Women and Youth Empowerment

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Currently l am a Wholesale and Export Manager at Bata Zimbabwe,after 6 months of engagement l was given a mandate to come up with a sustainability project that would see the company plough back to the community.The project in partnership with AWIDE NGO,was a success were vulnerable women and youth were empowered through selling Bata manufactured shoes.With this expertise ,evaluating ,monitoring and project management of the Rural and youth empowerment project will be a milestone. Efforts should be made to integrate the views of women and youths into developmental efforts in order to address the actual needs of the youths, thus making agricultural development planning and management sensitive to their needs. This calls for bottom up approach to development, especially with respect to project choice that is aimed at meeting the economic empowerment needs of the rural women and youths.Rural women and youths should be involved in the drafting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes related to agriculture. The use of innovative information and communication technologies (ICTs) should be promoted among rural women and youths.Education and capacity-building programmes for rural women and youths should be defined in a more participatory way and focused on agricultural best practices, land laws and knowledge sharing.

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Sustainability and future plans

There ought to be the creation of ongoing initiatives to support Rural women and youths in agricultural enterprises, and opportunities to showcase their successes in order to attract more women and young people. There should also be the incorporation of information communication technologies such as the Internet, mobile phones,computers, and global positioning systems, associated or not with traditional communication technologies such as radio, television, print and video. With this in mind, the emerging Rural women and youth in Agriculture Strategy must demonstrate a clear understanding of the rural women and youth's affinity for technology, efficiency and a strong voice in the decision-making processes. The strategy must also emphasise the need for the incorporation of agriculture in the regular curriculum.There is an urgent need to remove all visible constraints in gaining access to land, credits , training, information and new technologies by the youths. It is also necessary to expand access to agroenterprise knowledge to secondary and tertiary institutions so as to create and expand rural job opportunities, build capacity and promote agro entrepreneurship among the youths thus reducing migration to urban areas. Involving youths in agricultural development and decision making processes is key to ensuring sustainable development in Zimbabwe, and framing this within the context of ICTs and entrepreneurship provides a valuable dimension to the discourse of agricultural modernization.

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Born of the 7th of October 1982 , l am a lady aged 33 who is kind hearted and have loads of initiatives for a job well done,from a mere buyer ,was promoted to Wholesale and Export Manager in Bata Zimbabwe ,as a multinational company one of its goals is to plough back to the community ,through sustainable projects and will be put in competition with other Bata world companies to encourage all Bata companies in different countries to participate ,being behind the birth of this project which went through to finalists in Bata International (world.bata.com/news/2015/count -on-me -finalists-bata-zimbabwe) ,in partnership with AWIDE NGO which helped in gathering the women on behalf of Bata Zimbabwe,working with Thandi Henson the founder of AWIDE NGO motivated and made me give birth to the idea of empowering Rural women and Youth through farming.Through the provision of this facility, families located in areas suffering from acute economic challenges have gained a channel for income generation and this will contribute to economic growth of the nation as a whole ,at the same time eradicating poverty.

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August 28, 2016 11:47

This project idea is great and has an inbuilt sound solution in the communities. I support it by votes and comments and advise the owner not to give up. No matter how the competition position, this project will take you higher if well implemented.