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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The system provides information to farmers which is much needed to improve their livelihoods. With the launch of Ukulima digital, we have seen positive impact in the following areas; There has been increased daily registration to our system. Farmers are able to get prompt response to their queries on issues related to farming Farmers advertise their produce on the forums and interact with prospective buyers Service providers in agriculture industry get a chance to market their products and services. Many young people are now getting interested in farming related practices after getting positive influence through farmers interaction in the online group chats. Farmers are able to get weather forecast in their areas of farming from ukulima digital weather system. Farmers have given positive feedback about the innovation which serves to show the solution was needed. The growing number of new registrations also confirms the impact the innovation to those who have already joined.

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Sustainability and future plans

Ukulima digital team hopes to introduce advertisement services which will be charged as source of income. We also plan to allow sponsored webinar by leading institutions in farming manufacturer products. We also plan to introduce sms based solution to cater for farmers without internet access and smartphones. The sms based service will also be charged for every sms sent we are currently working on a partnership with other stake holders who will be of great importance to see through a successful implementation of this idea, we hope that once the partnership is sealed, they will help us with resources and information needed for the implementation. We are also working on getting more partnership with farm inputs manufacturers

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

The Ukulima digital team comprises of three members The team deals with innovative ideas that provides solutions to global problems focusing on Agriculture. Through this innovation, we target to transform the livelihoods of small scale farmers who have in the past had little income from their farming activities. Alex Mugo Has been in the IT field for over 8 years dealing with development of systems in financial and other sectors. Age: 32 Peter mwangi An ICT Specialist who has practiced worked as an ICT admin for 2 years ,currently working as a Project administrator of a dryland institute.actively working with pastoralists and farmers in northern Kenya areas. Age 30 Johnson Karimi Has been in the IT field for over 8 years dealing with development of systems in financial and other sectors. Age 30

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August 29, 2016 09:01

A good Idea for a best world

patrick mwangi

August 24, 2016 07:52

This is amazing application which have given me more experience in farming in a digital way.

Congrats Ukulima Digital.

August 24, 2016 04:43

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.


July 13, 2016 10:18

Best innovative approach incorporating technology while attempting to solve the problem of food security by ensuring farmers have access to information and tools to assist in their decision making processes

July 11, 2016 20:49

@ Dielamo thanks a lot for your comment and great input we as Ukulima digital we plan to do a lot of farmer training this is to enlighten them how they can use the app to manage their information, also we plan to launch the next component which is an SMS based system to cater for all the farmers without the mobile phones.

July 10, 2016 16:08

The world has gone digital. Gone are the days of traditional methods of conveying information across people. Therefore your digital project cannot be underestimated. The issue of recording farm output, input and financial statements on a public forum, how have you taken into consideration the privacy of personal information? Have you taken into consideration that most African farmers are rural, smallholders and also lacking in technical know-how and digital knowledge? It does not mean that they must remain in this status quo. Someone have to do something for them to gain technical knowledge and digital experience. Is dignifying them(training them on digital) also within the scope of Ukulima digital? No doubt you have a nice project. A more technological breakthroughs in agriculture is what Africa needs. Good luck with your project. Cheers!!


July 9, 2016 07:59

Very educative and changing the old ways we used to do farming.i support the project

July 8, 2016 13:30

I support your project! I also!need your vote and comment about my Idea!


July 8, 2016 08:30

This is awesome.The idea is mouthful and positive.


July 8, 2016 08:13

This is awesome. The ideas are mouthful and achievable. press on people and help bring all farmers on board. i have'nt used the app before but i feel convinced that i have been missing alot of infor.

Alex Mugo

July 8, 2016 07:32

Thanks Ukulima Team,
This is great innovations


July 7, 2016 22:06

Great initiative we as the African Drylands Institute for Sustainability, have taken the initiative to promote Innovations in agriculture to improve the lively hoods of farmers, we are pioneering one known as M-Fodder and can look at it when you get time from the website, ,we would be glad to see how the farmer and market connect because this has been the biggest problem in the Agriculture value chain. Keep it Up.

patrick mwangi

July 6, 2016 15:22

This is one amazing app that i have ever used to solve my farm problems. I also use the tool to get new ideas.

Keep it up Ukulima Digital

July 6, 2016 15:04

Great ideas there....
Good work ukulima digital