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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

In relation to SDG 3, the Achievements recorded are: a. The students understood the negative health implications of obesity and benefits of healthy nutrition and physical activity. After the talk on Obesity, they drew illustrations on obesity, health consequences and ways of prevention to reinforce their understanding of the topic. b. They admitted willingness to cooperate with caregivers in accepting healthy diet. c. The teachers understood the need to emphasize healthy nutrition in curriculum and ensure that students are physically active in school. After the sessions, the teachers requested to have their body mass index (BMI) calculated too and were counseled accordingly. d. After the sessions, the students without prompting jogged and ran around the school premises. This showed their understanding of the need to be physically active. e. The height, weight and body mass index (BMI) of the students were calculated amd interpreted using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) BMI chart for male and female children. The results were not disclosed to other students and a written report with recommendation was addressed in a sealed envelope to their caregivers. To evaluate the success of our project, obese children identified in a school will be encouraged to measure and record their weights daily for one month. This will be done alongside healthier diet plans and physical activity. Their body mass index (BMI) will be calculated by the team at a followup visit to the school one month after the outreach. Their progress will be documented and appraised. The most inspiring student among all obese children identified in a year will be appointed a Tackling Obesity Ambassador for the next year and through this will raise more awareness about Obesity.

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Sustainability and future plans

The project is currently being managed by a Group called Tackling Obesity Group. We intend to expand into an established organization with volunteers after successfully carrying out initiatives over the period of one year. The group is made of Six (6) Active Global Youth Citizens who are passionate about influencing change in the community. Our disciplines are Crop production and protection (Undergraduate level), Animal Science (Post Masters level), Human Nutrition and Dietetics (Post Masters level), Medicine and Surgery (Undergraduate level), European studies -Russian (Graduate level) and Physiotherapy (Graduate level). We intend to partner with already existing organizations that are involved in community-based projects targeted at achieving the sustainable development goals. This will we do while we sort out logistics of calling for application for volunteers and sponsorship. We also intend to extend the Tackling Obesity Project to other target groups in the community so as to create enough awareness about dangers of obesity. As the project gains widespread acceptance and sustainable achievements we hope to launch new projects without compromising the success.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am a medical student passionate about ensuring the community enjoys good health. I am a public speaker and advocate for female empowerment. I am also an Open Access Advocate and a local exchange officer of the Nigeria Medical Students (NiMSA) Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE). I am twenty-five and strive for excellence in all activities while ensuring that I make an impact on lives as I do. My activities are driven by desire for an inclusive world - a global community with sustainable achievements. I am unrelenting in my search for knowledge; knowIedge is power. I support the Climate Tracker Break free campaign and I published an article in April 2016 on the University of Ibadan Union of Campus Journalists website for this campaign. As a result, I was shortlisted for one of the slots for the COP 22 conference. I engaged in the Microsoft/AYECI DigiGirlz Career Day this year in March. I educated community residents about Autism during the 2016 GTBank Autism Awareness Walk on the World Autism Day in April. I have administered questionnaires, assisted in data interpretation and presented results of two group researches - Quality of life and Social Support in the elderly in Igboora community in Ibadan (2015) and Preference for cosmetic gynaecological scars of Women in University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan (2016). I emerged the first runner up in an Oratory competition organized by the University of Ibadan Medical Students' Association in 2012. I have been elected Honourable member of the House of Assembly of my Hall of residence twice and was awarded a Legislative Silver Award in June 2016 in appreciation of my outstanding service to the Hall Assembly.

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olawale Adediran

September 1, 2016 00:56

Great work , Odunayo!

August 31, 2016 11:15

Thank You Salu Yuda

August 31, 2016 11:14

Thank you Abraham

August 31, 2016 11:13

Thank you Abraham

August 24, 2016 04:54

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.

Ojeniyi Abraham

August 6, 2016 01:52

A reality of the age we live in, living and consuming right has been forgotten long ago. Good sensitisation there guys!

July 28, 2016 20:00

good job guys, keep it up

July 25, 2016 12:25

good job. I suggest this project be discussed on air so that you can reach more people.

July 14, 2016 11:18



July 14, 2016 11:16



July 13, 2016 00:26

Thank you Noe. That's fine.

