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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

One year now since we started, we achieve to penetrate in competitive market and current we provide service to 150 customers daily. Nutritional education that we offer to customers helps at improving nutritional well being of the population. This has an impact of reducing individual and government health costs by reducing the rate of malnutrition. This education also plays a great role in social and economical development. We have been conducting workshops and seminars related to food and nutrition such as the LIFE BEFORE AND AFTER RETIREMENT; Family Budget, Family Planning and Eat Well tips seminar at Marenga Investment Company (MIC) Another achievement has been positive feedback from our customers. FNSs customers like the fact that they dont have to worry about or move to get lunch and breakfast, they are eating healthy meals and get guidance on proper food and nutrition practices at the same time, and thus improving their health as well as working productivity. This is because we offer products with great impact on health; low fat, low salt and low sugar meals. Creation of employment opportunity is one among the contribution of Food and Nutrition Solution to our society and Tanzania at large. Current FNS employs four people, described in our Vision and FNSs Future Strategic Plan (FFSP), we plan to expand and to create more employment opportunities to Tanzania youth, directly and in directly. FNS also contributes to development of agriculture sector in our region and country as well and thus improve life standard of individuals/farmers. We buy our foods such as tea leaves (used to make green tea), nuts, different cereals products, pulses like beans and different vegetables directly from farmers.

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Sustainability and future plans

FNS key activities include daily purchases of inputs / food ingredients, preparation of and selling of Meals to customers. We use direct selling and different strategy to Build good Customer relationship and promote our brand. In order to maintain and increase FNSs Revenue we focus on Increasing Sales and controlling cost. Through set our sales goals this helps the company to have resources to continue operate and position the Brand. The main market targeted is Business people and Employees working along three big streets in Moshi Municipal. Currently we provide our services to 150 people daily along Bondeni Street. We target 1000 customers along Mawenzi and Market Streets. In 2-3 years we plan to grow and expand by diversifying our menu, and add 25 staff in different position. 7 staff for Sales and Marketing, 15 staff for operation and 3 administrative and financial staff.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am Joseph Vicent Sangawe 27 years old and native of Moshi Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I attended for primary education at Rau Primary School from 1998-2004 followed by secondary education 2005 -2008 at Mawenzi Secondary where i studied Food and Nutrition as an option subject, I learn different knowledge and skills concerning Food and Nutrition including; Food requirements for different groups, malnutrition, food preparation, presentation and preservation. I attended advance secondary education at Majengo High School from 2009 2011.Then worked temporarily at Marenga Investment Company (MIC) as Production and Marketing Officer of Marenga Bakery. While working there I innovated and introduced different products include Cap Cakes, Rock buns and twist breads that helped in increasing company product line and market share. I also assisted the Director of nutrition at MIC in conducting and coordinate different seminars and training for Company employees especially on matters of health as related to food and nutrition. Working at MIC awakened my passion for food and Nutrition and its impact on Heath. I joined University at University of Dar es salaam 2011, where I pursued Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing (B.Com Marketing). During my studies at the University, i ventured into packaging and selling of natural honey to my fellow Students and other streets nearby with Brand name Prince Honey. After graduation on 2014 i continued with honey business and on March 2015 i decided to continue with my passion, food and nutrition by starting Food and Nutrition Solution.

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September 1, 2016 17:16

Its a good idea and its my h
ope it can create employment for youth.

August 31, 2016 14:10

Good job and well done

Erick Valentine

August 30, 2016 22:00

All the best brother,

Indeed you have very important Idea which provide option for healthy food and nutrition.

I enjoyed your breakfast that day. Thanks

Vitalis Michael

August 30, 2016 19:48

This is an excellent Idea Joseph. All the best.

stella kiwale

August 30, 2016 19:17

This awersome and prosing project to reduce the chronic disease due to poor dietary


August 30, 2016 17:25

I like your idea, it's fantastic and tremendous. I like organic food.


August 30, 2016 15:43

It's about time someone came forward with such an idea I think we have been feeding on unhealthy foods because most of the products in the market did not give us options, with entrepreneurs like Joseph in game we shall be able to eat healthy and such calls for a big support to Joseph.

