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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Safesteering is engaged in building a green pathway by using a safesteering app/kit to eliminate road traffic accidents through voice messages to drivers. Instead of using pieces of papers in the form of letters which are finally burnt by the consumers, thus increasing CO2 content and finally global warming. During the life cycle of safesteering we consider regards to regulation of energy use, storage and disposal of our services. We aim at giving back to the communities through volunteering, their time or through charity donations (social sustainability). Safesteering encourage education in communities by the training we give to our employees and internship to young community members. Thus increasing the level of education and the quality of life in the communities. So our business model sustain not only the necessary outputs but also its employees, customers( community ) and its reputation.

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Sustainability and future plans

Our mode of operation involves operating the safesteering app/kit database by our IT professionals to suit our costumers, safesteering app downloads from the google play store, a website for research which is free but ads by companies will add us coins. Our financing sources are mostly from us, friends and from our families. We are made of the CEO and 3 Co-founders and each brings forth his/her contributions. We forecast a growth of about 50% of what we are doing now because the information is not yet generalized due to limited funds. By then we will be able to increase the working force, increasing the company and increasing funds.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Nshing Rooney age 26, born in the North West Region of Cameroon which is one amongst the two English speaking regions in my country but can speak, read and write the French language very fluently making it possible for me to interact with other French Cameroonians. What motivated me in stepping into this idea that led to a project was the occupational safety and health training i did online in Oshacademy, Oregon U.S.A where fleet safety was well taught then i took advantage of the training to try out and see if i can solve road traffic accidents in my country which is presently a menace. The encouragement from the minister of post and telecom on a meeting i had with her strongly encouraged me. An accident i withnessed with my father which was absolutely a no see accident was what strongly asked me to try out this idea and finally my mom and dad saw the need for my reason not letting out my siblings who were in full support of my project. My contacts with fleet operator in my country always end up with a very big thanks, thats what keeps motivating me every day. Being a Msc student in petroleum Geology, i have learn to share my great ideas with my mates my neighbours and why not the public. It is what the public needs for the moment and i am in the course of doing that. I have not yet recieve any award but still having the confidence that the awards will fill baskets when the going gets smoother.

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nshing rooney

August 29, 2016 10:11

I don't know why I can't post my project on facebook?

August 28, 2016 11:20

This project idea is great and has an inbuilt sound solution in the communities. I support it by votes and comments and advise the owner not to give up. No matter how the competition position, this project will take you higher if well implemented.

nshing rooney

July 2, 2016 15:58


May 15, 2016 07:25

Mr Emelone please can you check out my project again?

May 15, 2016 07:22

Teja thanks for your great contribution on my project. I see the changes.

May 12, 2016 14:05

hello Nshing Rooney,
Welldone ,i really appreciate your project and your wish to reduce road accidents.I also accept with mr.emelone so i suggest that you better create an app which works in background and give automatic voice messages when needed so that while driving they will not have the need to handle phone they can listen to the voice and can send his voice
please go through my idea also and give me suggestions if any.

April 28, 2016 22:01

Weldone Mr Rooney, I strongly believe that Safesteering will help bring more sanity on road user in your community. I also believe that drivers will be informed on bad spots on the road they are plying.
But also remember that it is not advicable for drivers to be handling their phones while driving so you have to figure out the appropriate time when drivers will get some of these messages too for safety.
Having all these in mind, kindly read through our project and let us know your suggestions

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