Alternative charcoal production in Africa

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The world Bank defines Sustainable development as- development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (World Bank). Such development should address three elements of life simultaneously: social, economic and environment. Our solution focuses on preserving trees thus, saving our environment/planet. We engage the youth and women in lucrative agriculture, thus offering alternative income source to farmers and families. We believe this way, rural dwelling families can earn income to facilitate their adequate utilisation of existing free delivery policy in Ghana, enable families to enrol and maintain their wards in school, and above all enabling/empowering communities towards descent lives within healthy environments. Thus, we encouraging responsible actions to solving man-made problems. Additionally, we offer a feasible solution to youth rural-urban migration that is high among jobless youth who leave their villages to urban areas in search of jobs. We run a pilot with five households from five communities on how to grow and use our product. Our developed prototype is constantly under improvement (growing/performance/characteristics). Currently, we completed other experiments on how our core material or by- products could provide raw material for briquetting in combination with starches for example. We have positive results. Basic tests for Kcal and CO2 determination have signalled a positive side to our product compared to wood charcoal, yet the complete scientific tests are ongoing in a renowned university in the Netherland. Additionally, during a just ended start-up pitch competition (Meweek 2016, Maastricht) this project was in the finals out of 18 competitors. I am constantly working with my team back home who are helping with anything from continuous interviews, education and product testing.We are working on two approaches to determine the best way of reducing CO2 emissions from our activities (site/vehicular).

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Sustainability and future plans

Our business model is simple. We take a margin of every product sale. What is different, we use the fair trade model. So, just like the cocoa model, we provide our licenced farmers with everything they need from education, machinery to the best farming methods that we are constantly improving. We buy the product from them and then sell it on the market. We believe in the power of the local community, so to sustain our business model, we strongly believe in maintaining a positive relationship with our farmers and our customers. Our revenue streams include distribution (sales), state subsidies, research and development and of course donations (long term) from both local and international energy and environmental commissions and individuals. Following our successful pilot study, we are upscaling production up to 20 acres early next year. We are working on partnership with agronomists to help improve cultivation and yield. Our estimated ROI based on cost mostly borne by the company with minimal cost to the farmer, has been calculated at 800%. This project is highly scalable given curated feedback from both farmers and users, existing high charcoal demand (over 80%) on the African continent and of course existence of vast unused farm lands and motivated farmers . Other useful products from the core material have been identified which will be worth developing, but only after our successful market penetration with our main product. For instance, the edible seeds contain pods from which oil or soap could be produced at commercial level. We are also looking into partnership with both local and international stove developers to incrementally improve existing cooking stove in Africa with design for full maximization and efficiency of our product. By this way, we hope to create a huge employment avenue for farmers and local industries.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I was born on 6th July 1982, thus, 34 years now. I earned my bachelor degree in Nursing and psychology from the University of Ghana (2004-2008). I have over 5 years work experience both in clinical and community health. I have organised and engaged communities for community activities (health education, developmental activities among others with PROJECTS ABROAD GHANA). I have been trained also in NGO management from Assurance Ghana Group as well as Health and Safety from the Ghana Development/Productivity Institute. Recently, I was awarded a High Potential Scholarship for a master of healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management (Maastricht Uni. Netherland) which I completed successfully. Along side, I earned a Diploma and certificate in Leadership in European Public Health and Problem Based Learning Approach respectively from the same university. My skills are combined with my team: five selected amazing community members who do anything from testing, educating and empowering farmers in other communities on how to grow and use our product. We have experts (with patents) in the field of energy and biofuel advising us. My dream is together with this team, address energy issues making our planet healthier. I direct all basic testing with the Ghana based team while in consultation with the experts on technical issues. Together with this team and community members, combined with my policy background, I am fast improving my understanding and skills required for this sector.

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November 16, 2016 13:44

marvelous work

Joe Dare

September 1, 2016 17:05

Nice idea bro

Kasim Sulemana

August 31, 2016 21:45

This is a very creative idea that happens to be absolutely considerate of our gradually depleting vegetation in most parts of Africa.It does have an embedded central concept of actually reducing poverty among the locals as my research shows growing these herbs is not labor intensive. In general, this idea is certainly practical.

I have been reading some of the ideas here and this is about the best but simple and easy to understand.

Kasim Sulemana

August 31, 2016 21:41

This is a very creative idea that happens to be absolutely considerate of our gradually depleting vegetation in most parts of Africa.It does have an embedded central concept of actually reducing poverty among the locals as my research shows growing these herbs is not labor intensive. In general, this idea is certainly practical.

I have been reading some of the ideas here and this is about the best but simple and easy to understand.

Reuben Kachama Walobele

August 31, 2016 13:56

This is should one of the major anti deforestation campaign of our time. While saving the planet poverty will be reduced. Hope it goes through and get started off .

Augustin Ayanore

August 31, 2016 12:53

Good concept Martin. Go for Gold!!!

Augustine Ayanore

August 31, 2016 12:43

Great Martin. Best luck

Ellen Dahamani

August 31, 2016 12:38

This is a great project to support protect the environment in African communities

Yvonne yankey

August 31, 2016 12:18

Very relevant topic. All the best to Martin.

August 31, 2016 06:26

Thank you everyone for your comments. They keep me motivated.

@ Emmanuel, I appreciate your words and confidence in this project.

@ Erika, thank you for your continuous support in this project. I appreciate.

