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Students need innovation in education. Already many traditional education methods dont give results with the newest generations. Using the Internet and the animations, we improve the quality of the classes. Path to Knowledge is an interactive platform which offers services as live lessons, webinars and animated lessons. The students participate at these lessons (just 5 students per one lesson) and after they finish the course and they are able to transmit what they learned, they can teach that lesson, but also can teach other things or hobbies they know. The domains contain traditional school subjects, but also hobbies or special sessions. The virtual lessons will be accompanied by tutorials (for example tutorials with instructions about the plastic arts). After researches made by our team in analyze of direct or indirect competition, we have noticed that now doesnt exist sites which offers live lessons. We have observed that is a large variety of tutorials, without paying for them (YouTube is a known example). What we offer MORE than others are the live lessons with a direct contact with the student. In addition, if we watch a tutorial, we will receive our necessary information and just it. Our platform creates the possibility of making extra money and a chance to other people to learn with us. PTK is addressed to anyone who wants to learn something new: from curious students to adults who want to be masters in their domain. Our project has a wide-opened market because our sessions could be on various themes, in this way the platform is addressed also to persons with disabilities or persons who need to socialize (students with parents in foreign countries, etc). Because of these properties, PTK can have the role of a social network, combining many necessary aspects of a popularity wanted by us.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The success of this company depends on our popularity. If students see a change of learning in our site, they will spread the information and if we use the social networks correctly we will have an almost free huge publicity. Our main advantage is innovation and multiculturalism. With PTK, we prove again that knowledge is easier to reach when is nicely presented and explicated. We offer a place for learning, speaking, communicating and for sharing information (meaning a place for working). The first milestone for us is the fully-functional site. The platform is ready to use from 25 April 2017 (*It is a demo version which necessitates improvement). In October-November 2017 we propose to do a crowd funding campaign and to earn some start-money for an easy launch of the site; in the same time we will do the first promotion campaign. In the next months we will expand our domains and we will collaborate with more teachers to have the first student-teacher, respective the first generation of student-teachers. We will create a PTK mobile app to make the site even more accessible. PTK must be sustained by the promotion campaign, being easy to reach it. When the site is known by a considerable mass of people (5000-10000), we will translate the site in English and this will be the launch for the global market. And if we see that in a foreign country are many users, we will translate the site in that language. This is the real point and the main target for PTK: the student can choose the language, the teacher, the shape and the teaching way of every lesson; being free to choose his/her Path To Knowledge.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

Our service is structured on 4 subscriptions:

  • Individual subscription - 5 Euro / course
  • Lessons subscription - 43 Euro / 10 courses
  • Subscription on class (group of students) - 135 Euro / 15 courses
  • Subscription on school- 1000-2500 Euro / unlimited courses for a semester. The price varies according to the number of the students in that school.
The first financing source we are looking for is a crowd-funding campaign. It will last for 30 days and we propose to earn 1500 Euro which will be used to pay 5 teachers for the first lessons. When we will start the campaign we will do pages on Facebook or other social networks, to promote our business but also to encourage people to enter the platform, being volunteers or buying our products. When our platform will have a considerable number of viewers we can make image contracts with other companies and they will pay us for the ads. The number of the students (group of students) per a lesson is 5. The teachers will be paid per realized lesson with 15 Euro. Financial plan (resumed): Selling 125 Individual subscriptions, 30 Class subscriptions, 50 Lessons subscriptions and 1 School subscription in the first year of implementation we gain 625 +4050 +2150+1000 Euro = 7.825 Euro. In the year 2 if we sell 175 Individual subscriptions, 40 Class subscriptions, 80 Lessons subscriptions  and 2 School subscriptions the revenues are: 875 +5400 +3440 +2000 Euro = 11.715 Euro. So the TOTAL REVENUES=19.540 Euro. The costs are: Teachers' wages and creation of the study materials: 8000 Euro, IT and maintenance: 1000 Euro and Promotion: 3000 Euro. So the TOTAL COSTS= 12.000 Euro PROFIT= 19.540-5000-7000= 7.540 Euro For sure we can maximize our revenues if we will get a first funding from an investor, but these numbers are for a step by step growing business.

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Your profile

My name is Linguraru Andrei-Theodor and I am a 17 years old teenager. I am studying at the National College of Computer Science, Piatra-Neam, Romania in the 11th grade. I found my passion for business and management last year and I have participated at many entrepreneurial competitions. One of my best results was the first prize at the national stage of the competition Social Enterprise 360. I worked hard with my team to develop firstly our own skills and secondly our project. In this time I learned how to create a business plan, to support with sustainable arguments my ideas or to make a presentation. I am ready to take new challenges and I can handle successfully tough situations. I am an ambitious person and I know how to collaborate and to negotiate. I say that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to be responsible, flexible and ready to work and to offer time to what you like, things that I am following constantly. PTK is a concept which was highly discussed by its members and the team grew slow, but steady. The idea came from our necessities and from the students' view the idea came from the system's necessities. We think the future is online and the education won't be an exception.

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September 1, 2017 08:19

Hello Abduljabbar,
It was a pleasure for me too! I have met here a lot of successful persons and their ideas here and I am sure that our roads will cross again in the future. Till then good luck and best wishes!
Best regards!

September 1, 2017 08:11

Indeed, knowledge is the bedrock of all achievement, so we need to seek it in whatever form we can. i sincerely wish you the best on your project, it has been an enjoyable relating with you. And i sincerely hope we could collaborate in another capacity.

September 1, 2017 07:03

Hello Anita,
Thank you for these wonderful words! I would be glad to meet you in person in the finals. All of us have worked hard to get there but only the best and the lucky ones did it. Congratulations for you too! You truly deserve them.
Best wishes!

September 1, 2017 00:44

*Message for 11:59pm, August 31st, 2017*

Hello My Dear Friends.

Thank you all for your constructive comments, contributions, support, encouragement and motivation. I do appreciate your presence on this great platform that brought us together for over 3 months. Our ideas and projects are unique and impressive and should be chanelled to the transformation of the World we live in.

It can take just one idea to change the world. So, we should keep supporting and encouraging one and another in the implementation and progress of our ideas and projects. We can come in partnership to see to the implementation of a particular idea. Together, we stand and I believe in the spirit of team. We shouldnt depart from the resilient entrepreneurial drive and spirit, this platform (Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Campus) rooted in us.

I wish us, success as we go out to make our communities, nations, society and the World proud.

Congratulations to us, all!



August 31, 2017 23:39

Hello Shuhra,
Thank you very much for this avalanche of comments! I am very impressed by the support you have shown to my idea and I cannot express my gratitude.
Good luck for the future!

August 31, 2017 23:29

Hello my fellow traveler, How are you feeling as our road ends temporarily?
I have just seen your entry and have been thoroughly impressed by it. Will you be willing to collaborate incase you want to set it up on ground?
I would like to be in touch with you,
Cheers from Kabul.

