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nonprofit organization

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environment, education , health, sustainable energy, poverty reduction , youth

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AYSO PROFILE Afri Youth Support Organisation (AYSO) is an NGO founded in 2011 and registered to operate in Kampala district (Uganda) by the NGO Board Ministry of Internal Affairs Uganda with the registration number 10287 and is a youth lead Organisation located at Komamboga. Our vision is To have self reliant, educated and God fearing youth. Our mission is To build capacities and capabilities of the youths through education and training while instilling in them God fearing values for self sustainance. Sticking to our motto TALK HE TRUTH and being determined to follow our work plan has enabled us to reach a number of youth and achieve our objectives. The organizational Broad Objectives: 1. To support the poor, orphans and vulnerable youths to access education through giving bursaries and career guidance to the youths at all levels of education. 2. To sensitize Youths on HIV/AIDS spread, prevention, treatment and counseling. 3. To raise awareness of the youths to discover their talents. 4. To instill in the youths need for participation in environmental protection. 5. To encourage the youths become self-reliant through establishing income generating projects and business training sessions. POSTAL ADDRESS P.O.Box 783, Kampala Uganda TEL: +256779650199 +256702438334 E-mail: [email protected] OUR VALUES AND PRINCIPLES: - God fearing. - Transparency and accountability. - Mutual respect. - Self-reliance. - Honesty. OUR APPROACH: While extending support to the youths AYSO uses face to face approach while conducting seminars on various themes. To attain self-reliance AYSO encourages the youths to be visionary innovative, educated and God fearing. TARGET POPULATION: PRIMARY AUDIENCE: 1. Children aged 8 15 years from financially inadequate families. 2. Less skilled male and female youth in school and out of school between 16 35 years. 3. Children who have physical, emotional and behaviourial problems. SECONDARY AUDIENCE: Parents, Church Leaders, Community Leaders and Teacher

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Since 2011 we have been able to meet more than 500 youths through our conferences and trainings organized. Currently we have five members who have completed their studies through our organization support at diploma and certificate level. We have also provided entrepreneurship advise to our members and have moved a step in developing their business ideas. We guided a number of youth in selecting their course and combinations to do at all levels of education. We are sensitizing the youth on the HIV/AIDS spread, treatment and prevention especially in the youth to reduce on its spread and protect our young generation of the nation. IMPACT OF THE PROJECT Among the popular challenges faced in our community Kampala district in general is environmental pollution because of the increasing population resulting into slum development and increase in waste products from our homes, Schools, Hospitals, Industries and other areas. As one of our objectives to protect the environment, it has been identified by members that collecting all the waste products and recycling them into other products like making Briquettes from Biomass waste products will lead to some improvement in the general cleanness of our environment and make it waste free. It has been found more useful to members and the community in general. In doing so the project shall be having skilled members in Briquettes making, reduced unemployment rate among the youth, developed self reliant, and a clean / improved environment, and having reduced on the rate of spread of diseases in our community especially in the slummed areas. The main objectives of the project are: To have a clean / improved environment by waste recycling. To reduce on the unemployment among the youths in our community. To train and sensitize members , youth and school dropouts on Briquettes making. To scale up production and quality of production. To manage, control, supervise and monitor activities. Activities Collecting waste products from the community. Sorting organic and the inorganic waste products from the collected waste product. Drying up the sorted waste products. Recycling process starts. Innovative approaches to be used Organising seminars, conferences and training sessions and interaction with the youths to inform them about the importance of having a clean environment and the products which can be produced from the waste products in the environment like briquette making from organic biomass products. Key indicators. Garbage free / improved environment. Scaled up quantities and improve quality per month. Skilled, Healthy and the required number of manpower. Full participation, determination and commitment to our work plan.

Sustainability and future plans

we are a non profit making organisation registered in Uganda with a registration number 10287. We hope to get financing from funders in form of grants and donations that will be used to run this project since it is capital intense. The money we get from members in form of membership fee is used to facilitate the organisation programs. we have a growth target of engaging 85% of the youths into this project to protect and preserve our environment. These youth are mainly facing unemployment and this project will support a high number of them to fight against poverty among the youth hence leading to high level development in the country.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am SENKUMBA JAMES aged 23 years old Ugandan highly motivated, versatile and creative, in Kampala city. Since my schooling time I was a leader for more than seven years in various departments this helped me much to understand the challenges faced by the youths in our nation Uganda. This gave me a very big challenge to start up an Organisation to help the youth in the challenges they face that was 2010 when I developed an idea and in 2011 I explained my idea to my friends who became interested in my idea , we started by organizing a seminar and we got 56 participants at the beginning. My friends were worried of the attendance but I encouraged them that it was just the start. I have just completed my studies as an Accounting Technician at the certificate level with the institute of certified public accountants of Uganda(CPAU) that is why I feel I have received enough information on starting up my own business and I got more motivation of educating and helping my follow youths to fight the unemployment and the poverty so that they can become self reliant. I have been able to look for bursaries for some of my members who were financially unstable to access education and they have completed there studies at certificate and diploma level, they are graduating in June this year. After a long time studying the environment of our country I found out that in our city Kampala we have a problem of waste products in every area so it is important to recycle them up to protect our environment this will create jobs for the youth reducing unemployment rate and fighting poverty. As the founder of this organization I have a big task of finding the source of funding the Organisation activities which I know I will have to achieve for the organization to achieve its goals. In the short time the organization has lived we have managed to change a lot of youth lives.

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