JOYDELY Solar Back Packs for providing light at night and charging cellphones from TANZANIA

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

This project has benefited many people and also has received several successes since its establishment at the beginning of 2015. It has brought positive impact on society by being able to provide opportunities for students and people in rural areas to be able to run the various activities at night such as reading, doing small business without fear Buy energy costs as oil lamps which also have adverse health effects . But the project has also begun to benefit deposition phone, laptop , camera etc . especially those traveling to different places like parks , rural areas can use these bags to their devices with the protective power of the sun only . But despite these positive results the project has also successfully entered in various competitions as the race for the best ideas founded by Dr. Reginald Mengi called 3N and dearly to be among the top 10 finalists . Also this year I managed to be among 50 young people chosen by ILO with the best projects in Tanzania

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Sustainability and future plans

My plans for the future is to become one of the biggest manufacturers of solar products worldwide . I have also focused on finding my business partner knowledgeable in the production of my product and product markets also to help each other in generating new ideas and new methods of market our products because cooperation is better than to be alone on business. At the moment I do not have very large capital , but the profit derived from the production of solar bags kept my investing capital to eventually grow so that I could produce many more products.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is Goodluck Deodatus. I am 23 years old, I was born and raised in Tanzania. I am an entrepreneur with a springboard to success. My goal is the production of special bags that use solar energy to provide light at night and also used to recharge and run small machines such as radio, camera, mobile phones, laptops etc. This project was initiated in early 2015 and was founded by the great challenges of people / students especially in rural areas fail to carry out their activities at night to avoid the cost of energy especially kerosene which is expensive but is also detrimental to consumers. But also even in urban areas there have been too many users of electrical equipment requiring charge but not every time is closer to the source of electricity and needs to recharge their device, it has to buy power banks more expensive and also had no safe place to store their device so increase in robberies so I invented a bag that is capable of charging the user to keep the device safe area Since the inception of this project so far I've managed to mention the numerous awards in Tanzania. This project has succeeded in being named in the award of the best business ideas initiated by Dr. Reginald Mengi (3N) last year and this year entry among 50 young people chosen by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) with the best commercial projects. I have also successfully given a certificate of recognition by the ministry of energy and mining in Tanzania and Tanzanian environmental council.

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October 7, 2016 14:43





John Mshanga

September 1, 2016 10:26

Well done, you are not alone, we will support you till the end.

August 31, 2016 20:01

Thank U Afsa

August 31, 2016 19:59

Thank U Okeke

August 31, 2016 14:55

hi ,
All the best. great idea.

August 31, 2016 14:10


Piniel benjamin

August 24, 2016 06:32

nice project

August 24, 2016 05:09

Nice project. I support by vote n comment

August 23, 2016 22:31

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.

adolfu kavenuke

August 12, 2016 17:02

good idea.tanzania country must take a duty to improve it

also to encourage others student to on engineering subject.

Junior Deo Filikunjombe

August 12, 2016 03:17

I have followed your career for a couple of months now and I was excited to see how you can manage to hit the pick of victory especially at this age. You have always impressed me with your clear vision and ability to get the job done even against the most formidable opposition of environments that most of us we have risen from. We are behind you, we are with you and we will be with you. Let's together show the world and our country Tanzania that we can do even if the Government is busy & We can do better if they quite to be busy and focus on us just for a minute. Keep it up wajina.


August 11, 2016 10:46

Good job may God bless you all the time of your competition

August 8, 2016 01:28

There you go, all the best when you go out there villages to save rural pupils with your solar solutions.

Juliet schone

August 6, 2016 19:09

mbona coni palipoandikwa vote

August 3, 2016 07:16

Great idea, simple technology to save power. It would be nice if u vote for my idea also. Thanks.

Amon Daniel Mahamba

July 31, 2016 19:47


July 31, 2016 19:08

Thank you Mussa Meshack

July 29, 2016 20:44


July 29, 2016 20:43


July 29, 2016 20:42


July 29, 2016 20:40

good job

Seth Msangwa

July 29, 2016 08:14

Good project

July 27, 2016 08:41

wonderful Innovation, it is sustainable, it is innovative, and it is eco-friendly. kudos

July 25, 2016 13:08

nice job guys

July 23, 2016 23:51

Your idea is good and very motivated and i think you will be a winner

July 23, 2016 21:09

Nice idea! Do you create some new Design or it's a kind of kit which you can use on many bags?

Rene Costa

July 22, 2016 07:48

I wish you all the best in your success and may God be with you.

manal manal

July 21, 2016 12:24

Mie nakuombea kwa mungu akutangulia kwa kila hatua.

manal manal

July 21, 2016 12:23

Your idea is good.

manal manal

July 21, 2016 12:19

God be with you insha allah.

manal manal

July 21, 2016 12:15

Hongera sana brother..