August 31, 2017 23:24

Hello Abhishek,
Thank you very much for these nice words! Regarding your question, the cash flow will be maintained by the sale of subscriptions and ads when the site will be popular. I hope I answered to your question.
Best wishes!

August 31, 2017 23:14

Dear ptk
I had gone through your project and found the t really interesting see a teenager like you doing great job but I would like to know how you get your financials and how you will maintain cash flow
Wish you very best for your effort

August 31, 2017 23:14

Dear ptk
I had gone through your project and found the t really interesting see a teenager like you doing great job but I would like to know how you get your financials and how you will maintain cash flow
Wish you very best for your effort

August 31, 2017 22:05

Hi Greenspace,
You have written a very meaningful message and I thank you for it! The efforts I have put into this idea I am sure that they will give results. So good luck for you too!
Best wishes!

August 31, 2017 22:02

Hello Shuhra,
Of course, we are opened for new connections. If you want to contact me you can send a mail to me at [email protected] I would be glad to be in touch.
Best wishes!

August 31, 2017 21:12

Hello fellow passenger,

You might have heard the famous song "What I've done" by Linkin park. The lyrics have been beautifully carved by the late singer Chester Bennington. The song covers the ways in which our so called development has helped only a handful of the upper society members, whereas people are still living in poverty.

We have a great platform here which is urging super brains from around the world to come together and collaborate with their ideas and help make this world a better place to live in. You have been a part of this community and I congratulate you on your effort that you have put in.

Thanks once again and all the best for the future
Team GreenSpace

August 31, 2017 20:50

Hello my fellow traveler, How are you feeling as our road ends temporarily?
I have just seen your entry and have been thoroughly impressed by it. Will you be willing to collaborate incase you want to set it up on ground?
I would like to be in touch with you,
Cheers from Kabul.

August 31, 2017 20:44

Hello Sheher,
Thank you for believing that about my project! I would be very pleased to meet you in the finals so I am looking forward! Good luck with your project!
Best regards!

August 31, 2017 20:42

Hello Team Greenspace,
What inspirational words... There are just a few hours before the end of the competition and I am surprised by the amount of your activity!
Best wishes!

August 31, 2017 20:39

Hello Shuhra,
Thank you very much for your words! You were very encouraging during this competition and I hope we will meet each other in the finals! Good luck for your project!
Best regards!

August 31, 2017 20:05

All the best for your project.As today is the last day of competition I am glad that I was able to read your mind blowing project.
Best wishes for your success and thank you so much for your support on my project.

August 31, 2017 20:05

All the best for your project.As today is the last day of competition I am glad that I was able to read your mind blowing project.
Best wishes for your success and thank you so much for your support on my project.

August 31, 2017 19:29

In this fight for a sustainable future, what we need is innovation; something which is not necessarily new, but which makes us look at things from a different angle.

I believe this is one of the major motives of this community which we are a part of. Taking one step together hand in hand towards our goal is the only way we can achieve it.

So I wish you the very best in this endeavour of yours and hope to see you together in the new tomorrow

Team GreenSpace

August 31, 2017 17:44

Yes, it was a wonderful journey !
a. Reading them gives me good bumps. Will you be able to give me some more details about your proposal?
b. Also, please go through my IDEA called EDU-CELL and if you like it, please vote.
c. This is what I could think when I saw your proposal. Truly inspirational and positive initiative from your side that is sending ripples amongst my friends and relatives. If you think it will be applicable in Afghanistan, please send me the details.
Thank You !
Truly, Shuhra K, Afghanistan

August 31, 2017 17:13

What a journey! I am truly amazed.
I read so many good thoughts including yours. UNESCO did a truly amazing job. And if you have already not read it, wont it be great if you have a quick glance at my IDEA called EDU CELL.
Bye for now!
Shuhra (Kabul)

August 31, 2017 16:51

Hello Shuhra,
Thank you for your comment! I am glad that this community have inspired you. About the idea, sometimes a moment of inspiration can change the world. I think that is the thing behind it.
Best wishes!

August 31, 2017 16:47


August 31, 2017 13:23

Hello Seth,
Yes, you are right, it would be great to be in touch even after this competition ends so here is my e-mail: [email protected] . I am looking forward to hear news about you!
Best wishes!

August 31, 2017 12:59

Dear Resiliant Entrepreneur,

It's only a few hours to the end of the competition, I want to urge you to not leave this community without the contact (email especially) of as many other entrepreneurs on this platform. You never can tell what your further conversations may produce.

It's the power of networking and leverage I'm talking about...
Here's my email ([email protected]) looking forward to hearing from you.


August 31, 2017 10:28

Hi Priyanka,
I cannot express my gratitude for such beautiful words! You have extracted the main points of our motivation behind this idea. Thank you very much for seeing that much in us! We will try to not disappoint anyone who believes in their Path To Knowledge.

August 31, 2017 10:23

Hello Uledi,
Thank you very much for your comment! I have found here a lot of inspiration and I know that this experience will be very useful. I know the potential of PTK and our team is doing all to make it real.
Best wishes!

Priyanka Subarno

August 31, 2017 10:01

Entering into the virtual world of today, you can see generations using Internet or audio visual tools for most of their work. Education, the basic right of a human being, has been going through the same traditional method. bringing audio visual tools will not only develop interest but also help in retention of the things taught. A proven model and a ground breaking initiative by you.
The overall development of a human brain and the overall personality of a person will not only consist of theoretical knowledge but making use of one's own hobbies to make other person's interest is a unique idea.
A very well though out project and easily executable.
All the best in shaping generations to come.

August 31, 2017 08:38

Hi Linguraru
Well done for sure, I have to congratulate you for the efforts you invested to this far, it may be my last comment to you but keep in mind that you have capability of this proposal to be the leading app in future. I have been encouraged with your innovation so keep it up.

Best of luck!
Uledi Kimbavala
Zero hunger is possible.

August 31, 2017 07:12

Hi Ajith,
I am very grateful for these meaningful words! I want to be a successful person and I work for it. I want to be in the finals so I work for it. It's not over until you win. And I am not afraid of work.
So, efficient work for you too! :))

August 31, 2017 07:08

Hello Anita,
Thank you for your good will, it was a pleasure to have you here. Yes, we all should implement our ideas because nobody knows what impact they will create for the future generations.
Best of luck!

August 31, 2017 07:05

Hello Shuhra,
I am amazed by the wave of comments that you have written here! And I will try to answer to all your questions. We are a team of four members: Iustin Grigorcea, Teodosiu Tiberiu, Vasilef Alexandru and I, and we all put our efforts into this project from the stage of a concept till now. This idea came after a brainstorming session and from the actual needs of the students. Now we are intensely working to develop the idea and make it become true.
Best wishes for your project too! See you in the finals!

