Mass Literacy-(Reading/Writing Skill Development Training), in Schools/Communities.

Your title/position Coordinator/Director of Studies (Knowledge Guide Foundation)
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

How were Objectives Achieved: About 7,000 pupils, 3,000 students and 500 adults were trained on reading and writing skills in schools and communities. At the end of each training, progress were made amongst they participates. The was improvement on the mass literacy training campaign, due to the introduction of a research material tagged: Reading Guide the secrets of understanding and remembering what you read by the foundation into the programme for our trainees and mentees to appreciate the concept of reading, and it was done to help improved reading culture amongst pupils, students and others in the society. To aid the foundation to propagate and expand this mass literacy campaign, the Akwa Ibom State ministry of education approved and adopted the book Read Guide the secrets of understanding and remembering what you read for students across the state.

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Sustainability and future plans

Knowledge Guide Foundation is structured to advance and sustain the mass literacy training programme in schools and communities, by developing the internally generated revenue base of the organisation through the sales of research materials to schools, institutions, organisations and the general public. The door to door business model will be adopted to further increase the awareness of the mass literacy training programme. Parents, trainees, and mentees will be encouraged to purchase the Reading Guide to help them improve greatly in this aspect as the training progress. The Foundation plans to establish a modern vocational, educational and entrepreneurial research centre with equip facilities which will be use for human development capacity. The centre will serve as a knowledge research hub to educationists at all level, government officials, politicians, entrepreneurs, pupils, students and others in the society. They individuals who would be train in this facility or consult our professional education, leadership, and entrepreneurship services will be charge a moderately fee, and this fund will be use to sustain the Foundations programmes in a long run.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

JOSEPH ASSIMA, is a social entrepreneur, natural scientist, researcher, prolific writer, motivational teacher, career and youth development expert. He is a native of Etayip village in Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State of Nigeria. He was born on 26th Feburary, 1981 into the family of James Assima Oba. He is a graduate of the following institutions in Nigeria: University of Calabar:(BSc. Genetics and Biotechnology), SoftNet Computer Academy, Calabar:(Diploma, Computer Hardware Engineering Technology), Albert Institute of Technology, Uyo:(Diploma, Data Processing and Information Technology), Power-Mind Community, Uyo:(Diploma, Leadership and Social Works), Talent Business School, Uyo:(Diploma, Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship). He is a Cofounder, Coordinator and Director of Studies of Knowledge Guide Foundation and through this creative platform he has helped both young and old to discovered and re-discovered their potential in time and channel same into positive ventures. He was motivated by the plight pupils and students experience in their studies, one of which is poor performances in examinations which is traced to their inability to read and write effectively, this also lead to poor reading culture amongst pupils and students, and with sole desire to help improve reading culture in the society, he did meet like minded team who are working hard to sustained the mission and objectives of the Foundation.

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This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
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