July 13, 2016 00:25

Thank you Noe. That's fine.

July 13, 2016 00:19

I will examine your idea too and vote as well.

July 13, 2016 00:18

I will examine your idea too and vote as well.

July 13, 2016 00:17

Thank you very much Olorunfemi Dayo. We will ensure the statistics are collated and get to relevant authorities like you mentioned.

July 12, 2016 22:22

I real like your Idea and I casted my votes to U. Keep it up. U may also pass through my project and leave your comment...

July 8, 2016 13:21

Nice project for a best world! I need also your vote and your comment in the best ideas category! https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/4/4678/?show-vote=

July 6, 2016 00:47

Could you examine my idea on mobile birth registration app which aim to track low birth weight of neonatal in Nigeria?

I will appreciate if u will vote my idea too

July 6, 2016 00:34

obesity can be hereditary and as well be influenced for food intake. Your project is of relevance today and of course will impact the future wellbeing / life expectancy in Nigeria.
In fact, most NGO will partner with your group if you collate reliable statistics of overweight children in schools as a technique to draw attention of stakeholders including UNICEF and international donors

June 29, 2016 23:50

Thank You Deodatus

June 29, 2016 16:32

Hello! Good project! I have voted for you. I kindly requested that you read about my idea too and vote for me via this link https://www.entrepreneurship-campus.org/ideas/4/4345/ .Together we can create a better society.

June 26, 2016 14:23

Nice project my friend. It has many positive impacts to society. Keep it up. Dont give up on it.

June 23, 2016 21:29

Thank You Ose

June 22, 2016 02:05

OK. Herman

June 20, 2016 08:43

Thank You Iloba

June 20, 2016 08:37

Thank You Iloba


June 18, 2016 15:32

This is some brilliant stuff here.

June 18, 2016 11:11

Wow!!! This is a good and timely project in this generation where people believe that getting fat is an evidence of good living. I wish you good success.

June 17, 2016 00:08

Thank You Sir

Leye Isola

June 15, 2016 11:32

Thank you team. Project would be both immediate & long term blessing.

June 15, 2016 08:08

Thank You Temitope

June 15, 2016 08:08

Thank you Joshua


June 15, 2016 00:06

Wow....this is a great. I love d awareness part...information reduces deformation.this project will help parent/guardian to monitor the diet of their wards thereby hereby hindering unnecessary accumulation of fat

June 14, 2016 14:23

This is a good project, it will improve lives, great idea there. Wish you the best.
I have cast my vote for you!

Please I need you support also and a comment will also help.
please check out my idea by clicking "Pwavodi Tanihungoama
Joshua" above, and give your valuable comment/advice.


Best Idea Category Do you know NEEM saves Lives

Also, if you like my idea, PLEASE vote for me!
Thank you in advance for your time.

June 8, 2016 23:35

Thank you Clinton

June 8, 2016 21:15

Thank You P. Victor


June 8, 2016 19:48

Its such a wonderful project u've embarked on....... Just keep soaring higher and higher in jesus name! U are such a blessing to dis generation....... God bless you!


June 8, 2016 18:02

Great work here, Odunayo...

oriaku victor

June 8, 2016 11:03

this is awesome, well done sis.

June 8, 2016 09:49

Thank you Makanbi Isaiah

Makanbi Isaiah

June 7, 2016 23:43

I'm highly impressed........ Thumbs up.

June 7, 2016 13:19

Thank you Brother - Kayode Idowu.

June 7, 2016 13:15

Thank you Deborah Oyedokun

Oluwakayomide Idowu

June 7, 2016 09:27

Impressive! I'm proud of you and how far you have come. God turn your efforts into great achievements

Oyedokun Deborah

June 7, 2016 03:29

Wow! I love this write up miss Odunayo Idowu. Keep it up.

June 5, 2016 18:27

Thank You Ibukun Alonge. We appreciate You.

Alonge Tim

June 5, 2016 15:08

This is indeed a brilliant idea with the prowess of actually tackling obesity.

June 3, 2016 13:20

Emmanuel Oyebamiji is also member of the group.

