making building materials from plastic bags

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

this enterprise can reduce poverty this is because it creates employment to most of the youth in the community and also through this project wastes have become treasure in my community during the day you can find people picking up plastic bags and cleaning up their enviroment this is because they bring this wastes and i use them to make usefull products and also people are now able to build houses in a very low price but of best quality which can handle floods and other hazards

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Sustainability and future plans

my future plan is to start an industry for this plastic recycling i done the little because i dont have enough capital but my plan is to start a industry that could collect plastic wastes all over the country and use them to produce bricks roofing tiles and pavings where by people will buy the in a low price and this will also provide employment all over the country and the world at large and for this we can say" go green no waste"

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

my name is Edgar Edmund from Ausha Tanzania aged 15 i am a student at the school of ST JUDE secondary school in 2012 i was at dar es salaam at my brothers house then suddenly it started raining and it was flooding every were so because it was a mud house it was swept away by water so i thought why did he make a mud house which wasnt even strong this is because he could not aford building a block house so i though an easy way to make cheap and durable building products and it was through recycling wastes

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August 26, 2016 22:53

Hello comrade,
You have a great project no matter which side the competition may take it. I support it by votes and comments because I believe it can transform societies and bring sound solutions to social problems. Just don't give up!

July 27, 2016 09:55

good job. embracing recycling and upcycling

Aristides Bernward

July 9, 2016 14:34

i like your problem identification and solving skills, keep it up young brother as at your young age you can do more if you keep utilizing your potential with hard working.

July 4, 2016 16:12

vote for edgar edmund to help our planet against plastic pollution