Emmanuel Buadi Mensah

August 30, 2016 23:49

This project has massive economic, social and environmental potential. Most Africans, especially in rural communities, use charcoal as the main cooking fuel, this implies that the environmentally friendly alternative proposed in this project has a high probability of adoption making it highly viable once scaled up to national and continental levels respectively.

Secondly, the proposed project exudes great environmental gains. Because of the insatiable demand for normal charcoal, it put enormous pressure on the forest, causing increases in greenhouse emissions, deforestation and desertification. Alternative charcoal, which uses shrub which is easily renewable compared to trees, is a very interesting innovation. It is sustainable and renewable. Finally, , the project has the potential to employ many people, farmers and experts. Based on this potential effects on the economy. I strongly recommend the alternative charcoal project for consideration.

Erika Boeing

August 30, 2016 18:38

I know Martin personally, and as someone who has technical expertise on thermochemical processing and energy technologies, I have been working with him on some of the energy analysis of his product. I think that it shows great promise! Furthermore, Martin has the right personality for the project. He is hard-working, passionate, and charismatic, and is great at getting people excited about his work! I think there is enormous potential in pursuing this idea!

angela osei

August 30, 2016 17:29



August 30, 2016 15:21

This is a laudable project!!!

Joyce Nukunu

August 30, 2016 09:38

The burning of wood for charcoal is on the rise but this can be stopped or decreased if our people can be taught how and encouraged to use Biogas as an alternate source of fuel.
It's also cheap once the plants or equipments are in place.


August 30, 2016 02:37

If I have to support any project that seeks to positively transform the environment and entire communities it sure would be this: alternative charcoal production in Africa. And you have my firm support. Am in love with this project.

Martin Ayanore

August 29, 2016 10:50

A remarkable project. Support the goal to protect our planet earth.

Martin Ayanore

August 29, 2016 10:35

A remarkable project worth supporting

Martin Ayanore

August 29, 2016 10:35

A remarkable project worth supporting

Theresa Lumb

August 29, 2016 08:28

A very innovative and highly relevant concept. A much needed alternative that will provide environmentally friendly sources of energy that will benefit both society on a large scale.

August 27, 2016 23:58

This is fantastic.

August 27, 2016 23:51

This is great.


August 27, 2016 13:59

This is a very laudable ideal. This project if implemented will go a long way in saving mother earth. All the best Martain

August 26, 2016 23:59

Great idea


August 26, 2016 18:16

Good Luck bro

Philip Teg-Nefaah Tabong

August 26, 2016 17:28

Great project with bright prospects. A potential remedy to the negative effects of deforestation.

August 26, 2016 11:54

Thank you all once again.

@ Rifky, first of all, I also want to thank for your confidence in this project. Thank you for your emphasis on the Oxford Business Group report in relation to our solution.
Regarding your question of figures of cost and expected returns, my answer is YES. We do have a well mapped cost elements (variable and fixed cost plus overhead) in their respective amounts as well as expected revenue or returns.

Our production cost is quite small, involving mostly the variable cost elements (land clearing/ploughing, bedding, seedling/planting, weeding, harvesting, bagging and transport). Some variable costs for example, seedlings, are reducible in year two of operations as the farmers will be able to generate their own seedlings.

Fixed costs identified are mostly site, machinery and a proposed closed system (to contain CO2) if carbonisation of our product will be necessary.

For our planned production upscale of 20 acres, our estimated cost (variable) is GHC 10100 ( 2262.00). For this, our estimated revenue is GHC20,000, (4478.50), estimations based on current local charcoal prices (using the lowest price we can offer of our product) and yield per acre. Revenue is realisable in second year of operations after deductions of fixed cost. (though we hoping to get some of the fixed cost sponsored).
Consultations with agronomists and other agricultural experts indicate that we could obtain more yields per acre with plant modification. In this sense, we will be increasing our revenue while cost may stay same or increase marginally. We also arrived at an impressive ROI.

I hope I have answered your question with this explanations. Details of this and ROI, can be offered when necessary.
Thank you.

August 26, 2016 11:46

This is fantastic.


August 26, 2016 11:20

Well done


August 26, 2016 11:14

Well done. Very inspiring


August 26, 2016 11:08

Very good initiative. Well Done Martin. We really need thid in Africa

Rifky Mohmed

August 25, 2016 21:10

First of all i commend you for a well presented problem analysis. Indeed everything your mentioned about our energy needs of the present and future threat in Ghana/Africa, are very true. As emphases, the Oxford Business Group reporting on the New G8 Obama initiative to address food and nutritional needs in developing countries, offers that in Ghana, while the initiative aids multinationals to acquire land for agricultural activities, most of the acquired land is used for the cultivation of biofuel (bamboo, for example), leading to an artificial food shortage as these lands can hardly be used for any agric activity. Given your alternative could be mixed or inter cropped, sounds promising.
As an investor, what am missing in your project however is this: do you have figures on cost and expected returns?
Notwithstanding, your project is laudable and scalable. Well done
I will connect up.

Mohammed Anis Abdat

August 24, 2016 21:20

Nice and important project!

August 24, 2016 20:17

Its good project I support you by a vote and a comment

Please help me pass through my project idea thanks

August 24, 2016 20:17

Its good project I support you by a vote and a comment

Please help me pass through my project idea thanks

Daniel Tetteh Addo

August 24, 2016 20:08

All the best on this project Martin. This project is really needed fr the world, especially Africa


August 24, 2016 18:19

This Is an excellent project that will preserve the forest reserve. Great job!!


