Anjna Patient Education

Published on January 16, 2014 um 15:54

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Anjna Patient Education

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nonprofit organization

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Mobile Solutions for Patient Engagement. Anjna is a 501(c)3 nonprofit company that addresses the healthcare crisis in the United States by designing, building, and implementing innovative mobile health solutions, especially for safety net communities that are at greater risk for chronic, preventable diseases. Using interactive and personalized text and voice messages, we deliver actionable, tailored medical content that improves appointment attendance, medication compliance and disease self-management skills.

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Patients receive personalized, interactive messages which empower them to take better care of their health. The medical content underlying these messages is created by our Academic partners at Stanford and the University of Michigan. Theyve designed customized, evidenced-based content that is both engaging and interactive. SMS technology works on almost all mobile phones. iPhone is used for illustration purposes. Interaction is visionary.

Sustainability and future plans

Our evidence-based, data-driven platform can help your patients take control of their own health and help healthcare organization minimize costs associated with patient management.

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Vineet Singal, 21, United States, is the founder of Anjna Patient Education, which provides health education programs to free health clinics to help disadvantaged and low-income patients learn about nutrition, diet and a healthy lifestyle. Vineet previously volunteered at several free clinics and witnessed firsthand the high volume of patients with preventable conditions like stress-related illnesses and obesity and the lack of health education and patient counseling available. With Anjna Patient Education, Vineet is determined to break the cycle of chronic, preventable diseases by developing interactive health education applications for underserved populations.

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Great Idea Vineet
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