Changing the thoughts of Cameroonians toward the use of the internet

Published on June 10, 2014 um 11:10

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Douala, 0237
0237 Douala

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informal program/project

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education , poverty reduction , youth

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Summary of your enterprise

Looking at Cameroon today with a population of about 20million only about are internet users. With a high literacy rate we expect the number of internet users to be higher. Many countries are using the internet/computer to better education,agriculature , an all sectors. RANSBIZ will offer the employmeny opportunities, opportunities to create employment by individuals as well as better the sales of local businesses. We have a variety of services whic include 1.Affiliate marketing 2.Online publishing 4. Sales of VoIP calls to companies and individuals ( some calls as low as 0.001 dollars) 5. Online advertisements 6. App designing 7. web designing 8. Video publishing on our channel 9. Promote online activities and interactions 10. offline sales and marketing 11. Bulk SMS 12. Blogging , reviews

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

RANSBIZ will create room for employment as welll as act as an eye opener to the Cameroonian youths who thinks money can be made online through scamming and other fraudulent methods. It will change the mind set of the youths and give hope to young entrepreuneurs. With what i started, i have been able to to creates opportunities which will be a source of income to me in the nearest future.

Sustainability and future plans

I intend to change RANSBIZ to a software development company like GOOGLE. I will be able to bring in the young talents to do internship and also give them a business mindset at a young age. I intend to expand my network to the entire Cameroon territory so as to create the maximum employment opportunities as well as reduce the dependence of youths on the governmet for work.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship had been my passion which when blend with computer science makes it complete. I started selling products(electronics) when i was in high school. With the experience gotten from companies like 24-45 Business consulting as a part time consultand, Google(As an ad publisher) i belive itcan act as a starting point to grant make this dream come true.

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