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Making Agropreneurs

Stage of Idea start-up stage
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Explain your idea in details:

Agropreneurs is a clipping from "Agriculture and Entrepreneurs". Project Making Agropreneurs is an innovative solution aimed at improving the agricultural value chain in our rural communities by linking rural farmers especially women to improved crop varieties and farming expertise. Our three process method of incubate, develop and spread is such that we acquire improved varieties from my partners, multiply these varieties on the farmland/hub, distribute the multiplied seeds/stems and use the produce from the farms to provide hands-on processing training to beneficiaries. Our strategy is such that we receive both farm inputs and farm hands from partners after which they buy back all the processed produce of our beneficiaries thus increasing their productivity, income, current method of processing technique and linking them with a viable market.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Target audience will be rural farmers especially women in local communities in Imo state, we would start with one community in each 27 local government area in Imo state. RELEVANT FACTORS ECONOMIC FACTOR Increased standard of living of the farmers through empowerment with value added chain products like odourless fufu, cassava chips and flour. SOCIAL FACTOR Improved health and wellbeing through the eradication of vitamin A and protein deficiency related diseases ENVIRONMENTAL FACTOR The cultivation of vitamin A enriched cassava stems which is pest and drought resistant will be inter cropped with Quality Protein Maize (QPM). Cassava peels, maize husks and cob which are regarded as wastes will be processed into useful products like manure, poultry feed, etc MEASUREMENT TOOLS Will be using both the quantitative and qualitative measurement tools Quantitative Measurement Tools: To register participating farmers and measure the increase in their farm produce and income. Qualitative Measurement Tools: Testimonies of farmers empowered Testimonies of end consumers of the processed products.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

  • Needs assessment
  • Identification and registering of farmers to work with
  • Distribution of the improved crop varieties from the research institutes to the rural farmers
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the crops during the growing phase
  • Harvesting of the crops and preparation for the hands-on training
  • Workshops and seminars will be organized to teach the farmers how to process the harvested tubers into odourless fufu, cassava flour, cassava chips, and organic manure and other products.
  • Commercialization of the processed products
  • Replanting/multiplication of the improved crop varieties for the sustainability and scalability of this project
  •   Monitoring and evaluation of the projects progress
PROJECTS BUDGET FOR EACH VILLAGE. Logistics                        N5,000 Land Development Diesel for tractor 50 litres N7,500 Improved crop varieties N25,000 Hands-On Training  T.Fare of resource persons N2,500 Refreshment          N2,500 Workshop materials N5,000 Total          N47,500 The finance will be sourced from possible partners and sponsors as we would use a collaborative approach with agricultural organizations such Forward Africa and Development Dynamics.

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Your profile

My name is Izuka Ifeanyi, was born on the 23rd May, a graduate of Project Management Technology from the Federal University Of Technology owerri, Imo state Nigeria. I am an Agropreneur and an alumnus member of ENACTUS FUTO. Am currently the CEO of the Dove's Farm which is into poultry farming. I have always been commended on my leadership qualities and innovative ideas. With this and many more unique qualities, am motivated towards bringing positive and sustainable change in my immediate environment and the world at large.

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