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A majority of the world is unaware of how blood donations work or where to find donors when they need one. Hospitals and blood banks still use old and slow methods of accomplishing this very important task. 65% of blood transfusions in low-income countries are given to children under five years of age while the blood donation rate remains between 10 - 40 donations per 1000. Inspite of the burgeoning population there is always a shortage of blood.

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This central platform that matches blood donors with recipients has more than 500 users with future plans to expand globally.

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At Socialblood, the mission is not only to create an easy, trustworthy and a reliable network of donors around the world but also grow together with Hospitals, Blood-banks and supporting organizations.We aim to change and disrupt the archaic ways of finding blood donors and build the largest network of voluntary donors around the world. Making it as easy as a few clicks.

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Karthik Naralasetty, 22, India, created, a social media platform to help address the blood shortage crisis by connecting blood donors and recipients of the same blood type through Facebook. After witnessing a familys struggle to find O+ blood donors every 25 days to treat its four year-old childs rare medical condition, Karthik knew he needed to take action.

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