Keep it up bro


August 29, 2016 11:29

What an amazing youth with such enthusiasm. Great approach, great business, great food.

August 28, 2016 18:41

Thanks Tamali Sovela for your support.

August 28, 2016 18:40

thank you my friend Derick Godwin.

August 28, 2016 18:38

Thanks Evelyn for your support.

August 28, 2016 18:37

Thanks Amedeus Mtui for your support.Good Social, economical and political development is the impact of good health my friend.

August 28, 2016 18:34

Thanks my friend Bernadetha Kimario for your support.

August 28, 2016 18:32

Herieth Laurance many people incur many cost on health services. Now Food and Nutrition Solution is there to reduce heath problems and through this we will reduce many cost too. Thanks

August 28, 2016 18:23

Thank you Suphian Juma i will concentrate on this project my friend.

August 28, 2016 18:21

Thanks Dorothea Lyimo. I will segment my market so as a can meet other Tanzania region too.

August 28, 2016 18:19

Thanks Hussein John for your support.


August 28, 2016 17:33

This is very important social business that address different health challenges through health foods,keep it up jose i hope you will make it.

Hekima Adam

August 28, 2016 16:12

The project is good .we expect the society to benefit


August 27, 2016 12:44

FNS forever


August 27, 2016 11:37

Good project. keep it up mr Joseph


August 24, 2016 20:13

Good project. wish ya all the best.

Lazaro Wilbard

August 24, 2016 18:43

The project is very good.. Excellent idea...You deserve number one..


August 24, 2016 18:38

I am very pleased to comment on this project. The project is very good... excellent... Well done Mr Joseph Sangawe. I always impressed with your drive, determination, and tenaciousness. After review of this project what i can say is Mr. Sangawe is a very talented entrepreneur and I have no hesitation in recommending him highly for this competition. All the Best Mr. Joseph Sangawe.


August 24, 2016 15:27

Good project my friend. I have read all over it and i see FNS will be a big company few years to come.

Erick Mjuni

August 24, 2016 12:50



August 24, 2016 12:21

Dear Joseph....very nice idea.keep up with the spirit,i know you way back from Chuo keep up the good work brother, you can do have our support

Paul Mhami

August 24, 2016 12:00

Thanks Mr Joseph for this project. The best project, I will keep on supporting you brother by any means!! All the best bro!

Godlisten Goodluck

August 24, 2016 08:39

I support you by Vote and comment, even today you got my vote

August 24, 2016 05:14

Nice project. I support by vote n comment

August 23, 2016 22:21

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.


August 23, 2016 19:41

You have a good vision of becoming a '' National leader in providing food products and nutrition consulting services and build diseases free future generation''

I believe, with your vision; in few years to come, you will have some FNL branches in different parts of the country, and this will help in building a good future generation.

I wish you all the best Mr. Joseph


August 23, 2016 19:29

I do appreciate your innovation on your project.
I believe it will reach far. It is an inspiration to us.
What you have innovated at MIC is one of the mark of your good work.
Keep it up

Kilian Kiwanga

August 23, 2016 11:58

Youth with entrepreneurship skill, You are among that youth. I'm interested with your project. Well done

August 23, 2016 11:28

Thanks Elizabeth Kalolo and Glory Temu. Glory i like your advice and no worries about that i will work for it.

Kulwa Emmanuel

August 23, 2016 10:57

All the best, I will give my support by voting

August 23, 2016 10:04

I support you by a vote and comment your project is good concerning nutrition

You can also look through my project idea newdays


Suleman Gerald

August 23, 2016 08:47

This is what we call entrepreneur, good project

August 23, 2016 08:43

Thanks David Lema for your comment. True Mr Lema leadership experience from Dar es salaam Marketing Association (DUMA) help me to run FNS well. Us we know lack of good leadership in business is one among the barriers that prevent many business from growth.

Florian Japhet

August 23, 2016 08:36

The project have only one year but your strategy is more concrete which show how your future will be. Your project will grow fast with stability in many area.

Tamali Sovela

August 23, 2016 08:32

Your project will help to influence many people especially for the country like Tanzania where many people income is moderate.