Kinzala Gallus

July 21, 2016 10:03

Let me begin by saying congratulations to you for being innovative,as the late Nelson Mandela once said "Every one may rise and achieve success under normal circumstances,if they are dedicated and passionate to what they are doing." You have risen and you are going to be among the best finalist in your category.keep on brother and I stand by your side for support..

Dr Gideon Shoo

July 21, 2016 09:09

A brilliant project from a brilliant idea.

July 20, 2016 13:45

Wow! How awesome!!!

July 18, 2016 23:42

How does this works?

July 18, 2016 09:40

Your idea is a good one just casted my vote (10204) for your idea. I will appreciate if help me do same in the best project category using the

July 18, 2016 09:39

Your idea is a good one just casted my vote (10204) for your idea. I will appreciate if help me do same in the best project category using the

July 17, 2016 21:22

Thank U Fransis

Francis Jingu

July 17, 2016 13:05

Woww that's is great.
Keep it up.

July 15, 2016 18:53

Thank U Beatrice, I really appreciate your support

July 15, 2016 18:52

Yes Jabir I am from Tanzania

July 15, 2016 18:51

Thank U Peter Danda

Beatrice Polycarp Ngarumia

July 15, 2016 08:19

Its very great idea i wish u all the best broh.....u got ma support 100%....good luck and u will win


July 14, 2016 13:47


July 13, 2016 23:14

wow thats great..keep it up.Iam very pleased with this idea it is awesome

July 13, 2016 16:56

Thank U Mlinga

July 13, 2016 16:55

I really appreciate your support bro

July 13, 2016 16:54

Thank U Jacob

Baraka Merck Mphubusa

July 13, 2016 13:59

He is among the few graduates in Tz who take trouble and risk on new innovative ideas as Deodatus done,i wish him success on his project in this competition!


July 13, 2016 09:04

This guy's idea is so brilliant. It will bring major changes in people's lives particularly in rural areas.

Baraka Merck Mphubusa

July 13, 2016 09:00

Hello,Mr.Goodluck tutahakikisha unashinda mkuu katika kinyang'anyiro hiki!


July 12, 2016 22:45

I love this..... Just got my vote

July 12, 2016 12:34

I appreciate your support. Thank U Anold

July 12, 2016 12:31

I appreciate your support. Thank U Fransis

July 12, 2016 12:20

Thank you for your support Evarest

July 12, 2016 12:16

Thank you for your support Fetty

July 12, 2016 12:14

Thanks for your support Venus

July 12, 2016 12:11

Thank U Adolf Kavenuke for the comment

July 12, 2016 12:10

Thank U Juliana Mushi

July 12, 2016 11:30

Ure welcome Herman

July 12, 2016 11:28

Thank U Elizabeth Mwinuka

July 12, 2016 11:27

Thank U Bro Mwimi


July 12, 2016 08:44

I really appreciate your creativity. It's Environmental friendly technology that will be accessible even to rural communities.

Grace Katemana

July 11, 2016 16:21

I wish you good luck

Elizabeth mwinuka

July 11, 2016 05:56

Fantastic recreation


July 10, 2016 19:23

We really appreciate the innovation made by Joydely this will help a lot a community

juliana mushi

July 10, 2016 13:22

Plse vote for Deo

adolfu kavenuke

July 9, 2016 17:36

good idea bratha god help you to be on top ,and to win that chance.


July 9, 2016 12:48

Hongera, Utashinda blessed!


July 4, 2016 16:56

Jaman tujitahidi kumpgia kura kaka Deo aweze kufikia nafasi nzur!!!!!

juliana mushi

July 4, 2016 11:00

This technology will suit us expecially the rural areas. Big up brother hope for the best


July 3, 2016 08:49

Great and unique idea that is going to be a help to many urban and rural citizens, especially in the developing countries of Africa who have problems on electricity.


July 3, 2016 04:52

Big up Deo its unique idea...

Francis Jingu

July 2, 2016 13:23

Good project

Francis Jingu

July 2, 2016 07:56


Arnold Kavishe

June 30, 2016 23:48

Well done bro. i real like your idea. i vote for you. keep it up

June 30, 2016 07:23

Thank you Martin Mosha.

June 30, 2016 07:22

Thank U bro Respicius

June 30, 2016 07:21

Thank You Mr. Gabriel for your comments

June 30, 2016 07:19

Thank U Ombeni Kaaya

Francis Jingu

June 30, 2016 06:14

Kazana kuhamasisha ili wengi wajitokeze kupiga kura.


June 29, 2016 22:05

Nice idea and good project...congratulation Deo!!!!!

Upendo Jonathan

June 29, 2016 18:47



June 29, 2016 18:11

This is the best project. This is an innovation for the Tanzanians and elsewhere to be proud of. Support the project, support Goodluck to realise his dreams. Vote for him and drop a comment to enhance his selection factor bar.