August 31, 2017 06:52

Hello Zulfi,
Thank you very much for your comment! We are working on this project and we make our plans for the earlier development.
Best wishes for your project and good luck for your future endeavors!

August 30, 2017 23:24

SK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 30, 2017 22:10

Greetings from Afghanistan!
Awesone. Fantastic. Relevant. These are the three words that came to my mind when I read your proposal. Congratulations. If you get a moment, would you be kind enough to read my proposal (IDEAS) called EDU-CELL from Afghanistan? And if you do manage to read it, would you be kind enough to vote if you like the IDEA? And if I am not asking too much, please forward the link to your friends and family.
Thanks in anticipation!
Shuhra K

August 30, 2017 20:28

Dear fellow entrepreneur:
(i) I went through the details of your idea and was indeed very impressed. Would you be kind enough to please explain to me as how you got this idea? Equally importantly, who were (are) the people who inspired you for you to come up with this idea.
(ii) May I also request that you please have a look at my idea called EDU-CELL. If it is relevant in your country, please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with more details to you. I can even help in establishing it in your place during the course of this year!
All the very best!

August 30, 2017 20:13

Dear Leader,

We are coming to the end of this awesome competition and I appreciate your efforts, drive and support on my idea, 'AfricEnergy'.

No matter how the result comes out, we should always be focused on implementing our unique ideas and projects for the improvement of the World.

Thank you for your contributions, advice and encouragement so far. I hope to connect with you via [email protected]

Best of Luck!

August 30, 2017 19:03

What a proposal! I am truly amazed.
So many good thoughts including yours. Reading them gives me good bumps. Will you be able to give me some more details about your proposal? And on a different note, wont it be great if you have a quick glance at my IDEA called EDU CELL.
Take care!
Shuhra (Kabul)

August 30, 2017 18:32

that was an amazing idea. Good luck for you! I hope your project is going well. Please don't forget to see my idea called 'house of green'. You can click
Thank you!

August 30, 2017 18:20

Hi Teodor,
I am very grateful for your comment! We are in continuously moving and improvement at PTK and we are trying to achieve the first goal, the official launch of the site. So yes, we do more and more.

August 30, 2017 18:17

Hello Ana,
Thank you very much for your comment! There are a plenty of statistics which say that combined learning style methods offer a better understanding of the message so this is what we are trying to do at PTK.
Best wishes!


August 30, 2017 16:23

Good work you have here! I am very happy to see something like this and keep continue it because I think it can change a lot of young lives. Congratulations and do not forget to do more!


August 30, 2017 16:15

This is an extraordinary idea! It is very innovative and it can make a change in the actual mentality of students. I think through it can make learning more attractive.

August 30, 2017 14:30

Hello Oluwadamilola,
Thank you very much for your appreciation! And regarding your question, firstly our platform and idea will be developed online. When it will be self-sustainable and make profit, we will make events for the attendance of anyone who is willing to in-person.
Best wishes!

August 30, 2017 12:16

This is a wonderful innovation as it incorporates Education into technology. Keep it up. Being a young chap and having this great idea is such a hope to our world, well done.
One question though, how will you handle the issue of accessibility for children who are too poor to own a computer or even have internet service?

August 30, 2017 10:40

Hi Daniel,
The reason behind the live lessons is the direct feedback received on exactly the things you need. Perhaps you don't want to learn an entire chapter and you have questions about a specific part. You have just to ask the teacher or the trainer of the course. And the answers come immediately because the lesson is live. Thank you for asking that!
Best wishes!

August 30, 2017 10:07

Hi Linguraru,

It quite interesting to read your idea and keep it up. A question regarding the survey your team did, what made to to pinpoint that live lessons are more attractive to your targeted customer?


August 30, 2017 07:36

Hello Uledi,
Yes, I can say all of the comments on this platform regarding my idea were very helpful. I will keep them in mind and I will try to use them as much as I can. Best wishes for your project!

August 30, 2017 07:33

Hello Firanbek,
Indeed, it was an amazing journey and I am glad that this community helped you as much as it did for me. Good luck and brilliant ideas for what is to come!
Best regards!

August 30, 2017 06:58

Hi Linguraru
You have been interactive, I have to appreciate the kind of communication we had here, thanks for finding my comments was helpful. I wish you good progress in your idea.
Best of luck
Uledi Kimbavala or Zero hunger is possible, this is what am looking for..

August 30, 2017 02:40


This entrepreneurship-campus platform has been amazing it has enabled us to see all the enthusiasts and to share our passion and experiences to learn from each other. Good luck with your work and wishing you all the success on your journey. Please try to keep in touch; this is important to me as I find this inspirational.

I appreciate all your votes, valuable feedback, advice, and suggestions. For me it has helped me to improve my ideas and also helps me to win and learn from the ideas that you have given me.

Best of Luck! And keep it up

Kindest regards

August 29, 2017 19:28

Hello Seth,
You are right, many things, I can say, most of the things are related to your attitude. If you want to negotiate, you must have a good attitude. If you want to pass an exam, you have to stay motivated. And important as well is the communication. On this platform I had the opportunity to meet all of you, thing which is absolutely great! So keep it up and be motivated!
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 19:22

Hello Abdisa,
Thank you very much for these beautiful words! I am sure that all of us learned a lot one from another and had an amazing experience. Best wishes for your project too!

August 29, 2017 19:20

Dear Entrepreneurship campus member;

Thank you for being here all this while. I appreciate all your effort and appreciation, suggestion, question on my project. I learned a lot from you guys. Really I have no word to describe Entrepreneurship campus members.

Now we are reaching the end of the competition. I want to thank everyone who have been voting and commenting on my project and interest in helping to support CCT--Cities Controlling and Reporting Tool.

I have gone through all your ideas and projects, I have learnt a lot. i will read its again once and I will comment professionally.

Really I am glad that you are doing such great works and for you Enterpreunerial sprit. I fully support your efforts.

Good luck! THANK YOU all once again!

August 29, 2017 18:36


thank you for you kind response to my comment on your idea. I believe you will reach out to a greater sphere with such an amazing attitude. Please keep it up.
Correspondence always keep people together, my wish is for all our ideas to work out as planned and we create the impacts that we've proposed.

Wish you the best down the line.

August 29, 2017 17:43

Dear Entrepreneurship campus member;

Thank you for being here all this while. I appreciate all your effort and appreciation, suggestion, question on my project. I learned a lot from you guys. Really I have no word to describe Entrepreneurship campus members.

Now we are reaching the end of the competition. I want to thank everyone who have been voting and commenting on my project and interest in helping to support CCT--Cities Controlling and Reporting Tool.

I have gone through all your ideas and projects, I have learnt a lot. i will read its again once and I will comment professionally.

Really I am glad that you are doing such great works and for you Enterpreunerial sprit. I fully support your efforts.

Good luck! THANK YOU all once again!