Godlisten Goodluck

August 23, 2016 08:04

All the best Joseph Sangawe, Good Project

August 23, 2016 07:57

Thanks John Moshi. Yes it is the time to end Malnutrition in our society.

August 23, 2016 07:50

Thanks Freeman Paul and Aden Kasonta for supporting my project.

Derick Godwin

August 23, 2016 07:49

Good Idea, Good Project for our health. You will achieve your target, Keep up broo


August 23, 2016 07:25

This is very powerful project. I expect many changes on health sectors. Good idea Sangawe

Amedeus mtui

August 22, 2016 22:18

Food and Nutrition Solution (FNS) Project, offers solutions to many healthy issues/problems facing a lot of people in today's world as a result of bad nutrition and risky life style caused by eating unbalanced diet. I am supporting this idea because health is the first human capital. Without good health you can not participate fully in economic, social and even political activities. HEALTH COMES FIRST!

kevin mmbine

August 22, 2016 08:27

Good project.

Bernadetha Kimario

August 21, 2016 18:57

We can be safe on our health this project, we have to support this project. Myself I see future in this project

Herieth Laurence

August 21, 2016 16:43

Sangawe, you have good innovative health project and I see this will help to reduce cost on unhealthy treatment not only for individual cost but also government cost on serving health services.

Deodath Nyaki

August 21, 2016 16:21

I know you are good person in managing business due to your knowledge and experience, I believe your nutrition skills and marketing knowledge will help FNS to grow.

Suphian Juma

August 21, 2016 15:57

Your target will be achieved, make sure you use your strategy well and concentrate on it. You Got my Vote on this nice project, well done brother.

Dorothea Lyimo

August 21, 2016 13:54

Nice Idea, good project in our society. If you will concentrate well in your project our society not only Moshi but in different region even another country other than Tanzania will benefit on it.Voted FNS

Hussein John

August 21, 2016 06:20

All The Best man.
Its such an awesome idea.

Glory temu

August 20, 2016 19:22

Joseph Sangawe, your project reach to me late when the deadline for voting is nearly ending but I can give you little addition or suggestion. Why you should add traditional food on your menu because some of traditional food is more health than modern food.

Elizabeth Kalolo

August 20, 2016 18:47

Its important to eat well in order to have a long lasting health life. FNS will make great changes in our society, Joseph keep up

August 20, 2016 16:12

Thanks Salvatory Mushi for your support. Yes is true Salvatory it is time for us (young people) to see what is missing in our society, from there we can develop and invest on innovative ideas that are important to the people.

David Lema

August 19, 2016 11:08

Sanagawe is self determined and a a rol model leader in our society, he led numerous projects when he was a leader of Dar es Salaam Marketing Assocuation at University of Dar es Salaam.His altitude and ambitions inspires youngs who want become unique and smart people in this world. I strongly believe that his ideas will will make his future bright and boost Tanzania economy.


August 19, 2016 08:25

This is a nice idea Joseph, keep up the good work. Your project has the potential impact to the society, solving nutrional problems directly by providing the nutrional food services and indirectly by offering useful education and consultation services about our health and the kind of food we should eat to better ourselves... Good job

Aden A. Kasonta

August 12, 2016 10:18

BIG UP!! keep it up Joseph, with your passion and commitment you will achieve great things my brother......!

Freeman Paul

August 5, 2016 15:37

All the Best Sangawe!

This is a complete Natural Herbal Cure to malnutrition.

Press on Brother.

Salvatory. mushi

August 4, 2016 09:52

Big up brother, I real appreciate ua effort... That's is what tanzia youth suppose to do

August 1, 2016 22:03

I am already salivating, really wish to have a test. good job friend

July 31, 2016 21:34

Thanks Prosper, Helen Mmbaga, Hussein John and Cajetan Okeke for supporting my project.