August 24, 2016 18:19

This a great project, and it is worth supporting.

August 24, 2016 05:15

Nice project. I support by vote n comment

Samira zangwio

August 23, 2016 23:38

Am endorsing this project

August 23, 2016 22:27

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.


August 23, 2016 21:47

Global warming has been a challenge facing our world for some time now. This project adds up to efforts made by the international community to curb the problem at hand. I guarantee this project and i hope it will be highly considered to give hope for the future generation, that we can take critical actions to make our world habitable for them and their progeny.


August 23, 2016 21:34

It's an intelligent project with lots of opportunity for the country. Charcoal is a main contributor of pollution in the area. Now a feasible solution is posed against it - that's very welcoming.
Good luck with the project, I hope you can make it happen soon!!

Cheryl Dzifa Appiah

August 23, 2016 19:40

We will always have energy needs but we need to make it cleaner and better to give us a healthier environment. I am excited to see this team implement the project. Let's save our trees and use the shrubs as an alternative to charcoal.

MK Owusu-Duah

August 23, 2016 17:53

This is a nice project. Wishing you all the best.

Mohammed Anis Abdat

August 23, 2016 16:12

Both an intriguing and important project. You get my vote!

Joe Dare

August 23, 2016 15:23

Better move n must be supported

Joe Dare

August 23, 2016 15:12

Great innitiative

Daniel Tetteh Addo

August 23, 2016 11:59

Charcoal production depletes our rich forest reserve. Those who engage in it also mostly do not plant any tree back to replace any trees they cut. This is a great project.

Nankwe Hassan

August 22, 2016 23:43

An excellentinitiative that integrates social, economic and environmental needs today. We pray this becomes a success.

August 22, 2016 22:33

I think this project will help preserve our forestry


August 22, 2016 20:03

An excellent initiative that integrates social, economic and environmental needs today. Keep up the outstanding work Martin,we are praying hard this project becomes a success.


August 22, 2016 19:16

In my candid opinion, this is a very prospective project which should be given all the necessary support its needs to make it materialize.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

August 22, 2016 14:18

Thank you all once again for your comments:

@ Dielamo, it is really motivating to receive comments such as yours. First of all I appreciate your input.

To begin with as my response, I want to clarify that our focus is not on the issue of lumbering activities in general, rather tree felling for fire wood. We presented both the impact of this and the benefits as you said, and of course they are obvious ones. This project is presented here generally to tell our valued readers and potential investors or sponsors of our existence and possible future engagement at growing together . Since our project is just growing from its pilot stage, I believe the information presented here provides enough inspiration to interested investors or sponsors who, like us, feel the need to approaching this future threatening problem from a different angle other than what exist already. I believe it should be only at this stage you can go in every detail of your activities after affirming a win-win situation to both parties.
Therefore regarding your point of mechanism, of course we are engaging with agronomists regarding production and yield improvement. As protective as we want to be at this stage, yet you will see a video of our activities in few days (no worries, lol).

Of course, we are aware of existing alternatives who are our biggest competitors (NOT RIVALS). There should be no such word as (RIVAL) in an all integrated approach. 'Mr wood' is just one such competitor, but we also mention others like the briquette industry and even solar and we also outlined their respective shortfalls and therefore our solution. Nonetheless, as entrepreneurs, we are simply here not to RIVAL, but introduce simple, but largely practical and effective solutions. Our ultimate goal is that overtime, we can join forces with our competitors in partnership or other means possible in addressing deforestation resulting from tree felling for charcoal whiles progressing in other identified opportunities (see later). From all test results (both locally empirical and ongoing laboratory testing here in Netherland), prove that the core material from our product can be used directly after drying it, can serve as raw material in combination with starch extract for the briquetting industry, its other waste, are useful for the compost manure processing industry. This is an obvious integrated approach considering the other social and economic benefits outlined in this project. What is basically needed now is production and yield improvement (Consultations are ongoing with some professors at Wageningen University in this respect). We mentioned the growth turnover of 5-12 months. I suppose this gives you a clue about mechanism. And of course, capital and other support in order to implement this on a large scale. Should you need more clarity, please don't hesitate, and I will respond to you.
Thank you once again

Zuviel Joshua Naazie

August 22, 2016 13:41

This project looks promising. I'm interested in seeing it develop further

August 22, 2016 11:43

Lumbering activities without alternatives of replenishing the lumbered trees has left a huge African land barren. You have a project that will help in conserving forest trees. In your project, pardon me to say that much emphasis is been laid on the negative effect of feeling trees and the positive impact the project will beget. So I. think you should talk more on how the shrub will be grown, the mechanism of production and the means at which it will get to the end user. Is it central shrub point and users get access to them or household or communal shrub growth initiative/campaign? Why users go for wood because it is cheap and at times they can get directly from the forest without spending a penny. You have a huge rival from Mr Wood of the forest nation. So for your business to strive better, i suggest u should seek a law to mitigate or abolish the use of wood for cooking in your country or African while you present your alternative. I wish you good luck. Also voted. Cheers!

Fortune Chamba

August 21, 2016 22:42

Brilliant idea! Wish you all the best my friend.