August 29, 2017 15:12

Hello Ching,
Thank you very much for your appreciation! I am trying through this idea to bring as much innovation as possible to my community and to the world.
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 15:09

Hi Jacmen,
Thank you for your questions. The lessons are designed by teachers and by students as well, through competitions with prizes as subscriptions on our platform. Of course, they will be supervised and coordinated by teachers. The lessons are online so there is no need for a course attendance in person. And about the number of the students who will be part of the PTK community in 10 years, in the worst case, 10.000 and in one of the best 100.000 or more.
Best wishes and good luck!

August 29, 2017 15:04

Hello Seth,
I am very grateful for your advice and yes, I won't give up till the end. It is a word that says a fight is never ended until you win. Best wishes for you and your idea! Keep it up!
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 15:00

Hello Ajith,
Thank you very much for such encouraging words! Change is always needed and it doesn't matter if it is a good one or a bad one, because the future is only based on change.
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 14:14

Hi, first of all, thank you very much for your comment on my idea 'Boosting economic growth in Africa with solar energy'. I think your interactive platform would be useful in educating our next generation. Your idea is great and keep it up!

August 29, 2017 11:32

Hello Andrei,

Innovative idea, usisng ICT in advancing education is very great. Keep this idea up for more impact. But I would like to know the kind of lessons you are teaching, who designs the lessons? Are students attending your class in -person? how many students would you like to reach out the 10 years?

Best regards
Keep the good job.
Jacmen K.

August 29, 2017 10:05


Remember it's not over until it's over.
It may be just a few days to the end of the competition but it's not the end of your dreams
There's still a lot you can achieve.
Stay focused.


August 29, 2017 10:05

Dear Fellow participant,

You have done well thus far. Only few people will venture relentlessly into the things in which their instincts proposes because sometimes the goal appears too crazy to achieve, so they just retreat.

Actually, someone has said that "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

You may have seen this before but I want to remind you that it's true, only those who are "crazy enough" eventually get results.

Congratulations for been "crazy enough" (seeing beyond normal and following your dreams despite the odds)...

Best wishes,

August 29, 2017 10:04

Dear Fellow participant,

You have done well thus far. Only few people will venture relentlessly into the things in which their instincts proposes because sometimes the goal appears too crazy to achieve, so they just retreat.

Actually, someone has said that "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

You may have seen this before but I want to remind you that it's true, only those who are "crazy enough" eventually get results.

Congratulations for been "crazy enough" (seeing beyond normal and following your dreams despite the odds)...

Best wishes,

August 29, 2017 07:19

Hello Firanbek,
I appreciate your devotion and your motivation. It is very nice to see persons like you who fight for their goals, no matter how hard it is. Keep it up!
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 07:18

Hello Firanbek,
I appreciate your devotion and your motivation. It is very nice to see persons like you who fight for their goals, no matter how hard it is. Keep it up!
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 07:17

Hello Firanbek,
I appreciate your devotion and your motivation. It is very nice to see persons like you who fight for their goals, no matter how hard it is. Keep it up!
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 07:14

Hello Shuhra,
Thank you for your comment, but I think if you can review my idea, you will see that I have spoken about the financial part. Best wishes for your project too!
Best regards!

August 29, 2017 03:05

Hello everyone,

Now we are reaching the end of the competition. I want to thank everyone who have been voting and commenting on my ideas and interest in helping support GU.

As all of you said, a visual universal language is needed for this continuously developing society. I am trying my best to launch my Gadaa Universe with the help of you and your constructive comments. We will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations.

Best of Luck! And keep it up

Kind regards

August 28, 2017 22:57

Greetings from a same journey woman!
While reviewing the ideas and projects, I stopped at your proposal. I have gone through it but I feel I need more information, especially about the financial aspects. Do you think you can provide that to me? Secondly, if you need any assistance or more information about my idea, kindly let me know after checking out my idea: EDU-CELL in AFGHANISTAN.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

August 28, 2017 16:12

Hi Alero,
I am very grateful for your comment! I try through this idea to make a little bit of good in my community, and why not for all the world. I won't give up, even if there will be needed a year or ten to implement this idea. And I hope I will remain in top 10 even at the end of the competition. :)
Best of luck!

August 28, 2017 16:07

Hello Uledi,
Thank you very much for these nice words! Yes, I am a dreamer and I am proud because I can make some of my dreams come true. I wish you the same and more!
Best wishes!

August 28, 2017 16:00

Well done my friend, how is the competition going for you? I want to encourage you to continue with this idea as it the right thing to do for your community. As youths we are the game changers and players of today and tomorrow's history. Your idea is the best thing that could ever happen to your community, just keep up the good work, I see you at the top 10 and most of all I want you to not give up and to carry this idea beyond this competition.

Weldon, all the best!

uledi kimbavala

August 28, 2017 15:53

Hi Linguraru
You have demonstrated how you are going towards implementation of this idea. That part of your proposal is very encouraging and promising. To have such a good idea was your first phase, to put it into practical and tangible products is your next move which I don't think it will take very long.
"Dream more than others thinking is practical. - (Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.)
Congratulations for the steps you're have gone through.
You may wish to share your experience in my idea " Zero hunger is possible"
Best of luck!
Uledi Kimbavala
Zero hunger is possible

August 28, 2017 14:26

Hello Claude,
Thank you for these nice words! I am glad to see that you are on the same opinion as Seth Thomas (please, take a look at his most recent comment here) and good luck for the future.
Best wishes!

August 28, 2017 14:23

Hello Anita,
Thank you for all your support and comments! Soon the end of this competition will be announced and I am glad that I had the occasion to meet a person like you.
Best of luck!

August 28, 2017 13:19

As the competition draws to an end. I want to use this opportunity to specially thank everyone that have supported my idea so far (and that includes you), your contributions and criticism are well appreciated.

Thanks again and best wishes

August 28, 2017 13:08

Hello My Friend!

Thank you for being here all this while. Your dreams are valid and your project is very viable. Keep thriving and best will keep coming your way.

Best of Luck.

August 28, 2017 12:14

Hello Seth,
Thank you too for the support and your helpful contribution. I am very excited to see the end. I cannot imagine there are just 3 days before the finish line!
Best wishes!

August 28, 2017 11:03

Thank you very much Andrei,

As the competition draws to an end. I want to use this opportunity to specially thank everyone that have supported my idea so far (and that includes you), your contributions and criticism are well appreciated.

Thanks again and best wishes
Seth Thomas

August 28, 2017 07:27

Hello Firanbek,
Thank you for these updates of your project. I am sure that this community helped you a lot, as it did for me. I congratulate you for making this project come true!

August 27, 2017 16:56

Hello dear members of the entrepreneurship community,

I hope you will join us too and learn the GU universal communication system and the Gadaa system practices when the platform and the system implementations are complete and fully ready for use. This work is still under development. I will let you know once it is finished.

