Groundnuts farming in support of Youth Education

Published on June 10, 2014 um 12:50

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Asaasiam Vision International


Akuadjo +233506041500
00233 Nkawkaw

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Founder / Programs Director

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nonprofit organization

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environment, education , poverty reduction , elderly , empowerment of women, youth

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Asaasiam Vision International was established in 2012 in honor of the late Teacher Asare, Maame Georgina and Opanin Asiamah for their great contributions in transforming the lives of many destitute people in Ghana. Asaasiam Vision International is a youth- led non-governmental and non-partisan organization which support destitute children, school dropouts, vulnerable girls and empower women in deprived communities in Ghana (Africa) through education, vocational training and women empowerment projects. Asaasiam believes that effective and sustainable economic development comes through education, vocational training and women empowerment programs, where vulnerable members of the community are given education, vocational skills, motivation and support to improve their lives and communities. Our objectives are: to encourage, promote and support youth education and vocational training, to empower women in low income communities through economic activities, to mobilize resources and facilities from key stakeholders, government, and donors to support impoverished youth and deprived communities for sustainable development, and to reduce poverty and hunger through sustainable agriculture projects. Our activities include: enrolling school dropouts and school going age children and youth in the remote part of Ghana in school, provision of education materials such as books, school uniforms, pens and pencils to school children and youth in deprived communities of Ghana, supporting teenage parents to acquire vocational skills and training, empowering women through livelihood program, and cultivation of maize and groundnut to reduce hunger and poverty. Our approaches to addressing the challenges faced by impoverished youth and vulnerable women have proven effective and it includes: material and financial support, vocational training, special needs identification research programs, discussion forum and seminars in deprived communities and schools, face-to-face interactions with the youth, carrier guidance and counseling, community farm projects in groundnuts and maize cultivation in support of youth education.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Education is the key to achieving sustainable development, our school dropout and school going age enrollment program since its introduction has sent over thirty school dropout youth and school going aged children in deprived communities back to school. Our education and financial Support program have provided support to over forty impoverished school children, through our Education Support program we provide these children with educational materials and financial support. Two of the children we are supporting are now at Anglican Senior High School Teshie Accra, Ghana. Through our vocational training and women empowerment program we have helped people from disadvantaged backgrounds in Ghana to acquire vocational training, get employability skills and career guidance to enable them earn income and skills to take control of their own career, lives and help their families come out of poverty. We have provided five teenaged parents with vocational training in dressmaking. Our groundnut and maize cultivation in sustainable agriculture have helped to reduce hunger and poverty in most deprived communities we operate. The program has provided vulnerable women and their families with alternative income generating ventures to improve their finances, create employment, increase food production, reduce malnutrition and raise the general standard of living in deprived communities. All our projects have been successful. We ensure that the benefits of our programs are directed toward the right needs of our clients. We determine our success of every project we undertake by setting our objectives and time frame to achieve it. We also have independent individuals we have tasked to review our performance on a performance scale through conduction of a survey in the communities we operate.

Sustainability and future plans

Groundnut farming in support of Youth Education is a five-year, US$60 thousand groundnut farming project designed to provide education materials and financial support to impoverished youth in deprived communities in Ghana. Under the management of Asaasiam Vision International-NGOs experienced team, this project is expected to generate revenue that will be enough to address both financial and education material needs and problems faced by impoverished youth in all the ten deprived communities we operate. Asaasiam Vision has already secured a vast farm land for groundnuts cultivation and other farming projects, we will rely on both our experience in existing groundnuts projects, and the skills and experience of groundnut farmers in the deprived communities we operate and networks (which encompass about 12 groundnuts farming communities, 4 schools, 3 churches, and 2 organizations) while strategically utilizing over thirty trained youth volunteers. Asaasiam Vision has over two years experience in groundnuts cultivation and I the founder, have gained over fifteen years experience in groundnuts cultivation since it was the main source of finance for my education. Drawing on this experience, Asaasiam vision will implement quality interventions, run effective monitoring and evaluation, develop strategic management plans, and writing reports on the project to enable stakeholders to monitor progress. Asaasiam Vision proposes to spend a total of US$60,000 fund to implement the five year project. It is hoped that our partners will contribute US$10,000 while the remaining US$50,000 will be sourced from donor agencies. Asaasiam Vision will expand its groundnut farming in support of youth education project to reach over 30 deprived communities youth, and about 4,000 impoverished youth in deprived communities are expected to benefit from the project by the year 2019. We hope to partner with other local and international Youth-led NGOs, organizations and institutions to achieve our aim.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am a 29 year old Ghanaian, born on 9th March 1985. I grew up in a deprived community in Ghana, and lost both parents at the age of fifteen. As I struggled through life in my deprived village I discovered one thing, lack of sustainable community based development projects to help transform the life of people in deprived communities. I founded Asaasiam Vision International NGO at the age of 27, in 2012 to help address this problem. I am the founder / Programs Director of Asaasiam Vision International. Prior to founding Asaasiam Vision, I worked for Advans Ghana as Credit / Client relationship officer. My duties included: appraising clients, credit risk analysis, cash flow projection, business, investments and projects feasibility analyses, loan portfolio management and monitoring, and customer needs identification. I have also worked as Audit Assistant at the department of Cooperative Suhum-Ghana. I am currently pursuing MBA program at East Ukrainian National University Ukraine, I am in my final year of the course; I also hold BSc and HND in accounting from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), and Cape Coast Polytechnic. I am certified in: Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies from Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute University of Maryland, Foundation of Business Strategy from university of Virginia, Principles of Macroeconomics from University of Melbourne, Introduction to Operations Management from University of Pennsylvania, Competitive Strategy from Ludwig Maximilians University Munchen. I have attended conferences on Talent Development organized by Church of Pentecost-Ukraine / Birmingham Christian College, Uk, and African Youth in Entrepreneurship Summit organized by Ternopil National Technical University, Ukraine. My major source of motivation is in seeing other youth succeed in life; this motivates and challenges me to strive and do better. I will attribute my major success to my ability to produce positive results even in the most challenging of circumstance. Also discipline, resourcefulness, team playing, hardworking and good time management has contributed to my success. Above all I always set high and achievable goals and objectives for myself, and also I do not allow my challenges to become obstacles to my success. I have won the following awards: Three times Best Credit / Client Relationship Officer awards from Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd., Certificate of Appreciation from International Movement of Catholic Students Ukraine, Certificate of Honor - form Divine Mercy Catholic Parish Ternopil-Ukraine, Three times Best Credit / Client Relationship Officer awards from Advans Ghana Savings and Loans Ltd.

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