perspective the cultural sites.

Sustainability and future plans

Revenue sources As for the income that CloudGuide generates, it comes from the following sources. First, we are going to charge the museums a commission on the audioguide sales. The visitor can purchase the audioguide in the museum or in the app directly. As a first option, the museum could provide access codes to the visitor, and once the visitor enters them in the app, the museum would be charged the agreed commission. Museums can request as many access codes to sell to their visitors as they wish, and will only have to pay once they are really used. For bigger museums we would provide a simple API so they can automatically print the access codes on the receipt. A second method would be to allow the user to buy the access inside the app. This has the advantage that there needs to be no ticketing for museums with free entrance and that the user can still buy the access even after paying the entrance. Nevertheless, as stated above this revenue source is still under consideration. Besides the commission on the audioguide sales CloudGuide will also charge commission on the value-added services provided for the museum such as content creation, translation and voice-studio recording. Moreover, CloudGuide could charge a fixed yearly payment for the museum statistics provided and for the Big Data analysis. Finally, another revenue source will be in-app merchandising and cross-selling, which in the end might become the main income source

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Joris is a Belgian engineer with further studies in business. He completed his bachelors and masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science successfully from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. Later he complemented this engineering degree with an MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the ESADE Business School. In between both degrees he acquired working experience and engaged in entrepreneurial activities, including the technical management of an investment in solar power and the full design of an electronic device in the field of M2M. He also successfully coordinated a EUR 1 M investment in renewable energy.

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