Please keep your constructive comments. Your feedback is important! Many thanks to all contributors!

Thank you for supporting GU project. We will notify you as soon as the platform is live.

Best of Luck!

August 27, 2017 06:49

Hello Timur,
Thank you for your comment! Yes, that is why we have thought about PTK. We know that there is a lack and our platform wants to fill it. I hope you are right and so be as many students-customers as possible.
Good luck!

August 27, 2017 06:46

Hello Anita,
There are just a few days before the end ad I am very exciting to see the results. However, I lived here an amazing experience and I hope I will live something alike soon.
Best wishes!

August 27, 2017 06:43

Hello Jennifer,
I am very grateful for your comment! I tried to put here a piece of what can be Path To Knowledge. I really can't wait to see the day in which this platform will become a huge community.
Best regards!

August 27, 2017 06:40

Hello Anita,
Thank you for these nice words! Dreams are given to us for transforming them into reality and I am sure that every dreamer is person who can change some of the worst things on this planet.
Best wishes!

August 27, 2017 06:36

Hello Hafiz,
Yes, I agree with you on this theme. Visual learning and practical learning are very important parts of a child\'s development. More than that, you learn over 90% of what you teach to others, so with PTK system learning is much more improved.
Best regards!

August 27, 2017 06:31

Hello Firanbek,
What you have done till now is amazing. I like the site, but as a critic I have to say that you should write more about your project in "About" rubric. And to describe a little bit more the characteristics of all ages and subscriptions.
Best regards!

August 27, 2017 06:25

Hello Daniel,
Thank you very much for this encouragement! We all should be motivated to make this world a better place to live in and it is not necessary to do big things. A help gave in the right place, in the right time makes more than any huge action.
Best wishes for your project!

August 27, 2017 02:20

Hi Andrei,

Your idea is interesting and, what is more important, actual for the target community. As an educator, I would say that there is a lack of your type of online platforms that would present lesson in an interactive and imaginative way. I wish you success in your initiative and many studens-customers!

August 27, 2017 02:17

Dear Entrepreneur,

It's a new day and few days to the end of the competition. It has been nice and encouraging having you here, on this platform. I wish to appreciate you.

Best of Luck!

August 27, 2017 00:00

Hi !!
Appreciate your effort and input to make this world a better place. Very well thought and detail oriented. All the best with your idea.

Best wishes
Jennifer Joyce

August 26, 2017 22:10

Dear Champion,

It takes just one idea/project to transform the world. As you keep working hard towards your dreams and to add your quota in the improvement of the world, I wish you the best of luck.

Remain Lifted!

August 26, 2017 21:15

Hi I like your idea. I believe that visual learning create more impact than traditional one. People learn more quickly from what they watch rather then what they read. it give them today feel like how things happen with voice.

August 26, 2017 20:12


To all the people who are asking how to join once the GU platform goes live, all you need to do is to create a free account. Please keep an eye out on the website and my social media pages at:

Kind regards

August 26, 2017 19:52

Hello friend,

The world we live today was created by great minds who lived in the past and a few who are still alive to witness the reward of their doggedness. I congratulate you for taking a bold step in making the world a better place to live in. We need more professionals like you who will leave their comfort zone to positively add values to lives.

I would appreciate your comment and vote for my idea via

See you at the top !

Warm Regards,

August 26, 2017 18:24

Hello Sheher,
Thank you for your comment! I know that you are putting a lot of effort in this competition and I agree with your thinking. Good luck for the future! I hope we will see each other in the finals!
Best wishes!

August 26, 2017 18:20

Hello Atanas,
Thank you very much for your comment! The credits for the logo are for Iustin Grigorcea and I encourage you to develop your projects. A little piece of advice: try to give more details. I am sure in this way more people will understand what you really want to transmit.
Best regards!

August 26, 2017 18:09

its a pleasure to have you around as you are trying to improve the society somehow.Congratulations for all the hard work you have done so far.
Bests Regards for your project...

August 26, 2017 18:09

its a pleasure to have you around as you are trying to improve the society somehow.Congratulations for all the hard work you have done so far.
Bests Regards for your project...

August 26, 2017 16:38

I enjoy the logo very much! Good luck!
You can check my ideas on extra education on field for humanitarians. My area is educational projects and ideas on arts and humanities.


August 26, 2017 15:07

I insisted in putting all these facts here because that it means PTK: a different thinking in a different world, where innovation can come from anybody, even if it is a 6 years old child or a 60 years old person. This and other interesting stuff about education can be found at .
Thank you for your attention! ;)

August 26, 2017 15:02

1. Playing scary and violent video games help children master their fears in real life.

Until recently, studies done with regards to children and video games usually centered on the negative impacts and consequences of prolonged use. But a study done by Cheryl K. Olson that appeared in the Review of General Psychology suggests that there are a lot of psychological benefits to video games.

She recognized several social motivations for playing video games including competition, a reason to hang out and casually converse with friends, and teaching peers how to play a game. The psychological motivations for video games are even more profound.

In boys who struggle with stress, fear, and anger- negative emotions that can have violent consequences- video games acted as a safe alternative for the release of pent up emotion.

There were other findings as well, comprising the fun of unreality- experimenting with a world where natural laws are suspended- plus the fun of challenge, mastery, and playing with different identities. These findings reveal that video games can be an alternate way to release negative emotion, and help children alleviate their innate desire for risk and adventure.

August 26, 2017 15:01

2. Video games can lessen disruptive behaviors and enhance positive development in ADHD children

The Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology published a study about the use of video games to help children with ADHD. The sample of children was small, so more research is needed. But the results of this study indicated that the video game (designed to teach kids how to control their heart rate and breathing) had a significant impact on behavior.

This finding flies in the face of popular remarks such as, Video games make my child hyper, and ADHD is a disease that inflicts this generation because of video games. These beliefs are not backed by scientific study, and in some cases, it is these very biases that slow down inquisitive minds that might dare to think otherwise.

August 26, 2017 14:59

Hello Chin,
Thank you from all my heart for these beautiful words! The actual education system indeed needs to be improved and initiatives like this can make a difference. I am really grateful for your support and I will do all my my best to implement this idea as soon as possible.
Best regards and best wishes for your project too!

August 26, 2017 14:54

3. Practical work in science provides children little or no learning at all

In an attempt to enrich learning, science curriculum often have practical work or labs that teach the science concepts learned in the textbook. However, an in-depth review by Justin Dillon from Kings College in London, found that practical work isnt always as effective as it may appear on the surface.

A lot of labs are designed so that students follow a recipe or list of directions that dont exercise critical thinking skills. In fact, using other mediums like technology to master scientific principles can give students more time to reflect on important concepts, without wasting time and resources on a poorly developed lab.

There is no question that scientific curriculum needs to be enhanced in some way, but typical lab work may no longer be the way to go. Of course, more research is needed, but it is unwise to assume that simply because a class has a hands on experiment- that they are learning the crucial necessary skills.

