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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Green Farmlands is currently running its 1st training phase on Plantain and Banana Vegetative Propagation in Efah, Batibo North West Region of Cameroon. This is with respect to an expressed by farmers who face the challenge of their plantains and banana not growing to maturity and they have to plant many suckers to ensure survival of a few. With vegetative propagation, from a single plantain or banana sucker, 15 plantlets can be produced. In Cameroon a sucker of plantain cost 500FCFA (approximately $1). This is much money for small holder farmers to afford if they have to plant a hectare of plantain. However with the vegetative propagation method, 15 plantlets can be gotten from one plantain sucker; a method which is highly economical and affordable. The excessive use of fertilizer leading to soil depletion, regression in food productivity and water pollution underscores the importance of sustainability to safeguard both environmental and human health. Green Farmlands advocates for agricultural practices that minimize the use of inorganic fertilizers and encourage farmers on the adoption of environmental and health friendly practices. We also organize farm visits with farmers to inspect the progress of their crops to ensure they are growing as expected. Upon harvest farmers are expected to sell and give us feed back on their ease or difficulty to attract better prices for their produce.

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Sustainability and future plans

At Green Farmlands, our work involves listening to farmers as they express their needs and challenges. Through strategic partnership with experts who have knowledge on such challenges, we design solutions to tackle these challenges. With the creation of the Trans-African highway network project which is expected to influence trade across Africa a great deal, we see a potential for increase demand for farm produce. This Trans-African Highway route which happens to pass through Batibo presents and opportunity for farmers to take advantage of the demand created and increase their yield to meet up. However this cannot be achieved if farmers still hold on to archaic farming methods which in recent years have proven to be susceptible to climate change and variability hence the need to support the farmers to increase their yield through the adoption of new adaptable farm practices. Our potential sources of financing are through funding, grant schemes and sponsorship from international organisations and local government. For example the government of Cameroon sites agriculture as one of the measures to attain emergence in 2035 and is therefore putting support schemes to boost this sector. We plan to leverage the resources and networks put place by the government to attain our objectives. By the end of the 1st year, we hope to have increased farmers yield by 30% and have expanded into other crops such as cassava, tomatoes, pepper etc. By the end of the 3rd year with increased yield, there will be a need for food processing to increase product shelf life. With this, we hope to attract better and markets and be experiencing a 40% increase in farmers household income. By the 5th year we would have had the farmers population and suitable output to venture into international markets.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

Atim Mbah Patience is a 30 years old female who hails from the North West region of Cameroon. Born to a family of 8, she had to join her mother to the farm to support the family. Although they farmed entirely for house consumption, she understands the struggles and challenges of small scale farmers who cultivate for subsistence. Atims work on agriculture began in 2011 when she became one of the founding members of Agro-Hub. In 2012 was selected among the 28 Africa under 25 most prominent outstanding women by the MILEAD Fellowship in Ghana. She has been shortlisted for a series of nomination such as World Summit Youth Award in 2013 and YoBloCo(Youths In Agriculture Blogging Competition) Award in 2014. In 2014 under the umbrella of the YWCA, she was a representative for Youths in Agriculture at the African Union Pre-Summit consultative meeting, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. In the same year she was part of the Social Media Reporter team at the International Conference on Finance for Agriculture Value-Chain, by CTA and AFRACA, at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi Kenya. And in 2015 she was an observer at the African Development Bank Group 2015 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors - Abidjan, Republic of Côte dIvoire. In 2014 she decided to return to school and take on a Masters in International Trade and Supply Chain Management. Today being a Supply Chain Analyst she plans to streamline the Cameroon agricultural value chain and believes just like every other value chain, the supplier is just as important hence her motive for working with small scale farmers who account for up to 90% of the food produce required for the subsistence of the entire population of her country Cameroon.

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September 12, 2016 18:07

all the best

August 31, 2016 09:37

This is a brilliant concept targetting the grassroots with every chance of success .. Way to go!

August 24, 2016 04:40

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.

