Amayi Inputs and Market Program

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

In the first three months the project goal is to increase female farmers access to hybrid maize seed and fertilizer, access to agricultural extension services and access to commodity markets. As such we will measure; The number of female farmers accessing the farm inputs Number of female farmers who are receiving extension services from our extension staff Number of female farmers who are adopting the new technologies being introduced by our staff Number of female farmers accessing markets for their commodity way before engaging into production and harvest After one year, the goal is to increase availability of maize and income at household level. We will measure; The number of 50 kilogram bags of maize each female smallholder farmers has reserved for food The amount of money realized from the sale of maize The number of women with farm inputs for the next growing season After two years we want to contribute to the reduction of poverty and malnutrition among the targeted female farmers households. We will quantify the assets accumulated by the female farmers as a result of their participation in this project, the amount of amount of income they are earning as compared to the same time in the previous years. We will also assess the nutritional status of under-five children who were assessed during the baseline.

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Sustainability and future plans

The money realized from the loan repayment will be used to purchase inputs for a new set of farmers. These new beneficiaries will be added during each farming season while graduating others in the process. Those who graduate from the farm inputs loan but they will continue benefiting from the program in terms of free and timely agricultural extension services and access to commodity markets. However, they will be required to contribute 4 bags of maize or equivalent cash for transportation and warehousing. Those acquiring loans from the project after the 2016/ 2017 growing season will be subjected to a 15% interest. The interest collected plus the contributions from other members who use the platform to sell their produce will help expand the business. We would like to grow this project into a microfinance institution, targeting smallholder female farmers only. The project will also incooporate Village Savings and Loans as one way of finacing the value chain since each farmer will access the loan only for one growing season. The risks to the project include erratic rainfall that might affect harvest and consequently having a huge bearing on loan repayment. The other risk associated with the project is the unpredictability of the maize prices even during lean seasons. Illiteracy among the beneficiaries may affect adoption if good agricultural practices and learning on marketing

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Emmanuel Kapalamula is the Founding Director of Nutri-Health Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Lilongwe, Malawi. Emmanuels work dwells much on empowering vulnerable rural communities to secure adequate nutrition and health support working to fight malnutrition among women and children through its innovative programs in nutrition, health, agribusiness and livelihood security. Emmanuel has 4 years of experience working on projects related to community development, nutrition, agriculture, child protection and community based health management. He has experience in project planning, initiation and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, community mobilization and capacity building, organization development and management. Emmanuel holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Food Science from University of Malawi. In December, 2014, He received 5.5 Continuing Education Credits for George Mason Universitys School of Continuing Professional Education. These units were awarded for successfully completing and proving to be competent in US Department of State and IREXs Community Leadership Institute courses. He also holds a Certificate in Food Hygiene Inspection under the European Unions Better Training for Safer Food in Africa Sustained Mission.

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This is great project no doubt, i have voted for you and implore you to read mine and show support.Together we can create a better society we all desired.

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