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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

1. Entrepreneurs will gain knowledge and skills from experts in their industry that will increase their competence on starting, managing and growing business enterprises that save local markets' needs and create employments for others. 2. Entrepreneurs will have opportunity to have their Businesses formally incorporated with relevant authorities such as Chamber of Commerce and other Associations relevant to their field of industry and business target markets 3. Entrepreneurs will have capacity to have their key business documents developed with the help of experts such Business Plans and Models, Marketing Strategy, Products and Services Profile, Management Team Profile, and other documentation necessary for starting and managing a business successfully 4. Entrepreneurs will receive certification and recommendations from leading organizations and companies in their area of business industry that will help raise their business profiles and build networks that will lead them into successful enterprises 5. Entrepreneurs will have opportunity to have their business operations hosted on a cloud based (ERP) platform and managed electronically via their mobile phones, tablets or computers to support their daily business transactions and tracking purposes 6. Entrepreneurs will have Opportunity to have full access to a secured cloud based ERP private account were they can generate business documents created during their day to day business transactions e.g. quotations, invoices, receipts ,financial reports, etc. 7. Entrepreneurs will have opportunity to get Startup funding for their business from a pool of local and international partners supporting youth entreprepreneurship programs after completing their mentorship program

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Sustainability and future plans

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

About Me : I am a self-motivate male aged 31 who lives in Lusaka the capital city of Zambia. I come from a beautiful family of seven where I am the third born. I have studded a Bachelors degree in Library and Information Science with Demography from the University of Zambia from 2006 -2010. I have worked to help children and young people who have been less privileged through Hope4Change project that I initiated with students and young graduates in 2009 and 2010. My ambition has always been to help young people to realize their potential and to take the lead in creating an environment where they can learn and exercise their talents and innovation to make their world and of others a better place. I decided to become an entrepreneur in 2011 upon realizing that the only hope for today's future is turning small ideas into innovations that solve the target audience's problems and creates small revenues to keep the business going. I believe when every young person learns the power of starting their own enterprises they will find the freedom self-reliance and build capacity to solve the world's greatest challenges such as poverty and unemployment. Leadership Skill & Experience: I have acquired significant skills to facilitate running of a business from startup to growth up to realization of its success. I am self-starter in all I do which makes me to look from within myself for any necessary resource to kick-start the business and keep it going. I am also open minded and a team player this helps me to learn from others and to share my thoughts freely. The virtue of patience and the gift of a dreamer has made me a vision carrier. Yet I am proactive and that makes my business always come a priority.

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August 23, 2016 22:29

Great project if propelled! Don't give up because it can transform society through solutions it carries. I support it by votes and comments.

August 15, 2016 09:15


This is a great project. We as young people we need all the help we can get starting a company is not easy mentorship is needed and and access to funds too.

I will vote for this project big up hey

Faith Diamond
Royalty future leaders

August 2, 2016 13:52

Great idea! Check out my idea as well!

August 2, 2016 13:51

Great idea!