Legal Representation and Education for ALL!

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

"According to a recent survey report by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes, the absence of affordable and accessible legal aid services increases poor peoples sense of social exclusion and powerlessness". There is already an apparent notion of inequality between the rich and the poor in Nigeria. Moreover, you are essentially either well to do or poor in Nigeria, there is barely no middle class. We believe our objectives will be able to implement SDG goal 10. If we are providing legal representation and education to indigent communities, who already feel a disconnect from the rest of Nigerians who have easy access to such services due to their wealth, we believe we will be able to decrease this gap of inequality at least in the legal sense. Through this method, we also believe we can effectively tackle SDG goal 16 by promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all as well as building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at every level.

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Sustainability and future plans

Our business encompasses two simple objectives, free legal representation, and free legal education. This can be financially met by funds from donors who support our cause and mission. The funds will go towards mobilization of our attorneys (who will initially work on pro bono status), court expenses, and other litigation costs. Funds will also go towards setting up workshops at grassroots levels (which will include flyers, handouts, interactive workshops, and mobilization of volunteer personnel)

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Stephannie Obioha, I am 25 years old. I am from Nigeria myself, but come from a well to do home. Of course I can always work for my parents, and/or use my educative achievements, B.A in Communications, and a J.D. to make money and be comfortable, however who I am as a person has never been motivated by wealth or materialistic accomplishments, I want to help people, most especially my people. I believe Nigeria is a huge market for anything consumer wise, good or bad. The other side of that argument is that if anything effectuates a massive change in Nigeria, it will ripple out into the whole continent of Africa. Starting this NGO was originally my idea, but I have an awesome team of other passionate individuals who want to support me. Every time I go back home to visit, it breaks my heart to see so much poverty, and oppression. I honestly cannot fathom how my people have become so desensitized to such heartbreaking imagery/facts. I want to open our eyes back into caring for each other, and fight the system of corruption, most especially in the justice system, which I believe can ultimately change the way, we as Nigerians define "accountability".

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August 26, 2016 23:03

Hello comrade,
You have a great project no matter which side the competition may take it. I support it by votes and comments because I believe it can transform societies and bring sound solutions to social problems. Just don't give up!

June 14, 2016 14:11

This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
I have cast my vote for you!

Please I need you support also and a comment will also help.
please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama
Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.

Best Idea Category Do you know NEEM saves Lives

Also, if you like my idea, PLEASE vote for me!
Thank you in advance for your time.

June 3, 2016 10:40

Great One Stephanie!! I applaud your selfless efforts and what you and your organization stand for.Ashes Unite will definitely give some many defenseless people the shield that they need.Keep up the great work!!

June 2, 2016 23:38

Hey awesome comment Dielamo, very much appreciated. I completely agree with you in terms of the uphill battle we will inevitably face in regards to the corruption in the judiciary systems of the nation. Unfortunately for us it is a battle we will have to face diplomatically. We hope that our initiatives will be seen as fruitful, and we hope to show that we can be effective so as to garner trusts from our clients!

May 31, 2016 23:11

Great! I am glad to see the creams in the society stretching a hand of philanthropy to the economically disadvantaged. You have a good NGO that can aid in changing the legal fortunes of poor Nigerians. Changing from a conventional methods of settling dispute to a more modern method of dispute resolution inclusive free legal services, will be moving Nigeria towards an advanced nation. We need initiatives like this Nigeria if we are to really more in from a "third world country" to a developed nation. While you do this, a sense of belonging has be assured to the poor that they are covered. But my fear is corruption in the judiciary and the slow dispensation of justice. This is one reason the poor seeks traditional methods of dispute resolution. Which they believe is quick and less corrupt owing to repercussions that may come with indulging in corrupt practices(African traditional religion) I think this is where the bulk of your work comes in. You need to convinced them beyond reason doubt that you got them covered. Best of luck with your project. Cheers!!