August 26, 2017 14:53

Hi Linguraru,

I have viewed your comment in my idea and I have decided to come and take a look at your idea. I think your idea is great. Personally as a student, I felt that traditional education method tends to marginalized those with special idea or special tutor to be great. Traditional education really just reset the system in every student to follow instructions and just learn for no purpose. Student lost the interest and passion in learning and tend to think learning is tiring and about superceding their peers. I think your idea path to knowledge is great! All the best for executing it!! Nice meeting you by the way!:)

Emily Chin

August 26, 2017 14:52

4. Chess makes kids smart

Patrick S. McDonald, a great lover of chess and the Youth Coordinator for the Ontario Chess Association, compiled a series of papers and research that highlights the benefits of chess, especially as it relates to education. Honestly, there isnt much negative to say about chess. It is an inexpensive game, a great opportunity for socialization among many different age groups and levels.

It forces students to slow down, concentrate, use precise thinking, active both inductive and deductive reasoning, as well as recognizing difficult and complex patterns.

Teachers who are in charge of children with mental and physical disabilities can also benefit from chess. It is a game that does not discriminate, and no matter what level you learn to play, it helps children to understand that losing the game is as valuable as winning.

August 26, 2017 14:50

5. Gardening improves childrens desire to learn and boosts their confidence

The Royal Horticulture Society in the UK has started a campaign to bring gardening back into the school systems. Thousands of schools have participated and some of the findings point to gardening as a crucial learning tool for children. These are just some of the few findings.

Gardening helped use up surplus energy in active kids.
The process of growing something from seed to fruit helps teach children responsibility and managing a living organism.
Some students learned valuable math skills as they sold their produce to the town for a profit.
Getting in touch with the dirt and bugs, helped some young students overcome their fears.
An English teacher found her students creativity in poetry expanded after working in the garden.

Gardening touches on so many different school subjects, from the science of photosynthesis, to nutrition, math, and even English. Kids who garden show a better ability to concentrate, whether it is because they have an opportunity to engage their whole bodies in the learning process, or simply because learning in the outdoors is good for the mind, heart, and body.

August 26, 2017 14:48

6. Playing with blocks increases neuron count in children

Schools are endangering a students creative intelligence when they replace all scheduled playtime with academic study. As the trend moves more towards structuring a curriculum that teaches to a standardized test, psychologists who study play are screaming that this is the wrong move.

In the Community Playthings article about the wisdom of play, researchers note that something as simple as toy blocks can have incredible impacts on a young students mind. Even with 15 minutes of free play, children will use some of that time learning about mathematical and spatial principles. Blocks, one of the simplest and longstanding toys, teach geometry, patterns, shapes, colors, and physics.

Even high-tech industries like NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory take into consideration a persons background of play when they are hiring new scientists.

This is because research shows that children who have ample opportunity to play and manipulate the environment creatively, will be the most innovative and original thinkers as adults.

August 26, 2017 14:46

7. Teaching kids at a very early age is counterproductive to their learning

What is more beneficial- to teach a child how to use an object, or to allow them to explore the object without direct instruction? The research outlined in Alison Gopniks article on Slate (dot) com gives us some startling facts.

When children in a controlled study were given a toy that did multiple things like squeaking, play music, etc., the children who had a teacher instructing them on how the toy worked did not explore it further than the directions given by the adult. However, the students who were given the toy with no specific instructions discovered the way it worked, as well as several different other mechanisms that werent immediately obvious.

Psychologists are drawing the conclusion that early academic learning structured around directive teaching not only inhibits creativity, but stunts a childs natural curiosity to discover how the world works.

August 26, 2017 14:44

8. Music and movement augment childrens language capabilities during the preschool years

Music has a calming effect on children and adults alike. Though much of modern education focuses primarily on visual sight for learning, the auditory processes are critically important for language acquisition. The younger the child, the more important music becomes.

For example, when children learn nursery rhymes that are set to a steady beat; they learn to appreciate the pacing of words and how to speak more clearly. Songs that are taught for the purposes of remembering routines (like cleaning up or going to bed) activate the part of the memory that is used when memorizing sight words and other rote principles.

Research shows that children who engage in music from a young age have a more finely tuned ability to speak and communicate. Music must continue to be a part of a young childs learning environment.

August 26, 2017 14:43

9. Green spaces or natural backyards elevate childrens learning through discovery

How important is it for children to play and interact with the great outdoors? Does it really make a difference in the educational process? The research says yes. Not only is it critical for children to have time to play outside, but the type of outdoor environment is important as well.

Research documented in Colorado Universitys Journal of Children, Youth, and Environments noted that students who were given access to green woodlands, ponds, and other natural habitats had an increase in social cooperation and creativity, as opposed to the children who were given an asphalt yard with a jungle gym.

Not only did the students enjoy the environment more, but the teachers also incorporated the outdoor area into their formalized curriculum. It became a place to learn about ecosystems, science, gardening, and preserving the Earth.

The more natural and open the environment, the greater the invitation for discovery through curiosity.

August 26, 2017 14:41

10. Drama and comedy in the classroom encourage children to listen and participate

Teachers are constantly thinking about new and innovative ways to encourage active participation with their students. An engaged child is one who is more likely to absorb information, retain it, and make real-life associations with the knowledge.

In order to engage students, several activities or processes need to be present. In Beyond the Journal, authors and educators Judy R. Jablon and Michael Wilkinson outline the following:

Some prior understanding or knowledge of the material
An environment that fosters questions and investigation
The ability to work in a group or collaborative setting
Offering multiple choices so students can be self-directed
Independent thinking
Games, drama, and humor

It might not come as a surprise, but laughter is a great indicator of engagement. Just like tears or anger, it is a vibrancy of emotion that shows a students entire mind and feelings are engaged in the activity.

August 26, 2017 14:39

11. Children who construct their own video games experience increased cognitive and social growth

In a primitive society, children learned necessary survival skills by mimicking their elders. It was essentially, learning in action. In modern times, academics are often taught rather than shown- removing this type of opportunity from the educational process.

However, research outlined in the Lookstein Online Journal indicates that children show cognitive growth when they are given the task of creating their own video game. In order to develop such a game, students must use prior knowledge, create links between scenes, and take control of their learning through trial and error.

In essence, it is another way to create and active learning environment similar to ancient history. Children must use logic, survival skills, and generate new ideas and solutions in order to complete the game.

August 26, 2017 14:38

12. Interest areas in the classroom promote a childs autonomy and choice making

When children catalog an experience in their minds, research shows that they are more apt to remember the place or location, than the person or thing. This acute sensitivity to detail is one of the main reasons that architects and educators should pay careful attention to the types of spaces they are designing for classrooms.

