Ratibar, online interactive timetable for colleges and universities

Published on June 30, 2014 um 16:22

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Briteskills Tech. Ltd


Rhapta 7
00200 Nairobi

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Co founder

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registered company

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education , other: improved organizational operations

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Ratibar lets colleges and universities swiftly create accurate interactive course and exams timetables with no effort. With unit combinations and room sharing techniques, colleges can maximize student enrolment while saving on learning space by efficient pairing of course units to room spaces. Additionally, it offers real-time reports on class attendance by both students and teachers, usually important in grading and on teacher payrol. Also, students and teachers can interact any time using the mobile app. It is offered online as a SaaS with an optional package for customized and self-hosted model for institutions with very unique requirements. Ratibar customer segment includes private and community colleges to large private and public universities worldwide.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Reduces scheduling for colleges and universities from 3 weeks to 1 minute. Colleges can maximize student enrolment by efficiently using the available rooms and by combining or sharing course units where possible. This also ensures that they spend less on rent as well as wages for teachers. For improved service delivery, the admins can conduct quick surveys about the quality of learning by directly communicating to students and teachers. Teachers share learning materials to their students for improved learning experience. Improved communication amongst the administration, students and teachers using instant notifications

Sustainability and future plans

Ratibar is offered in two different models: self hosted and cloud hosted. Self hosted is for very large universities that have unique requirements and thus require customization. They pay a marked price plus customization fee. Cloud hosted model, colleges/universities subscribe at a fee per course unit per campus per term(semester, trimester etc). We will open it to high schools and primary schools once we reach our milestones. We also intend to allow integration with other content delivery platforms such as e-learning websites.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur with strong interest in improving education using simple technology. My background is in computer programming and in my team are one other programmer and two members with strong background in sales and marketing. I have been employed before but I quit my job in 2011, to pursue my dreams and have upto now been working hard to realise this dream. I am 29 years old, with two other colleagues aged 23 years old

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