Lokalizo and Voices of Youth Mapping Initiative

Published on July 8, 2014 um 13:19

Name of Enterprise

Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo


Rr. Eduard Lir 10
10000 Prishtina

Your title/position

Team Leader

Type of Enterprise

nonprofit organization

Enterprise has a positive impact on

peace-building, environment, education , health, sustainable energy, cultural diversity

Year the enterprise was founded



Summary of your enterprise

The Lokalizo project provides an innovative way to identify and solve environmental and urban issues in order to have safer and healthier communities. Lokalizo addresses the current lack of an efficient way of communication between citizens and the Municipalities Administration regards to identifying the issues, reporting them, keeping updated the citizens on the progress of the issues, and finally promoting the solution. Lokalizo does this through an online mapping platform which enables the citizens which take part in the project and who reside in one of the two Municipalities to report their concerns about community issues to a wide range of institutions such as the Municipal Safety Councils, Kosovo Police, Kosovo Security Force, Civil Society Organizations, and others which form a coalition of partners which provide resources and the knowhow to tackle the most pressing urgent issues in communities. Therefore Lokalizo has four main objectives : 1). To provide an innovative way to identify and solve urban and environmental problems where the citizens (the youth) are the initiators 2). To create a strong coalition of partners which will address the reported community issues that were identified and deemed as most urgent which need immediate remedy/solution/improvement. 3). To create a better interaction between the municipality, citizens, civil society, responsible contracted companies, etc 4). Finally, as a result of the three first objectives, Lokalizo creates a feedback loop where the voices of youth is amplified to that degree where it affects more decision-making processes

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The Lokalizo project is now in the sixth month of implementation and over this time young people who have joined Lokalizo were introduced to the concept of digital mapping through a set of workshops and activities focusing on digital engagement, youth empowerment and community advocacy. Lokalizo through its partnership with Voices of Youth Maps offers a youth friendly technology, that can be used by trained young people to securely collect stories and reports regarding their neighborhood. Aggregated reports serve as a powerful tool to promote interventions by the community and its leaders to achieve the desired changes. The Lokalizo project addresses 9 thematic categories: walking hazards, accumulation of garbage, collapse risks, water management, recreational parks, urban traffic, sanitation problems, urban green spaces and forests, response to humanitarian disasters. In respect to the latter category and in light of the recent floods in the Balkans, our team has been invited at the Mikser Festival 2014 in Belgrade to present how youth-led initiatives similar to Lokalizo can respond to such crisis in the future. Our team has been able to create a solid circle of stakeholders in the city of Prishtina, while we are working everyday to expand this circle. Simultaneously, we are looking at opportunities to expand the service offered through Lokalizo to other cities in Prishtina, with the goal to stretch on national level. The results of the project will be measured by these factors: A. the number of people involved in the project B. the number of stakeholders we got support from C. the number of issues identified and reported D. the number of the reports/issues that were resolved E. the number of ethnic communities represented in the project F. a larger number of female participants among youth mappers

Sustainability and future plans

Lokalizo project is a product of the Non-Governmental Organization Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo (PIKS), and its implementation is supported by the UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo and Voices of Youth Mapping Initiative. Lokalizo was developed during the third edition of the Social Innovations Camp Kosovo which is organized by the Innovations Lab Kosovo, where it also was awarded with the first prize and received a seed grant to kickstart the project in the city of Prishtina. Currently the project is being prepared to extend to the cities of Obiliq and Fushe Kosove and for doing that the project has applied to receive a grant from an international organization active here in Kosovo. The plan forward is to deploy project chapters in all cities of Kosovo while for supporting this aspiration we are looking at receiving funding from the municipalities where the project would be implemented.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Lander Islami from Prishtina, Kosovo and in a little more than a week I will be 23 years old. I have a background in Management, Public Policy, Economics and great interest in International Relations. I have had a number of experiences working in multicultural working environments where ideas and argumentation flowed from inspiring individuals representing diverse angles of world-views. I have also greatly benefited from the many opportunities to present my perspective and in other cases to compete with other people from all parts of the world in international events. Ultimately, these experiences have contributed significantly in shaping my motivation towards the life goals I aspire. I grew up as someone who is a pragmatic idealist greatly passionate about empowering people and promoting the ideal that the key to leadership is creating leaders in others. Diverse life experiences made me form a drive where I am constantly looking at ways to contribute in bringing my country and my culture closer to the developed world so that my people have access to more prosperous living standards. For this reason, I approached kindred spirits, motivated and greatly ambitious, and proposed the idea of launching our own organization to empower the youth and break into new frontiers. I became one of the founders of the Prosperity Initiative in Kosovo, a youth-led organization that is committed to tackle primarily the great number of unemployed youth but also to amplify the voices of youth in decision making in Kosovo, ultimately with the objective to anchor the collective thrust of young people as a cornerstone of the democratic foundation and development agenda of the country. I am focused towards empowering the Youth of Kosovo, questioning the status quo, and looking constantly at opportunities to embrace change and innovation to make systems work better.

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