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Published on July 8, 2014 um 15:16

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Bagner Bag


Jalan Mawar Gang Kober 03
16424 Depok

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registered company

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environment, education , youth

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Bagner Indonesia is a business that we started since 2013. This business is motivated by the heavy use of banner (billboard) around us. Banner is one medium that is used by many organizations or institutions to publicize the event to the public. Unfortunately, after the completion of the event, the banner is allowed to accumulate and become garbage. Garbage of the banner is then we made as some kind of unique, innovative, and creative bag. This business is also one of our efforts to encourage people to reduce the use of plastic bags. The goal we want to achieve through this business is (1) to develop a product that is creative, unique, and innovative; (2) utilizing banner garbage and make them into valuable products; (3) to be one of the driving green entrepreneur at the University of Indonesia; (4) reduce the use of plastic bags; and (5) providing jobs and empowering people in the neighborhood. We strongly believe that by utilizing the garbage of banner, it can be a direct answer to the waste problem from banner in our area.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our business has a positive impact on sustainable development. First, this business is a garbage-based business. That means these businesses contribute positively to environmental problems. This business can be a media campaign to reduce plastic bag. As we all know, the use of plastic bags carry a serious threat to the earth where we live in. We have to reduce the use of plastic bags. By converting plastic garbage and banner into valuables products such as handbags is one positive effort to achieve that goal. The second thing, this business has positive correlation to socio-economic. This business is an opportunity to absorb labor and provided jobs for the surrounding community.

Sustainability and future plans

Our products in this business has several advantages such as (1) Banner material is waterproof, so it can protect the goods and the laptop is better than the bags of other materials; (2) is a unique product with the concept of utilization of used banners, which offer competitive prices in accordance with the consumer finance; (3) is the proprietary products because each product will have different shades of each other. The business that we run get full financial support from Ministry of Culture and Education Republic Indonesia through a program called PKM. In addition, we get funds from the University of Indonesia through a program called the University of Indonesia Young Creative Entrepreneur 2013. Before and during the running of our business conduct related surveys to know opportunities and market of our products. Furthermore, we will continue to conduct regular surveys to determine the development of the market. We will also undertake product innovation in order to remain a competitive business that can be profitable.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Edy Irawan, 21 years old. I was born in Palembang, capital city of South Sumatera province, Indonesia. Currently, Im an undergraduate student majoring International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Science, Universitas Indonesia. I have volunteer experiences at school, mosques, and various extra-curricular activities. In my spare time, I love singing and watching film. Horror and comedy are films I like the most. I have huge interest on research which guided me to involve in a student organization namely KSM Eka Prasetya UI and Im a vice President KSM Eka Prasetya UI for this period. Last January 2014, we conducted research about Indonesian Migrant Worker in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. As aspiring young leader, I excited to involve in youth event and/or program. In 2012, I attended National Future Educators Conference in Jakarta and Emerging Leaders Conference in Manila, the Philippines. In 2013, I also invited to attend UNESCO International Youth Forum in West Sumatera and Indonesia Youth Forum in Bandung. I believe by attended youth program will benefit me and my communities. It helps me to explore ideas, as capacity building. With my friends, Indah Lestari, Zahrul Addini, and Faiz Fadlih Muhammad, we start up a business namely Bagner Indonesia. This business awarded with Gold Medal by Universitas Indonesia in UIs Student Scientific Olympiad 2013, Young Creative Entrepreneur 2013, and qualified funding phase of National College-Student Scientific Weeks (PIMNAS) XXVII field College-Student Creativity Program of Entrepreneurships (PKM-K) held by Ministry of Culture and Education Republic of Indonesia.

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