August 6, 2016 00:55

Hi, you got an exceptional business plan for community agricultural development at the grassroot level.
i like the way you use statistics to express your NGO advocacy mission.
however, do rural farmers in Cameroon keep reliable, timely & adequate records of their farm yield on months on months basis for research & development purposes? if yes; how do you intend to evaluate the 30% growth in outputs, without itemising post-harvest losses?
(2). do you have a concrete methodology to move rural farmers away from poverty by helping them attain about 40% increase in income, where the poor road networks serves as barrier to effective agricultural supply chains.
(3) does the training you give to rural famers includes how a low income and uneducated farmers can better manage the logistics bottlenecks associated with demand-side supply chains process?
if these threefold questions are fundamental for small farms business growth and decision making; what is the actual number of rural farmers you plan to target in the year 2016 --2017 ?

July 27, 2016 09:11

nice job, please do not be discouraged by any challenge you may encounter. get more people in your team and continue the good work

July 22, 2016 13:57

An ideal solution to farmers challenges. It will go a long way to provide sustainable farming solutions

July 21, 2016 11:00

Jst keep ur head up n neva loos focus. Alway seek his favour n it shall be urs.

July 18, 2016 08:20

Your idea is a good one just casted my vote (110) for your project. I will appreciate if help me do same using the

July 16, 2016 14:55

The coordinator is too objective and realistic

July 16, 2016 09:41

Very interesting keep up the great work dear.

July 16, 2016 09:41

Very interesting keep up the great work dear

July 14, 2016 15:12

She is so accurate to carry out any assignments given to her.

July 14, 2016 15:12

She is so accurate to carry out any assignments given to her.


July 13, 2016 14:46

i wish all the best Atim

July 13, 2016 14:24

Atim Mbah is competent, committed diligent and very hard working. She can do more perfectly as shall be required by the project.

July 11, 2016 20:10

What a magnificent, well researched and documented project. It totally deserves this award. Keep up the fight Atim Mbah

July 11, 2016 19:38

Let nothing stop you my dear. Keep fighting for the small scale farmers.

YIVA C. Herman

July 11, 2016 18:41

Proud of you Patience! Keeping fighting ... keep winning for our small scale farmers ! One Day they shall thrive sustainably.

Ngah Kenneth

July 11, 2016 15:55

Green Farm lands is the way for future Africa and Agriculture. Increasing yields through improved farming. I am fascinated what this project can bring to our farmers.

July 11, 2016 11:35

let the sky be your stepping stone. great job.

July 10, 2016 22:58

Any project that allows for inclusion of small holders is worth recognizing.

July 10, 2016 22:57

Any project that allows for inclusion of small holders is worth recognizing.

July 10, 2016 03:26

Great work

July 8, 2016 16:44

Agriculture makes up the basic source of subsistence to the minorities in Cameroon. This project will indeed take agriculture to another level as the farmers will not only produce for their immediate environment but will look beyond and why not go international. Kudos girl.

July 5, 2016 18:21

Agriculture is the spine of many growing African economies with the economy of Cameroon being a classic example. Thus working to assist and provide long lasting solutions to the many hitches encountered in this sector would go a long way in making a difference to millions of people and build that well-founded economic growth foundation. Good to know you see that. Be excellent.

July 5, 2016 14:57

With the primary objective of improving yields, a good blue print and funding could decrease the level of poverty within the small farming groups, increasing employment while also decreasing hunger within the sub saharan region and Africa as a whole. The first 3 years of the project are extremely critical. Good idea.

July 5, 2016 09:20

Great job. Go girl.

July 5, 2016 05:20

Thanks guys and also for your support.

July 5, 2016 00:45

What a wonderful initiative Atim. God bless you

Agien Gilbert

July 4, 2016 15:56

This is great my dear. From the deepest part of me,i was shocked to have read such a wonderful project from.When did u develop entreprenural skills? That is something you really need to hold on to because our country Cameroon and its youth population needs it and I will love it comes from a person like you.

July 4, 2016 14:43

My boo for life i couldn't be more proud of u. Slay honey!

July 4, 2016 12:48

Wow! What a great initiative indeed. It is soo inspiring and i wish the youths of our country Cameroon and the world at large will wake up and take bold steps like this. Begining with myself, i sure will try to develope entreprenuerial skills. This is what we need especially in Africa to combat unemployment. Bravo girl

July 3, 2016 15:07

You are very talented and I have always known you will go far beyond higher heights.good initiative and best of luck.