Simon Godeliva

June 29, 2016 12:01

Polycarp Goodluck young intelligent than his age.

Francis Jingu

June 29, 2016 09:12

OK thanks

June 29, 2016 00:31

Ok Brother Charles Kapondo. Stay blessed

June 29, 2016 00:29

Thank U Mr. Alawi

June 29, 2016 00:28

Ok thank U Revo Hamaro

June 29, 2016 00:28

Thank U my brother Herman for such a nice comment

June 28, 2016 23:21


June 28, 2016 23:20

Thank U my Bro SALU YUDA

June 28, 2016 23:20

Thank U Samatta for the Support

June 28, 2016 23:19

I appreciate that my brother DEODAT BRRNARD

June 28, 2016 23:18



June 28, 2016 17:02

"seeing this project, i see light and success for students in Tanzania"
by Deobern

Jamila Haroub Juma

June 28, 2016 12:11

This project is very very usefully cause in our country there are some areas that has no electrical power a lot of more students get distubance in their revision of their studies in night .Mr Deo congraturation fory innaovate this ideas God bless you we are together Thanks

Rashid Millomo

June 28, 2016 06:49

This is a good idea, it will benefits much those households with no electricity source and in time the electricity is cut off

Brigitha Shuma

June 28, 2016 05:10

This is nyc project Mr G'. Keep it up it wl help many kids with no hope in the village.

Francis Jingu

June 28, 2016 02:43

Congratulations Mr. Deodatus Goodluck


June 27, 2016 22:48

Very nice

Francis Jingu

June 27, 2016 20:36

Tunasonga mbele, tusikate tamaa uahindi upo mbele yetu

Francis Jingu

June 27, 2016 20:35

Tunasonga mbele, tusikate tamaa uahindi upo mbele yetu

Emmanuel Julius

June 27, 2016 08:56

One of the greatest innovative projects I have seen. Keep it up!
I vote for you.


June 27, 2016 07:41

Very nice project...keep it up bro

Francis Jingu

June 27, 2016 07:06

Hongera kwa kazi nzuri umeonyesha mfano mzuri, kumbe tunaweza


June 27, 2016 06:42

we are proud of you Deo.
Just for innovating this go on and make more innovations on Solar


June 27, 2016 06:02

Its good idea of introducing this device because it help in most areas which have no electricity or there is but not all time so this is very helpful.....

Japhet Kasigara

June 26, 2016 12:56

Hongera kwa ubunifu wako


June 26, 2016 07:40

This is the best innovative project to serve majority of Poor Tanzanians particularly in the rural settings and elsewhere in the World particularly Africa. The Government is doing her part in its own pace but we need innovative people like Mr. Goodluck to complement the efforts by others. The project will affect positively young children in the rural where they use small kerosene lamps or candles to read of which affects their vision power in later days. However, others cannot afford kerosene each time. This is also enviromental friendly project. By supporting this project you support a lot more people behind in so many ways. I vote for the project, do so kindly.


June 25, 2016 20:25

Its a very good Project

Martin Mosha

June 25, 2016 20:22

asee kura tutapiga. Show your support as much as you can, make sure every day you drop you vote for mr Deo


June 25, 2016 20:09

Goog project


June 25, 2016 18:56

Deodatus has done a very good job, therefore I appreciate such a young boy with a great vision. Please let us VOTE for him and remember to tell your friends as well

Ombeni Kaaya

June 22, 2016 20:47

Nice Idea for African Students..

Charles Kapondo

June 22, 2016 06:12

This is very unique business idea, it is not only implemantable in Tanzania but it can be implementable in all developing countries around the world.


June 21, 2016 23:39

this idea is so great. i cant imagine if we say one student one solar bag strategy! Millions of bags will be produced to serve the rural community.

Alawi Alawi

June 21, 2016 10:13

Very nice project this century of science and technology we need people who are creative in solving our problems not only solving others problem but also saving others to maintain their welfare....please keep it up work hard and tirelessly so that we can build a new Tanzania.....God bless you god bless Tanzania.

Revo hamaro

June 19, 2016 13:52

I like this

June 19, 2016 12:08

brother deo are u good lets vote for each other brther for support

Lugano Wilson

June 18, 2016 21:50

Its great!

June 18, 2016 21:27

Great idea for rural areas' pupils. All the best brother!


June 18, 2016 16:01

Very Interesting project. Ure very clever boy.... U have my votes...


June 18, 2016 11:11

Its a creative project. Will support to Tanzania community where we have unreliable power supply.

June 14, 2016 13:54

This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
I have cast my vote for you!

Please I need you support also and a comment will also help.
please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama
Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.

Best Idea Category Do you know NEEM saves Lives

Also, if you like my idea, PLEASE vote for me!
Thank you in advance for your time.