August 21, 2016 06:09

As a young aspiring young tech entrepreneur, I am really thrilled at the imaginative ability of this gentleman. Cudos!

N. Solomon

August 20, 2016 18:43

Fantastic idea

clara fosu

August 20, 2016 18:10

Good job

Joe Dare

August 20, 2016 17:17

We cannot do without such a great project in Africa as it will help conserve our few remaining forest reserves


August 20, 2016 15:34

It is long overdue that we found an alternative charcoal production in Africa if we want to safe our forest and the climate.
Martin! Thumbs up for this great idea and a timely one of course. This will help Ghana to reduce the cutting of trees for charcoal production and also contribute effectively to mitigation the declining rainfall levels in Ghana (especially in Northern Ghana) where charcoal production is dominant and rainfall patterns declining.
As a climate scientist, I endorse this project because of its potentials to mitigation the effect of climate change both directly and indirectly. Directly by its ability to reduce the number of trees that will be cut for charcoal thereby allowing more trees to sequester carbon in the atmosphere. Indirectly by the business opportunities that this idea will create for the rural communities as an alternative income generating activity. Income from this idea will help them generate money to cope with the already hazards of climate change. Also, the competition for wood to build and charcoal will decrease and since wood that is normally used for construction are matured wood, it means the trees will be allowed to stay on the field for long time to sequester more carbon.
I vote for the idea: Alternative charcoal production in Africa.
MSc. Climate science,
Wageningen Ur.

August 20, 2016 12:53

Thank you all my supporters. I really appreciate your comments.

@Adina, great to have your comment here. I appreciate your words. But as you can read, so much has happened concerning our progress, and am convinced that this platform is just the RIGHT place to help find the RIGHT type of investors for this socially and all integrated start-up.

Thank you all, for your wonderful comments, they keep me going.

Joe Dare

August 19, 2016 17:00

We can't wait for such a great project

Adina Petre

August 19, 2016 15:34

I've had the pleasure of working with Martin in the 5 month pre-incubation programme where he brought this great idea. He is a hard working entrepreneur, capable of change and growth, and I trust he will make this startup a reality!

What I would encourage him to do further, is to create a solid business plan behind the concepts he is already developing and I am certain that it will bring investors his way, so that this dream can become a reality. People of Ghana simply have to be patient and trust that this project will come to their country soon.


August 19, 2016 10:05

Great project! Keep up the good work!


August 18, 2016 11:58

Great idea

Julian Lupescu

August 17, 2016 21:22

Great project, I work at the same incubator where Martin started up, it's always great to see him so devoted for this!


August 17, 2016 13:29

Inspired by their future plans

Isi ijagbone

August 16, 2016 00:17

An excellent initiative that integrates social, economic and environmental needs today. Keep up the outstanding work Martin!

Margot van den Berg

August 16, 2016 00:00

A wonderful initiative that has real potential to improve living conditions in so many ways. Plz continue with your good work!

Adu-Amponah Yaw

August 14, 2016 01:38

Sustainable business must be encouraged, especially in an African terrain where there have been challenges to this practice. Your project gives insights into this discourse . Keep on with the handwork


August 14, 2016 01:16

big bro good work done will always suport you and your project.keep it up.


August 14, 2016 00:54

nice project my brother

Ayokunu Adedokun

August 13, 2016 22:48

This is an excellent initiative! Well done, Martin. I am proud of you. Wishing you success.

Awaka Peter

August 13, 2016 13:43

This is a fantastic and a sustainable project that has the potential of transforming lives in Africa if it is implemented. It is scientifically viable and environmentally friendly alternative cooking energy that can prevent deforestation in Africa. Great idea.

Peter Adatara

August 13, 2016 13:10

This project proposal is one of the most brilliant and innovative ideas that I have seen in recent times in Africa. This is certainly a development-oriented project that has the potential of changing lives not only in Africa but all over the world.It particularly offers a unique opportunity to transform the lives of people in rural communities in Africa through the provision of safe, affordable and environmentally friendly cooking energy. It is the best and great idea and I urge everyone to vote massively to support this project.

Adu-Amponah Yaw

August 12, 2016 23:35

Good one bro. Keep the fire burning

Elvis K Avenyo

August 12, 2016 16:49

The recently adopted SDGs focus on transforming our world. This project offers to uniquely and innovatively transform Africa, particularly rural Africa through the provision of clean and affordable cooking energy that is environmentally friendly.

Great idea!


August 12, 2016 12:16

Bravo! ; Fantastic Idea,

john chei luri

August 11, 2016 09:15

this project is what we need today. the level of deforestation of our forest for charcoal is alarming and its accompanying global warming. I therefore support any project targeted at reducing this menace.

August 10, 2016 21:45

This is a great and innovative idea and if implemented it can obviously transform Africa. Just don't give up, you're going to make it!

August 10, 2016 21:43

This is a great and innovative idea and if implemented it can obviously transform Africa. Just don't give up, you're going to make it!

Augustine Adon

August 10, 2016 06:21

Yes that is true but it must be back by human effort. This is the most reason this project must win this contest so that it can receive the necessary support to materialise

Stone bee

August 10, 2016 06:17

This is a God sent solution to this big problem facing humanity


August 10, 2016 06:11

Woow! This a brilliant idea/project

Awapu Martin

August 10, 2016 05:36

This project is a superb. It will save our vegetations and also create honorable jobs.