According to the Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences, Jaclynn Shaw, of Kansas State University reports that children have four major needs while in their learning environment; the ability to move around the space, the ability to engage all five senses, the need to feel a sense of confidence, safety, and success, and a level of independence and control. One way to accomplish this is through interest areas.

Interest areas are different sections in the classroom that focus on a certain skillset or study; science, social collaboration, art, reading, etc. When the students are paired in groups and given the chance to move from area to area, it helps foster a sense of control.

They get to make choices, move in the classroom, and explore independently. These skills build confidence in young students.

August 26, 2017 14:35

13. Economically disadvantaged children reap long-term benefits from preschool

There is no doubt that a well thought out preschool education program can provide long-term benefits for any young child. However, W. Steven Barnett, Ph.D., in the National Institute for Early Education Research suggests that it is the disadvantaged populations that benefit the most.

In impoverished areas, parents are not able to provide their children with the optimal learning environment. Instead, adults struggle to find work and make ends meet, and the academic and creative needs of an impressionable young child go to the bottom of the pile. A child growing up in a financially secure home may be offered an enriching environment if the mother and/or father have the resources to invest in early education initiatives at home. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the lower class, and the reason why preschool is so important.

The brain of a young child is incredibly impressionable from ages 0-6. When there are positive influences during this time, there is a higher likelihood that those experiences will shape the childs future for years to come.

August 26, 2017 14:34

14. Learning, for children with ASD, is affected by classroom acoustics, artificial lighting, and windows

Children with autism and related disorders are greatly impacted by their environment, more so than the average child. In many cases, it takes a childs full concentration to simply interact with another student or teacher, so classrooms need to eliminate any unnecessary distractions. The Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences studied different areas of the classroom and found ways to reduce excess stimulation for these children.

Students do better when their work areas are tucked in a nook with walls and other makeshift boundaries sectioning off their space. Putting a desk against a wall with a bookshelf on either side can minimize distractions. Secondly, adding carpet on the floors and even on the walls will muffle the noise and echo of an empty concrete room. Teachers can also add curtains, floor pillows, and rugs to further muffle noise.

Another crucial necessity is natural light. Fluorescent lighting is difficult on the eyes and can be render a child with ASD completely ineffective. Instead, opt for large windows and skylights that allow sunlight to pour in. These changes can make a big difference in the learning potential of a student suffering from Autism.

August 26, 2017 14:32

15. Engaging children in planning and reflection enhance their predictive and analytic capabilities

When you think of a classroom curriculum in action, you might suppose that the teacher plans the lesson and then the children carry it out. But more and more, educators are seeing the importance of teaching the children how to plan.

This important skill is not only useful in everyday life, it seems that it enhances a childs capabilities as well. In a journal put out by the NAEYC, they noted that the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation found that students who were given a chance to learn how to plan out their activities, performed better in language and other skills.

When a child is brought into the process of planning and reflection, it forces them to evaluate what behaviors and actions are necessary to complete a task. When the plan does not work, they then must analyze why it didnt and what must be done to get back on track.

August 26, 2017 14:30

16. Mature make-believe play provides the most beneficial context for childrens development

Do you remember playing store or restaurant when you were a child? These imaginative scenarios, in which children take on roles, props, themes, and collaborate with other children, is one of the most crucial avenues for development.

In an article written by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, they make the argument that play is an ever-evolving skill that children must be guided through. Whereas young kids used to play in multi-level age groups (perhaps in a neighborhood or in a family with a lot of children) having older peers in which to mimic and follow, now students are segregated according to age. This means that the teacher is now in the primary role of teaching children how to play.

There also must be ample time for play. Sessions that are only 10-15 minutes do not give a child the opportunity to play out the scenarios, actions, and sequences necessary to really engage the senses, the mind, and the childs innate creativity. The classroom must allow room for these play-based scenarios, as they are one of the building blocks of learning.

It is within this context that children build the preliminary skills for advanced academic understanding.

August 26, 2017 14:28

17. Children are not blank slates on which adults imprint knowledge

Childrens brains are far more powerful and intuitive than we ever imagined. As more and more research is done on the impact of early education on children, the results continue to point to a surprising conclusion; when children are given a rich environment to explore, they naturally use scientific processes to discover the world around them.

Alison Gopnik, professor at the University of California, reported this in her research that was outlined in the September issues EdWeeks blog. The push for more academics, more structure, and more early academic intervention is not necessarily beneficial. Adults are not the givers of information, but rather facilitators that allow children to use their natural curiosity to discover the world. It would seem that one of the best predictors of future academic success is built on this foundation.

August 26, 2017 14:26

18. Young children learn about prejudice by instruction, older children by experience

Science Daily released an article last March that gives educators insight into how children form opinions about discrimination and prejudice. When several different age groups of children were put into differing groups (with one group discriminating against the other), the younger children were more influenced by a teachers comments regarding the discriminating group than their actual experience. With the older group of children, they relied on their experience, and not the teachers opinion.

This has profound implications for early education teachers, as well as parents and caregivers. Young children will believe adults, even when it contradicts their own personal experience. However, this only lasts for a short time during development. By 5th grade, most kids will trust their peers or their own experience over an adult, even an influential one.

Delivering a positive message about ethnicity and social equality is best communicated in younger ages in order to make a lasting impact.

August 26, 2017 14:25

19. Play-based learning increases a childs attention span

In this study done by the Australian Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, researchers took a closer look at how teachers beliefs regarding early education influence the classroom environment. A group of teachers partook in the study and here were some of the findings.

When teachers have confidence in a childs ability to learn independently, the child/teacher relationship is stronger. Teachers are then able to take a more facilitative role and observe the student actively learning. The educators also recognized that when children are allowed to learn through play, there is far less time spent on behavior management. A childs attention span is also longer.

Play-based learning shifts the focus of learning from the outcome or goal, to the process.

August 26, 2017 14:23

Hello everyone,
I am back with the rest of the interesting stuff about learning methods.
20. Children learn more when they initiate an activity and are actively engaged in it

Curiosity is the birthplace of learning. If you follow a two-year-old around for even a couple of hours, you will watch as he explores the world organically, following his innate curiosity about how things work, taste, feel, look, and sound. When a parent or teacher can harness the power of that curiosity, it is like riding a wave that already has momentum.

The Center for Development and Learning gives caregivers helpful advice about how to maximize a childs early experiences. One of the key points centers on this foundation of curiosity. To give a child a chance to initiate learning, the caregiver must remain in the background, supporting the childs natural curiosity and offering helpful ways to explore.

This is different from the traditional model of instruction, where a teacher doles out knowledge and asks the student to learn the information.

August 26, 2017 14:21

Hello Anita,
You have nothing to thank for. This community was amazingly helpful for all of us and I know that we learned important lessons here.
Best wishes!

August 26, 2017 14:14

Hello Great Mind!

Thank you for your support to AfricEnergy so far. I appreciate your kind words, positive remarks and contribution on my idea.
As you continue to progress in your quest for the improvement of the World, I wish you success and breakthrough.

