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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Precious tree foundation is barely three and half years of existence and as mention earlier, the foundation is currently running three main activities in the Talensi district. 1. Precious tree academy: the first initiative of the foundation and the core project that gave rise to the others. Precious tree academy was formally started in January 2013 with initial enrollment of 27 pupils but currently has a total of 250 pupils, from KG to primary school. The school has also employed five teaching staff and two nonteaching staff. Due to the poor economic situation of the northern part of Ghana and the main objectives of the foundation which is to support vulnerable families, the school has made it levies and other payments moderate for all families to be able to enroll their children. The school is also located at advantage point where children can access including all ages. What makes the school unique in terms of contributing to the sustainable development goals is the fact that, it has incorporated the mother tongue teaching methodology in lesson delivery, also creative art and ICT are also core subjects. Precious tree academy has a mission of providing quality and affordable teaching and learning avenue to promote and lift the standard of the district in the educational front. 2. Precious tree educational support: this project support families who are economically constrain to send their children to school and the project is currently supporting fifteen children. 3. The third activity the foundation is running is an awareness creation on the importance of education to the development of the childs future.

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Sustainability and future plans

It is a fact that the impact of any project depends on it sustainability and possibility of future expansion. For this matter, precious tree foundation has taken measures to sustain the foundation since from the start. Precious tree academy is the sustainability project of the foundation which contributes 90% of all the internal generated funds that is used to support all activities of the foundation, the fund that is used to support the 15 children benefiting from the educational support is from the academy; however few individuals are also supporting the foundation. In January 2015, the foundation take part in a competition organizes by ENGINE GHANA with funding from DFID and was awarded with a seed capital of £3,000. This seed capital was used to construct a three class room block at the academy for the sake of expansion. As for future plans, the foundation goal is to expand to regional level, so one of its objectives is to first increase its activities at the district level. Therefore the foundation is working hard to source funding which will be used to. 1. Support 30 children in school at the upper primary for three years and also support their parents with some capital to boost their micro trade. 2. Part of the fund will also be used to construct a library and an ICT Centre at the academy. 3. Thirdly some of the fund will be allocated to increase awareness creation on the importance of education.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

The founder of precious tree foundation, Mr.Kpe-ung Roland Sunday is a 33 year young man from Duusi-tindongo community in the Talensi district of the upper east region of Ghana. He started doing voluntary work since the year 2006 when he was working as a messenger and running era boy to the Mount Zion Model School and later became a volunteer teacher. He continue this work to the Glorious academy in the Ashanti region till 2009,after three years of voluntary service, he ask himself why doing voluntary service to profit making organizations whiles his community and district needs such service and this made him to come back home. Also another motive that made his idea to become action is the fact that, he could see a bright future in the faces of the children he was teaching and wish such future for the children within the communities of his home town. After coming back to his home town, he establish a learning Centre which is a zamahat structure and enrolled 27 children to the centre to have access to education free of charge. In the year 2013 and 2014 he did voluntary work as a facilitator for the Ghana Complementary Basic education programme which supported 50 children who were out of school to learn simple basics of literacy and numeracy in their mother tongue and these children were enrolled in to formal schools. Also in 2015 his hard work made the academy to become one of the winners with second position in a youth entrepreneur development competition organize by ENGINE GHANA with funding from DFID UK. However his highest education is senior high secondary school.

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Hello comrade,
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good job

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This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
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