Yagane Pius

August 10, 2016 05:32

I am really impressed by the project especially the quick maturity growth of the shrub

Adu-Amponah Yaw

August 8, 2016 21:29

Good initiative. Thumbs up.


August 8, 2016 14:39

Nice project

August 8, 2016 13:37

It is always inspiring and motivating to know that people share your thinking and objectives. I feel completely glad to read all of your motivating comments. I am grateful for your support and am convinced we will get there together.



August 8, 2016 13:23

Brilliant idea!


August 7, 2016 17:17

The struggling trees of my country will be so excited to hear such an idea is being pursued.
Absolutely awesome project


August 7, 2016 17:07

Great African ingenuity at work, make us proud by helping us solve our own problems

Anasincho Anas

August 7, 2016 01:35

Yes this idea will inure into jobs. People will be happily engaged in the cultivation of this fast maturing shrub. Am convinced aside the charcoal that will be obtained from these shrubs, their leaves can also be sold for a different purpose.

Eric Gandy

August 7, 2016 01:30

Poverty poverty poverty. That is the problem itself not the people and their act. The good thing about this project is that aside providing an alternative, the alternative is well structured to provide sustainable jobs .


August 7, 2016 01:27

I think just as commented earlier by some commentators, the major cause of this wicked at is poverty and the lack of alternative. This is exactly the problem this idea tactically intends to solve. I think this gentleman has a good way out, let's back him.


August 7, 2016 01:23

I can't imagine how mankind is constantly making cruel efforts to deprive ourselves of all the good things associated with trees-the fresh air, source of oxygen, windstorm protection, protection of the ozone, homing of terrestrial spieces, etc.

What else does mankind need to know before we spare the life of innocent trees?


August 7, 2016 01:15

What an outstanding innovation. This is actually an idea that should have emerged far back in the 27,18 century. Many of the orphan trees today wouldn't have lost their parents.

Belove Torsoo

August 7, 2016 01:08

This is certainly one of the best means of solving a dominant problem in my in Africa. I trust this pilot project will be extended to my my town,Tegbi.

Felix Yelewere

August 6, 2016 13:28

This is a master piece worth winning this competition.The impact it would make in our society are enormous as in the case of afforestation,employment and high productivity.


August 6, 2016 10:58

Great idea! Worked out masterfully


August 4, 2016 11:18

This is a very noble idea that undoubtedly will help to protect resources for future generations. Right now I shudder to think what the world will be like 20 years from now. Will we still have trees , will we still have natural water, will we still have rocks or its all going to be extinct like dynasaurs. I'm glad there are people like this young man who also share the same passions. I hope this idea will materialise into reality

Michael Greene

August 3, 2016 17:35

We should all be deeply concerned about what man is doing to the environment as this young man this project should be supported and encouraged This could be the the break through we need in fighting against the plague of deforestation

Michael Greene

August 3, 2016 17:26

This project is one that should be seriously considered and should be supported by all who are really concerned about these on going environmental issues and here's a young man not talking but wanting to do something full stop.


August 3, 2016 00:54

Cutting down trees is obviously not the best but in most instance the people have no other alternative to life except that. Every human has a conscience of good and bad. These charcoal producers really understand the consequences of their action but still do it because that is their only means of livelihood. Producing charcoal in itself is not a crime bad the approach should be environmentally friendly. This idea of producing charcoal through human cultivated shrubs is a great substitute.

Seasons A.

August 3, 2016 00:42

Tree cutting for charcoal is a big sign of underdevelopment. Africa must develop its industries and effectively and efficiently utilize its vast deposit of natural resources. Innovative ideas like this are a step in the right direction. Good luck.

Zaakii Lamb

August 3, 2016 00:36

Poverty poverty poverty. That exactly the problems . extreme poverty makes victims innovative means of survival not considering the consequences. Give them alternative, I believe that will solve it all.

Keri Paul

August 2, 2016 00:44

With little effort we can make a difference. Every single attempt by young entrepreneurs heard towards environmental conservation always excite me. Great.


August 1, 2016 13:20

Great project


July 29, 2016 18:27

Great project

Zita Buabeng

July 27, 2016 22:29

A very laudable idea from an intellingent entrepreneur.Africa is so proud of you and can't wait to enjoy a safer environment.

July 27, 2016 09:15

good job


July 25, 2016 03:46

The story of charcoal production in Ghana is pathetic. Trees are fell indiscrinately. Forests are set ablaze all due to the activities of wood charcoal producers.

What else will work better than providing these people with an alternative?

"Alternative charcoal production in Africa"
#Best conservative idea of the century


July 25, 2016 03:28

Environmental degradation and deforestation is taken over my country. Funny enough, trees are being cut down day in day out as if tree cutting is an Olympic game.

We must stop this act if we must save our future.

Ken Karti

July 24, 2016 18:42

In this century when people should be preoccupied with tree planting, we rather engage in tree cutting. Let's push this idea forward for the best.


July 23, 2016 23:32

I think this is one of the best project that can help save our forests,so let support


July 23, 2016 23:10

Nice project


July 23, 2016 12:41

@ Stund Eden: I cannot agree more.

Stunt Eden

July 23, 2016 07:41

My heart will be broken in tears if this great idea is not pursued. Even if it doesn't win any award in this contest, it must be executed. I trust that a successful execution and implementation of this idea shall add more value to charcoal producers and create jobs as well. Above all, our vegetations shall be set free from these long year of barbaric attacks by man in his quest to earn a living.