July 28, 2016 19:58

great job your are doing. keep it up

Bernadetha Kimario

July 23, 2016 07:19

We are together,Voted

Hussein John

July 22, 2016 14:55

May Gob be with you

Hussein John

July 22, 2016 09:34

All the Best Kamanda

Helen Mmbaga

July 14, 2016 17:39

Joseph is very passionate when it comes to his work, always willing to go the extra mile. He is full of vibrant ideas and quite enthusiastic when he shares them. Most importantly, he is very hard working


July 14, 2016 14:49

Thank you Mr Sangawe for this real initiative. i pray to God that this project grow country wide, start provide training about nutrition is real big problem in our society, Most of parents don't know how to feed their kids.
This is a right time for this projects. please open branch at Dar es Salaam City, i will be your customer for sure and i will bring more and more customers

July 11, 2016 08:22

Mr. Olorunfemi Dayo - Daily purchases is good to my project because it helps to get fresh inputs ( especial perishable ingredients) and hence good and health products that make easy in meeting our objectives and this doesn't have much impact on cost and still i use bulk purchase on non- perishable inputs.
About target children that is good idea, we plan the better ways to meet their needs too, but current we meet them indirectly as we provide advice to their parents and that make easy for them to practice and share all important things with them.

July 10, 2016 22:34

Thanks Eliuruma Nyari for your courage, real is good to introduce things that have good impact to community especial in heath. On your advice to expand FNS vision in order to meet nutrition needs in East Africa at large is good idea, no worries about that I will look the way things change and if possible I will consider it in a new FNSs Future Strategic Plan.


July 10, 2016 21:00

Great stuff my brother Sangawe. Ndekia.

felister emmanuel

July 10, 2016 17:21

He is really doing a good job, he deserves to win this. This project is very essential to our society.... All the best Joseph Sangawe

Elihuruma Nyari

July 9, 2016 15:44

Thank you Mr. Joseph Sangawe for this initiative. i like the way you solve community challange and make some money out of it . big up
God Bless you


July 9, 2016 10:11

Congratulation! the content of your menu are so good for human health.

Gerald John Mallya

July 6, 2016 23:15

He is the best ever cook and nutritionalist for sure in Tanzania

July 6, 2016 23:09

Hi Joseph, am already feeling hungry based on your recipe for launch. however, you talked about daily purchase of input/ food ingredients; does it amount to cost reduction which your business need?

compare an input purchase scenarios where you buy ingredients in bulk and observe the difference in cost or money saved.
from study on study it appearance malnutrition cases among children is worse over that of adult, could expand your target customers to be inclusive of meeting the balanced diet needs for child in your community?
my idea focused on tracking low birth weight of neonatal and adequate nutrition seems to be the best solution and not by administration of drug/syrup
you can makes recipe for infant I guess vote for me also

July 6, 2016 21:07

Thanks Elia.

July 6, 2016 20:57

Thanks Bernadetha for your comment on green tea. It is true that green tea have many incredible benefits in our health as it helps in regulate body temperature, lower cholesterol, reduce rate of heart diseases, aid digestion etc.

July 6, 2016 20:45

Thanks Patrick John for your comment

patrick john

July 6, 2016 15:49

gud gud bro godbless u votevotevote nyngtu

Elihuruma Nyari

July 6, 2016 11:00

congratulations Bro Joseph four your initiative, i always proud of your effort towards solve some different community challenges and make some money out of it. i am sure your are going to rock this competition, worry not about that, i want you to have a vision of see yourself as one the successful nutrition company in east Africa six, seven years to come, i know you can do it, i know you be like GNLD/Forever-living or you can be even better than them. All the best, winner don't quit, always winner do it. just do it.

Bernadetha Kimario

July 6, 2016 08:02

Green tea is special tea which someone can use without sugar or can use honey insteady of sugar,this help our body to be fit and be away from avoidable disease

Bernadetha Kimario

July 6, 2016 07:56

Your the best,you can make it to help different society not only moshi.

Bernadetha Kimario

July 6, 2016 07:56

Your the best,you can make it to help different society not only moshi.

Bernadetha Kimario

July 6, 2016 07:56

Your the best,you can make it to help different society not only moshi.

Bernadetha Kimario

July 6, 2016 07:54

Its a great Idea,I appriciate your project


July 5, 2016 18:42

Woow... Congratulation Joseph.