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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

This project is aimed at helping the physically challenged to become an independent entrepreneur and to bring about development in their lives and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation at large. Our platform will help them to increase their rate of turn over, this will in effect increase the overall GDP of our nation. It will also enable them to contribute their own quota to National development. We have three individuals that is benefiting from this project. (1) A MAN WHO HAS NO LEGS BUT HE'S USING PROTESIS TO OPERATE HIS MACHINE IS PRODUCING QUALITY LEATHER BAGS, BACK PACK, AND DIFFERENT SOUVENIRS. WE MET HIM DECEMBER LAST YEAR, BY MAY 2016 WITH MY PERSONAL EFFORT USING DIFFERENT MARKETING TECHNIQUES I WAS ABLE TO SECURE A CONTRACT WORTH #900,000 WITH A SCHOOL ( He made a customized Back Pack for their student). (2) A BLIND MAN MAKING VARIETIES OF BASKET, FASHION BAGS, BELTS etc. ALL HAND WOVEN! THROUGH OUR EFFORT TOO A LOT OF INDIVIDUALS ARE ALREADY PATRONIZING HIM. (3) ANOTHER ONE LEGGED MAN WHO IS A SHOE MAKER IS ALSO A BENEFICIARY. WE HAVE VISITED SOME SCHOOLS OF PUPILS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO INTIMATE THEM WITH OUR PROJECT AND GIVE THEM SUPPORT. EVERY YEAR THE RATE OF TURN OVER OF EACH BENEFICIARY BEFORE AND AFTER OUR SUPPORT WILL BE EVALUATED TO DETERMINE THE SUCCESS OF THIS PROJECT. WE WILL ALSO CONTINUE TO TRAIN AND GET MORE MARKETERS FOR MORE PUBLICITY OF OUR VARIETIES OF PRODUCTS.

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Sustainability and future plans

In order to sustain this project, we need to source for funds. These are some ways we are going to achieve that; (1). Open an account for public donations and support, this account will be linked to our website such that anybody from any part of the world who wishes to support our project can do so by donating to that account. (2). We will write letters to companies individuals, public office holders and government parastatals to sponsor this project. (3). We will make profit when we sell products on a large scale, as we shall be sourcing for huge contract from Companies, Organization and Government. It is also in our plan to take the project on TV, where people will know and see what we are doing. We would be able to send a message to the public that being physically challenged is not EXCUSE to be permanently dependent. Also Able Bodied persons who are on the street begging for alms will be taught many lessons when they watch our TV program and see what the physically challenged are doing. This will in a way reduce the number of Beggars we have on our street in NIGERIA. We are also gong to emphasize internet marketing as their mobility is limited, this will get them closer to the potential users of their products. There will be training on how to do this. At every December we will organize product exhibition where they will bring their products from different part of the country to the public for sales, this will help in publicizing their products. Through our Website, this project is as well open to all physically challenged outside Nigeria who is producing quality and presentable products but wishes to sell that product in Nigeria.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name Patriot Sanyaolu Shulammite Ajasa, I am married to Mr Anuoluwapo Ajasa. I am 31 years old. I have DIPLOMA in LOCAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION, and I later bagged a DEGREE in POLITICAL SCIENCE. I am highly talented in the field of Marketing. I am a Diligent, Resourceful and a very Versatile Marketer. I have worked as a marketing Manager in two different Companies. In July 2015, I became a member of a voluntary paramilitary organization called the NIGERIA PEACE CORPS, I am also a member of the State Executive. My port folio is PROGRAM OFFICER FOR THE STATE. In Nigeria many physically challenged persons are dreamers who want to live a better life, change the World as much as they can and also contribute to the growth of the Nation. But their Dreams are cut short because of the neglect in the society. There is no social welfare for people with disabilities. some tried to learn some vocations to avoid being permanently dependent yet, patronage for their products is very low. Being a Versatile Marketer I felt the need to help them achieve their Dreams, I find physically challenged people Intelligent and Brilliant. So, I decided to start by using the platform of Nigeria Peace Corps. Anytime we are having a public event I will contact some of them that is making quality and presentable products like school bags, shoes, basket, fashion bags to the venue and during the program I will personally present them to the public with their products I will also add that these people are not here to beg for alms, but they want your patronage for their products to be able to feed their family, then people will start buying and collecting their contacts. I will then be happy and fulfilled.

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August 26, 2016 22:17

Hello comrade,
You have a great project no matter which side the competition may take it. I support it by votes and comments because I believe it can transform societies and bring sound solutions to social problems. Just don't give up!

August 1, 2016 22:20

reading through the project again, i still encourage you to keep the good work

July 27, 2016 09:36

this project gives voice to the voiceless. i love what you do by promoting these works. good job

June 29, 2016 22:30

This is nice. We live in a society whereby the government and organization don't care about the physically challenged. Unlike in the western countries where certain incentives, packages and employment quota are being set aside for the physically challenged. It is good you're coming to their rescue. This your initiative is giving them a sense of belonging that they are not alone. Wishing the best of luck with your project. I have also voted it. I gave you vote number 51.

June 28, 2016 23:29

This is great project no doubt, i have voted for you and implore you to read mine and show support.Together we can create a better society we all desired.

June 24, 2016 09:58

i thank Jehovah God for putting in me this Idea