Jose Walks

July 23, 2016 07:25

I trust in our own ability as African to solve our own problems . There are big brains in Africa that can be very beneficial to the continent yet majority of us still wallow in abject poverty. And the more we allow our people to remain in this poverty, the more social problems we shall have just as this trees felling for charcoal production.

Let's invest in this idea.

Ridwan Malice

July 23, 2016 07:19

Real solutions are hidden in the mind. An absolute 360' mind search is needed to be able to fetch out these solutions to our own problems.

Great thinking Mr. Man


July 22, 2016 18:09

Woow !


July 22, 2016 03:49

Indeed this idea is a master piece that require maximum attention and support. This project must come to reality in order to secure the future of our vegetations.

God bless you idea owner

Grace Annie

July 22, 2016 03:43

Pragmatic thinking

Dim Kojoe

July 21, 2016 13:58

Thousands of trees die everyday with just a few being planted.

This project is coming at the right time

Lima Atosh

July 20, 2016 23:18

Great idea highly realisable.

Keri Paul

July 20, 2016 23:16

Someday our world will be a better place to live unlike today.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

July 20, 2016 14:43

I am here once again to say thank you to all my supporters. I really appreciate your time and efforts in securing votes for me. The competition is growing even harder, but I am not afraid because I am convinced you will push me even further up. My task then is to make you guys proud for a not wasted time and energy.

Thank you and God bless you all.

mensah Zachariah

July 20, 2016 11:42

Exceptional idea to save our generation from global warming. God bless u.


July 20, 2016 07:46

A wind of charge is coming. I can see it coming. Carried on the shoulders of a mighty thinker.

#save our world martin


July 20, 2016 07:43

Anytime I think about how deplorable our vegetations have become I feel really bad.

I always wish I could do something but thank God this idea is coming from another person.


July 20, 2016 07:39

I love this idea. It is awesome.

Theophilus Taylor

July 18, 2016 13:48

Awesome idea for Africa. Smart way of conserving our vegetation. The whole world should rally behind this brother to make this project a reality. I support it.


July 18, 2016 00:19


Mercy Adams

July 17, 2016 17:03

Great and innovative solution to Ghana's deforestation problem. I wish you well

Mercy Adams

July 17, 2016 16:54

Great piece of innovative idea!

Samuel Adjorlolo

July 17, 2016 15:43

This is certainly a project that deserves commendation. The project is timely and could help address the unknown or largely neglected impact of the continual production of charcoal from the ecological system. Specifically, this charcoal alternative proposal has the propensity to salvage the gradually depleting forest in Africa. Preserving nature should be our utmost priority in the 21st century as a long term measure to combat climate change and its negative consequences such as global warming. Undoubtedly, the process leading to charcoal contributes to climate change However, discussions about efforts to curb or reduce human activities that contribute negatively to climate change hardly include perspectives from Africa. It is against this background that I believe this project is fantastic, and timely. It is indeed a laudable project whose positive impacts can be unprecedented when implement.

Alfred Quansah

July 16, 2016 12:04

Nice project


July 16, 2016 09:22

very great for African

Raymond Agbanu

July 12, 2016 20:13

This is a very viable project. Should be undertaken


July 12, 2016 12:54

Nice project. Indeed Africa will be saved with this intervention


July 11, 2016 13:17

This will surely save our forest


July 10, 2016 11:13

Nice thinking

Gloria wilson

July 10, 2016 11:02


Martin Nyefene Kwabena

July 9, 2016 23:14

@ Joe Bee, Sabi and Roe Kule, just to say thank you for voting and for your words of encouragement. I really appreciate your support and I trust you will continue to support me in various ways. I will do my best with you and others support to go further with this project. God bless you all.


July 9, 2016 19:35

Your project, a saving grace

Roe Kule

July 9, 2016 19:24

It takes great minds to change the world. Mr Martin I don't know you personally but am convinced you are full of substance. All the best

Joe Bee

July 9, 2016 19:10

Martin Please hurry up with your project before we all die due to climatic effect.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

July 9, 2016 08:08

@Fifi, thank you for your great comment. I hope however that we could just keep it around the benefits of this project in order to be more specific, lol. Thank you once again

Thank you greatly Azakasi for your comment. Grateful to everyone voting and commenting.


July 9, 2016 06:03

I will keep voting for such useful project than for NDC and

Samuel JKJ Azakasi

July 8, 2016 01:25

I filled this project with great interest; once u started reading it was difficult to stop. Indeed, it will reduce significantly the levels of dangerous gasses in our biosphere, protect our medicinal plants, provide cheaper energy, promote our health and address youth unemployment which is the bane of most African states.
I hope to see this project receive the necessary supports globally


July 7, 2016 20:57

This project is very essential and important in improving the quality of life for both the rural and urban communities in Africa. The level of poverty and the role of women and the girl child in providing households with food and nutritional needs can never be overestimated. The level of soil degradation and the impact of climate change on livelihoods in Africa is getting towards a catastrophic state and it takes such initiatives to both better the lives of the people and contribute towards efforts at mitigation and adoption to climate change impacts. I vote for this project

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

July 7, 2016 15:19

Let me once again show my highest appreciation to all you my supporters. I thank you all for your great comments.

