Youths for Sustainable Development

Your title/position Co-Founder, Youth For Sustainable Development, Nigeria.
Type of Enterprise non-profit organization
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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Our enterprise seeks to promote goal Number 16 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which is to Promote Peaceful and Inclusive Societies for Sustainable Development, etc. and youth inclusiveness is what we seek most importantly. YSD is intent on redefining the place of Nigerian youths for the better. We are young people helping one another to actualize our God-given potentials. We want to change the prevalent order of poverty, unemployment and economic and political exclusion. It is for these reasons that YSD has come on board to be a pan-Nigerian organization that will always identified as a major force at the forefront for youth empowerment and participation in governance in Nigeria. It is our target that by the year 2020, a considerable number of Nigerian youths will be seen holding political positions and driving economic change in Nigeria. It is also our goal that by the year 2020, we will be able to point to a record number of young people who have been empowered through this organization.

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Sustainability and future plans

We intend to make Youths for Sustainable Development (YSD) a going concern that will continue to engage in partnerships for the benefit of Nigerian youths. We therefore hope to source and continue to source for funding from development organizations, institutions and well-meaning individual sponsors. We also plan to venture practically into agribusiness and Information technology by establishing farms where we will employ young people for optimal production of agricultural produce from where we could generate revenue to fund our activities. We also intend to establish ICT centres for training young people. And we will continue to expand till our mission is accomplished.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Frederick Omenga is a legal practitioner and an entrepreneur. I am 27 years old. A graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Benin, Benin City and the Nigerian Law School, Kano campus, I have a deep knowledge of Corporate Law and Taxation, International Trade Law and Law of Banking and Insurance. I have also attended many business and entrepreneurship training courses and meetings both within the University of Benin and in Lagos, an entrepreneurship training organized by The Lagos Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Guaranty Trust Bank. I am also engaged in some business ventures and in the process of incorporating a company.

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August 28, 2016 05:43

Hello Fredrick, we seem to share same ideology towards the plight of youths in our country. Weldone Sir, while I encourage you in your project sir, please kindly take out time to advice us on our project too thanks.

August 27, 2016 16:05

Thank you very much Mr Salu Yuda Ngedu. I believe strongly in the project too. And my target is now is to get it working, whether it is voted or not.

Thanks for your comments.

August 26, 2016 23:11

Hello comrade,
You have a great project no matter which side the competition may take it. I support it by votes and comments because I believe it can transform societies and bring sound solutions to social problems. Just don't give up!

July 27, 2016 09:47

justice should be enjoyed by all. wonderful project

June 14, 2016 14:10

This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
I have cast my vote for you!

Please I need you support also and a comment will also help.
please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama
Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.

Best Idea Category Do you know NEEM saves Lives

Also, if you like my idea, PLEASE vote for me!
Thank you in advance for your time.

June 8, 2016 17:04

Please vote for the project that redefines the place of youths in political and economic development.

June 8, 2016 14:45

Hello. Fredrick...I've given you ur 10th vote.pls check
Congratulations on ur project I support it.

My project :
Project dignity idea of Ă‘atasha Annie Tonthola was also selected .since we are a family here and friends I voted for ur project.

Please kindly review it and VOTE for me too as I've done with yours.

Best wishes is all I can wish u

Kind regards
Natasha Annie Tonthola