Skills for Youth Employment

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Impact of the enterprise on sustainable development The skills acquired will enable the youth to start and effectively run small and medium enterprises for not only employment but also income generation. This will create demand for various commodities and encourage the youth to invest more hence sustainable development. Achievements A total of 400 youth will gain enough skills in quality production and marketing that will enable them produce high quality products matching with market standards. This will create 400 jobs and businesses (direct beneficiaries). Craft products and value addition will be targeted for the products, compared to the initial products. Crafts business will be viewed as the best kind of business where the youth could be absorbed as it involves the use of local materials, this will portray attitude change among local community especially on gender where boys are valued more than girls. The involvement of girls in the project and the success stories out of their work will change the attitude change among the community members and add much value to girls which has not been the case before. Reduction of unemployment in Kisoro district; as many young people will acquire the skills to better their lives. This will reduce crime and social vices like prostitution in the area. Improvement in Business documentation and record management which will guide the operation of the enterprise from time to time as they will be able to evaluate losses and profits of their businesses which is the key for business growth. Youth having the capacity to advocate for their concern and influence decision making through participatory process. Measures to evaluate success Monitoring and evaluation: This will be an ongoing activity throughout the project life. Through monitoring, the project will assess the extent to which implementation is meeting the set objectives. Feedback session shall be held to share the findings

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Sustainability and future plans

Business model Skills for Youth Employment will equip the youth with entrepreneurial skills which will enable them to start and effectively operate their own enterprises such as carpentry, metal works, craft making ( baskets, paper beads, already made beads, mats, bangles, necklaces pottery products, wood curving products etc) in groups to expand production and market these products locally, by establishing selling stores. The youth will be equipped with record keeping skills for all the activities they engage in and they will be trained how to profitably save their small earnings as they invest in other sectors like agriculture and manufacturing to improve their standards of living. The enterprise will follow up on these projects for evaluation and sustainability purposes. This is expected to go a long way in employing and transforming the would be idle and dependant youth to independent minded and self sustaining citizens of the nation. Financing source; To support the program we expect to get funds and support from foreign partners, well wishers and community partners. Plan for growth. The youth working groups will be formed and fully registered to enable youth operate with out fear of any loses created by illegality. The youth will be self reliant because they will accumulate money through their saving groups to help them expand their enterprises by procuring more materials and equipments to use in the production process. There will be good linkage and networking with other partners and institutions, this will avail them necessary support like financial and ideas for continuity. Through joint monitoring, the youth will be empowered and ownership created leading to sustainability of the project and they will have chance benefit from other government programs like Community development demand (CDD).

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My Background; Medrine Nabaasa is a youth entrepreneur aged 30 years from Uganda, and a gender activist. The founder of Future Hope Foundation Uganda, a community based organization found in Kisoro district, south western Uganda. This organization aims at improving the livelihoods of the marginalized communities in Kisoro district. In 2012, I was awarded the Youth to Youth(Y2Y) fund from International Labour Organisation (ILO), in 2014, I was also awarded the 8th UNESCO Youth Label, in 2015, I won the Advocacy for Youth and Women Fund where I trained the youth and women in beetroot and pineapple wine making and growing. The initiated projects directly empower youth and women to fully participate in their self -coordinated development for self- reliance and to promote gender equality development programs in their communities. Motivation For more than 4 years, i have been initiating and fostering skills that empower youth and marginalised society members become self supportive and strong entrepreneurs. Therefore I feel like continuing to do entrepreneurship projects by helping many unemployed youth with skills that can eneble them create their own employment and absorb other youth hence more jobs created, businesses started as well as creating self reliancy.

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August 24, 2016 04:41

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.