Harpreet Singh

July 7, 2016 15:07

I have known Martin as a course mate of the Healthcare Policy Innovation and Management program at Maastricht University. During my one year contact with him, martin has demonstrated visionary and good leadership abilities. I have no doubts in his ongoing projects as it has every potential to solving a continental problem- deforestation in Africa.

Good job Martin

Philip Ayine

July 7, 2016 12:27

In fact this is the best way to help curve the problem of our forests. So my brother I wish you well


July 7, 2016 09:33

Great idea brother. You have my full support


July 7, 2016 09:26

Good initiative bro. Keep it up. You have my full support

Prince Fosu

July 7, 2016 00:35

This project, at it's full realization, is going to do a lot to save our environment. The idea is really laudable and has to be supported.

Felix Yelewere

July 6, 2016 18:36

This is awesome my brother,kudos n I wish u well.

Franklin Airhauhi

July 3, 2016 16:43

great ....A good alternative to costly petroleum products used for same purpose


July 3, 2016 16:18

Very efficient alternative energy source . It will make a big difference in Africa

Enoch Tawiah Aggrey

July 3, 2016 12:03

Great job Martin. This will greatly help curb our depleting forest reserve.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

July 3, 2016 07:49

@ Teddy, thank you so much for your vote and comment. I have visited your link. I will look more in detail about your project and we keep corresponding. Thank you so much

Charles Atubga

July 2, 2016 21:01

That is a good project. Apart from helping to reduce desertification and climate change, it create jobs to many unemployed youth. I wish u the best

Teddy Kinyanjui

July 2, 2016 20:08

You have my vote! Good work! Here is what we do with charcoal in Kenya

Isaac Boarisa

July 2, 2016 09:04

senior inventor I would love to see this project taking course, Ghana really need preventive measures against deforestation


July 1, 2016 14:41

Martin's project will help confront a multi-faceted problem facing Ghana in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

Frank Opoku

July 1, 2016 13:29

Charcoal has been a major source of fuel for the larger populace in Ghana. Efforts by successive governments to encourage the use of liquified petroleum gas has been met withstiff resistances from the masses. Frequent felling of trees ostensibly for charcoal use has altered our rain fall pattern. Our forest reserves which used to be taught to our pupil have been taken out of our basic education books because many of such forest reserves are no more in existence. Charcoal users have completely depleted it. Its my hope that this reserch will send a strong signal to governments to ensure policies are put in place to stop the use of charcoal by the indigen

Gifty Mensah

July 1, 2016 13:20

This is a laudable project that needs implementation. Wish you the very best.

Isaac Boarisa

July 1, 2016 13:09

this project would be one of the greatest dream towards environmental security and sustainable development, bro keep dreams burning.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

July 1, 2016 12:07

Thank you all for your motivating comments. I believe together, we can do this. Keep supporting this project and I will make you proud.

Isaac Boarisa

July 1, 2016 09:49

great work bro, keep the fire burning


June 30, 2016 22:23

best idea ever!

Victor .G. Ayeebo

June 29, 2016 20:52

This project will make a difference by saving the forest from depleting and contribute a lot to global warming because it our duty to help mother earth survive, Ghana need's projects like this, as well as Africa too, good luck

June 29, 2016 16:36

Hello! Good project! I have voted for you. I kindly requested that you read about my idea too and vote for me via this link .Together we can create a better society.

Michael Nyefene

June 29, 2016 12:57

Good project. Worthy of implementation.


June 29, 2016 03:37

Great idea

Conrad Agboletey

June 29, 2016 00:56

Can't wait for its implementation!

That's what we need around here.
Good write Mart.

Anthony Benjamin Eghan

June 28, 2016 23:55

This project will indeed help save our fast depleting forests.

Anthony Benjamin Eghan

June 28, 2016 23:51

This project I believe will indeed help save our fast depleting forests.


June 28, 2016 21:58

Highly ingenious and relevant in the African sub-region. Kudos!


June 28, 2016 20:59

Martin's idea of alternative charcoal production is a good thought pattern in line with minds that are set out to saving our environment from degradation. Let's help him champion this vibrant cause


June 27, 2016 18:00

In my opinion this is the most promising project in this competition as both environment and local communities will experience great advantages (but not even one small disadvantage) and also the basic idea has such big potential for this project to become reality!

Good job Martin, let's hope the votes keep coming for this project to climb up in the competition in order for this project the receive the support it absolutely deserves.


June 27, 2016 15:50

This project couldn't have come at such a time. Our vegetation/trees need a saviour and this charcoal alternative by Martin I believe will do the trick.

Daniel Bromberg

June 26, 2016 19:36

This is a really interesting and innovative project! I definitely hope it wins!

Gladstone F. Agbakpe

June 26, 2016 18:43

An excellent project that contributes positively in the following areas:

1. Economic empowerment of people through job creation
2. Saving of our forest from depletion because of three cutting for charcoal
3. Contribution to efforts geared towards reduction of global warming

Gladstone F. Agbakpe

June 26, 2016 18:31

This is a laudable idea. When implemented, Africa stands to gain a lot from this. It would serve as a business venture, creating jobs and empowering people economically. The forest depletion because of the current three cutting for charcoal would be reduced if not stopped completely. This saves the forest in Africa thereby contribute positively to the efforts being made in controlling global warming.

June 26, 2016 14:21

Very Good project. This project will save lives. I cast my vote to U.

