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rideIT Technology Solutions


Khairatabad +91 9885735154
500004 Hyderabad

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rideIT.in is an inter-company carpool matching service exclusively for working professionals. It facilitates ride-sharing in 4 kinds of vehicles: car, motorbike, auto-rickshaw and cab. Our aim is to reduce the wastage of empty seats in all these modes of transport by introducing users to colleagues travelling in their route. We do this by integrating Google Maps API into our carpool search engine, which shows the most relevant carpool routes from our database. By limiting registration to employees of major companies, we assure safety, as their respective employers verify the authenticity of our users.

Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

As part of our pilot launch, rideIT was implemented in 24 companies in Hyderabad, India on August, 2013. Currently we have over 5700 users from companies like Microsoft, Infosys, Capgemini etc. As of May 2014, 481 cars are off the road thanks to rideIT. This means that approximately 720 liters of fuel is being saved everyday thanks to rideIT.

Sustainability and future plans

Thanks to the funding from The Ohio State University (for winning APTE 2014), we are currently developing apps across all major mobile platforms. We plan to open up to all major companies in Hyderabad in July 2014 and in the next 6 months expand to all urban cities in India. Companies in which 250 or more employees use our services are charged a yearly usage fee. We will also provide them data about how many of their employees carpooled how many miles and how much they have saved in their carbon footprint.

Your profile as an entrepreneur

rideIT was founded by myself, Rahul Jacob, and my former colleague from Infosys, Genoveva. With rideIT, I have become a 26 year old social entrepreneur. I grew up in Hyderabad and have witnessed the city grow from a small town to a major IT hub with some of the biggest companies in the world. While I was working in Infosys, I realized the pain of travelling through traffic and bad roads which seemed to get worse each day. I also noticed that most cars had only the driver in the vehicle while many people traveled in overcrowded buses and auto rickshaws. That is what motivated me to create rideIT. Since then, it has been a long journey with both pains and rewards. rideIT was recognized as one of the best social initiatives by Unilever Global (in partnership with University of Cambridge), Microsoft (India) and Ohio State University, USA. Links: Honorable Mention in Unilever Sustainable Living Awards: http://www.changemakers.com/sustliving Microsoft Youth Spark Live: http://goo.gl/dCZSfB Ohio State University APTE: http://aptesummit.org/business-competition/

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rideIT Founders at a promotional event in Hyderabad

rideIT mailer send to all employees of participating companies

rideIT mailer send to all employees of participating companies

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Efficient, creative, straightforward - everyone should adopt rideIT.

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