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Name of Enterprise

ARANU's accessories



Your title/position


Type of Enterprise

informal program/project

Enterprise has a positive impact on

poverty reduction , sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth

Year the enterprise was founded


Summary of your enterprise

I make hand crafted jewellery for fashion and establish innovation and self reliance so as to reduce poverty and encourage financial independence amongst youths and woman.I aim at combining accessories from different cultures of the world and educating the youths against idleness.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

I have succeeded in teaching 11 people on how to make and market deir products and so far the money they earn they pay their school fees and take care of some basic necessities

Sustainability and future plans

I intend to create a bead manufacturing factory in Nigeria to produce the beads here because the materials I use are imported so manufacturing it in the country makes it more affordable.I get my finance from my savings and borrowings from family,friends and relatives.Creating a factory implies adequate personnel and thus creating more job opportunities for others.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Aranu Mai-Lafia,i feel happy when I make a jewellery and the customer wears it with excitement.It urges me to create more and invent new designs.I've also earned some money to help others and provide some things for myself.I have been interviewed on television during a women's day programme and a house interview by the local station

I wearing the bead necklace i made

Bag made with beads

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Great Idea Aranu

Just voted for your project

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