Michael Osei Nkrumah

June 26, 2016 13:27

This is a good intervention for deforestation to cease. It will also put money in the pockets of our local farmers so they can cater for their families. There is the angle of job creation as well. Kudos Martin for this social entrepreneurship drive

Dare Emmanuel

June 26, 2016 09:33

Great work done and I really love this project

Philip Ayine

June 26, 2016 08:56

This is highly innovative and pragmatic approach to solve a major challenge in this part of our world. I wish you all the best of luck my brother

Angela Alu

June 26, 2016 08:47

Excellent idea Martin! We need more of such in Ghana!

Ian Silungwe

June 25, 2016 22:38

This is scalable idea. More of such projects are needed in order to sustain our environment by reducing Carbon emissions and deforestation.

Dare Emmanuel

June 25, 2016 21:54

Great work and wish you all the best. Really love this. Thanks and keep moving forward

Conrad Agboletey

June 24, 2016 23:04

It's about time we started the implementation of projects of this kind.
We must not wait till the very little we have left of our forests disappear before alternatives like this become the only way out.
Good one Mart.

Cosmas Dinatey

June 24, 2016 19:01

Wow well done
Your knowledge is needed to develop mother Ghana

Portia Ahiawordor

June 24, 2016 18:31

An insightful and one of the more pragmatic and real ideas to an increasingly problematic area of Africa's development.

N. Solomon

June 24, 2016 16:42

I pray ur idea make a difference.

Charles Atubga

June 24, 2016 15:50

Great work. I love your project


June 24, 2016 10:04

This is a good which should be taken with all seriousness.

Gertrude N. Nyaaba

June 24, 2016 09:31

A much needed and sustainable iniative as it contributes to reducing the varied and long term impacts of charcoal burning. Despite the fact that charcoal burning is for a key purpose, the ramifications are many and varied particularly in climate change and health related. Sustainable alternatives such as these are needed as it remains a key economic activity particularly for women and girls.


June 24, 2016 03:11

I love the idea of sustainability contained within your proposal. And I'll love to suggest that you incorporate a role for the "fireless cooker" as soon as your project kicks off. This would make it even eco-friendlier. Good luck to you!

June 23, 2016 22:38

Thank you Lade and Martin. Grateful to you both.


June 23, 2016 20:35

So proud of you and how far you have come since you first shared this dream. Rooting for you all the way!

Martin Arthur

June 23, 2016 19:08

i do support you with this project

June 23, 2016 17:44

Thank you so much Charles for your comment. I really appreciate it. I believe with your support and others like you, we will get there. Thank you.

charles acquaah

June 23, 2016 17:22

indeed in Ghana,it has been estimated that the forest cover is being lost at a fast rate of 70,000 hecters annually. the number one cuase is charcoal burning. i therefore have no doubt that this project would would help a long way to reduce the artificial desertification of africa and most part of our world,eg,those living in and around the amazon forest and consuming most part of it for fuel at an alarming rate like the situation in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

June 23, 2016 16:44

It feels really great and motivating to read your comments my dear voters. Thank you all so much and I promise to keep updating you all alongside this competition and the entire project. Thank you once again and lets make yet another effort to invite a friend or two to vote and comment. This way we can catch up and close up the vote gab. We are doing great already within two days of asking your cherished votes, I believe we can go far together.

Chiel Van Hoeij

June 23, 2016 15:39

Great idea! You've got my support. I'm looking forward to see the results of the research you're doing on that locally growing shrub.



June 23, 2016 12:40

I think it's worthwhile project with brilliant future!

Guus Vrencken

June 23, 2016 09:08

Martin, good luck with this project!!. Hope you'll achieve making our world healthier.

John Kastoras

June 23, 2016 08:53

Both interesting and achievable idea. Well done to the person developing it.

Kwaku Bosompem

June 23, 2016 08:05

This is a highly innovative and pragmatic solution to a major challenge in our part of the world. I'm highly impressed with the content of the project details. I wish you all the best.


June 23, 2016 05:03

I must say i am so impressed and overwhelmed at the idea of your charcoal business especially looking at the impact. I must confess, the country needs intrinsically motivated young people like to change not just Ghana but Africa as a whole. Great work done and hope to see more of your works in the future.

Svenja Schneider

June 22, 2016 21:30

I'm seriously impressed, this project really stands out!!! I trust that it this a very promising approach because it is future oriented and addresses the current key challenges to health and sustainability. Great job, I am curious and excited to see where this goes at the same time! I wish you well!

N. Solomon

June 22, 2016 20:02

Highly sensible and sustainable project . Great mind, great idea

All the best


June 22, 2016 19:01

Martin is a passionate and smart guy and I believe in his abilities as an entrepreneur to make a change in the production of charcoal.


June 22, 2016 17:16

I have found this project particularly inspiring and relevant in African society today. This aims to solve social, environmental and economic issues. As a social entrepreneur, I strongly believe that this problem should be solved as quickly as possible and will allow a better everyday for current and future generations.

Martin Nyefene Kwabena

June 22, 2016 16:45

Thank you all have voted for me already. There seem to be problem with the link am informed. But we will get there. I appreciate your votes and lets keep pushing for the best by sharing the good news with everyone.
Thank you all.

Parth Pandya

June 22, 2016 16:09

This is a very intuitive and simple solution to a very major problem.
I hope that someone helps in implementing this project on a large scale so that we can save lives in Africa.