June 3, 2016 13:18

Please help spread the word to friends and colleagues about the project. We need your votes and are looking forward to feedback on this project's plans. Thank you.


June 3, 2016 13:11

This is a good and laudable project. Kudos to the group.

June 3, 2016 13:02

Please help spread the word to friends and colleagues about the project. We need your votes and are looking forward to feedback on this project's plans. Thank you.

June 3, 2016 12:56

Thank you Ogechi.


June 3, 2016 12:00

it really is wonderful keep in up

June 3, 2016 11:37

Thank you Oluwatiseun Idowu.

Idowu Oluwatiseun

June 3, 2016 11:27

This is very good. Impressive.

June 3, 2016 00:35

Thank you Michael Aiyetan.

June 3, 2016 00:34

Thank you Charles Gabriel

June 3, 2016 00:30

Thank you Aiyetan Michael.

June 3, 2016 00:29

Thank you Charles Gabriel.

June 1, 2016 14:29

Thank you Gbenga Omojola.

June 1, 2016 14:26

Thank you Amos Adejimi...

Adedeji Rebecca

June 1, 2016 13:34

Physical fitness is a great asset to an individual and by extension, the society while obesity is a liability. This wonderful project is aimed at turning liabilities into assets.
Bravo Team T.O.P

Omojola Gbenga

June 1, 2016 13:08

I like the innovative part of the project. It will surely go along way in improving the health sector if acted upon...
Nice Work!!!!

Amos Adejimi

June 1, 2016 12:30

this is a good project. many people are not aware of the dangers of obesity. thumbs up!

Michael Aiyetan

June 1, 2016 11:17

I love this mumsy,keep it up.

charles gabriel

June 1, 2016 11:15

sis odun, You worth this project and the project also is in need of someone like you...
A well deserved work, i beleive it would com out excellently well.. and would help much people and further generations

June 1, 2016 10:34

Thank you Sis Mope.

Akeju mopelola A

June 1, 2016 10:17

This idea is quite impressive! Well done! I trust u guys to enlighten people on the health danger involved in obesity...God bless U!

June 1, 2016 10:14

Thank You Emmanuel Oyebamiji

June 1, 2016 10:01

Yes a great project which is possible to achieve

June 1, 2016 09:41

Thank you Sai Teja

June 1, 2016 08:10

hey hello
very good idea i appreciate and encourage you to continue this

i also invite you to my profile to suggest me something about my idea

June 1, 2016 08:08

Thank you Bro Taiwo. Thank God for the Tackling Obesity Group.

Adepoju Taiwo

May 31, 2016 22:30

Nice work sis odun, educative n innovative....more grace to ur elbow

May 31, 2016 20:32

Thank you very much Opeyemi... Much love


May 31, 2016 20:12

Great innovation. Odunayo, may your ink never run dry... #kudos

May 31, 2016 13:48

Thank you very much for the encouragement Dr Hunjo.

May 31, 2016 13:46

Thank you very much for the encouragement Mr Isola.

Henry Hunjo

May 31, 2016 09:27

I'm impressed with detail provided about the significance of the project. I'm also informed of the importance obesity control to sound health. I congratulate the team and wish you success. The future holds hope as one sees young people like you developing ideas that will help humanity.

Leye Isola

May 30, 2016 17:42

This is a good work, especially working early among the children.

May 30, 2016 15:09

Baba L'Afrika...Also a member of the Tackling Obesity Group. We will just do that - Innovate and Develop.

May 30, 2016 15:08

Bro Folasayo is a member of the Tackling Obesity Group, passionate and unrelenting...Yes we are starting it and encouraging others to do so too...

Olayanju Folasayo Micheal

May 30, 2016 14:01

This is a great initiative, let the change start from us.
We are the one to make a better change in our society.

Olalekan Ayodele Sipasi

May 30, 2016 13:52

Societal Development is a collective responsibility. Great innovation.

May 30, 2016 10:53

Finally! The Tackling Obesity Group welcomes you to this page. You can now post comments. We trust you to follow the rules of the community as you do so. Thank you.

May 30, 2016 10:53

Finally! The Tackling Obesity Group welcome you to this page. You can now post comments. We trust you to follow the rules of the community as you do so. Thank you.