Best of Luck!

August 26, 2017 13:50

Hello Uledi,
Thank you very much for your appreciation! Future means innovation, so I am just looking and working for it. I am sure you do the same. Best wishes with your project!

August 26, 2017 13:48

Hello Seth,
Thank you very much for these inspiring words! Not all of us are born leaders, but for sure everyone can help the ones in need. With projects like the ones I have seen in this community, the world will become better soon.

August 26, 2017 13:33

Hi Linguraru
The more you keep moving forward, the more you become more influential and many wants to join you.Congrlatulation for being innovative.
You may wish to share your experience in my idea " ZERO HUNGER IS POSSIBLE "
Uledi Kimbavala
Zero hunger is possible

August 26, 2017 11:12

Hello Great Mind,

You have come a long way with this competition and I want to congratulate you for the resilience you have proven so far. I tell you what? It's not going to go unrewarded.

Bill Gates has said that "As we look into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." I totally agree with the successful software developer!

With that, I want to honestly congratulate you once more for been a leader, especially such that will empower others!

You're relevant and I wish you the best with your project.
I wish that we could network beyond the competition,

Kindest regards,
Seth Thomas
([email protected])

August 26, 2017 07:43

Hello Abdisa,
Thank you! Age doesn't have to be a limit for helping the community you live in. I just do what I do best and these are the results. I am very grateful for your nice words!
Best wishes!

August 26, 2017 07:40

Hi Hafiz,
Thank you very much for your kind words! I really appreciate your encouragement and I will try to offer to others with PTK at least the experience I have lived here on this campus.
Best regards!

August 26, 2017 03:10

Dear Linguraru Andrei-Theodor;

Its a great thing you are doing in amazing teenager age. I want to highly recommend you to keep up with such great work and you will succeed.

Wish you all the success.

August 25, 2017 18:26

I really like your idea and appreciate your contribution in this young age. Visual learning is something that holds an utmost importance and I am glad your idea has this feature. Keep it up!

August 25, 2017 17:58

Hello Shuhra,
Thank you again for your comment! PTK has a really huge potential and I hope it will have the impact I want.
Best regards and good luck for your project too!

August 25, 2017 16:52

21. Rapping helps children learn the concept of place value in math

The Southwest Educational Development Laboratory put out a classroom math lesson that included a rap song! It is not all that surprising that rap music helps with mathematical concepts. The steady rhythm, and the cadence and rhyming of words make the song easier to remember. The concept is written into the lyrics and the children can learn the song, and thus the mathematical rule.

Music is a proven method to aid learning. Classical music has been shown to help concentration, and rhyming melodies are far easier to remember than a list of facts. It activates the auditory system, allowing the child to use another one of their five senses to learn.

August 25, 2017 16:51

22. Reinforcing childrens capabilities as confident explorers build childrens resilience and confidence

One of the most full of impact moments for a child is when they understand that a caregiver or teacher believes in his/her ability to learn. This boost of confidence activates the already-present learning mechanisms available in the brain, and helps propel them forward to discover new things in the world.

Teachers can do this by standing back, providing opportunities for children to collaborate in groups, as well as offering reflection after the experience, so the child can see what worked and what didnt. The Open Universitys research proves that an adults confidence in a child also helps motivate them when experiments fail.

August 25, 2017 16:49

23. Children who are encouraged to talk to themselves aloud have increased probability of learning

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and rehearsed a presentation or important conversation you were about to have? Science proves this is a helpful method of learning and self-analysis.The Council for Exceptional Children incorporated the idea of self-talk in their article about student learning.

If a student is working on a math problem or difficult concept, self-talk can help with reasoning and logic. Speaking a loud activates another of the five senses, hearing, and can possibly catch minute details that the eyes keep missing when the child looks over the problem again and again.

This concept also works with writing. If a child reads their report or paragraph out loud, the ear is better able to pick up on awkward phrasing than simply using the eyes.

August 25, 2017 16:47

24. Children behave better when parents are involved in their education at home and at school

When a parent sends a child on the bus to school, it doesnt mean that all learning is pushed to the school. Parents are a crucial component to their childs success. The NYU Child Student Center writes about parents as the key ingredient to a successful school career.

Learning continues even after school is done. Parents can help their children with homework, reading, extra enrichment activities, as well as be informed of school behavior problems or social situations that need attending. When parents are active in their childs education, this minimizes emotional disturbances and other negative situations that can impair the educational process.

August 25, 2017 16:45

25. Game playing can develop a positive attitude towards mathematics for children

Mathematics can easily become a tedious and dry subject, full of repetitive problems, formulas, and exams. But when teachers add games to the curriculum, students attitudes about math change dramatically. According to Leicha Braggs research from Deakin University, she noted that game playing helped change childrens perspective on the subject of math.

More kids were able to articulate positive emotions surrounding math, as well as an increase in confidence about different concepts. There was more energy for math, more motivation, and ultimately more success. It seemed that playing math games helped to alleviate the tediousness of repetitive problem solving.

August 25, 2017 16:44

26. Children who participate in laughing activities experience increase in memory retention

Do you remember the last time you had a good belly laugh? If you are fortunate enough to have laughter as part of your everyday life, you can probably easily remember what triggered it. Laughter is evidence of an engaged body, mind, and heart, increasing the likelihood that you are able to recall what triggered the positive emotion.

Pam Schiller and Clarissa A. Willis, both PhD authors, speakers, and curriculum specialists, put out an article that highlights this fact. They note that laughter not only increases a childs capacity to remember the humor, but it also gives a feeling of security and contentment. It is important that teachers use funny songs, games, or silly phrases to start a lesson.

August 25, 2017 16:42

27. Children who use electronic books show more cooperation and retain more information

As technology speeds ahead, the learning environment and classroom is rapidly changing. Books especially, are going through a digital overhaul, as more and more texts are available online and in ebook format.

In a Scroll Essay called The Effects of Electronic Books Designed for Children in Education, students who used e-books with sound effects, narration, music, and video were able to find and recite more information than the children who used a traditional printed text. The use of the e-book also enhanced group cooperation and gave the students more opportunity to interact.

In essence, the e-book was more conducive to group activity than individual private reading.

August 25, 2017 16:40

28. Boys engage more in exploratory play while girls engage more in dramatic play

Browse the aisle of a toy store, and most people can identify toys that are marketed towards girls versus boys. Although there is benefit to exposing both boys and girls to a wide variety of toys, research still notes that boys are drawn more to exploration, and girls are drawn more to dramatic play.

The Undergraduate Research Journal for the Human Sciences put out an article on gender differences that converged on the same bottom line. Boys tend to be more assertive in their interactions and games, whereas girls are more intuitive and relational as they play.

Though this is the norm, it is important to note that teachers shouldnt automatically assume that each gender isnt capable of playing in the other way. Instructors should acknowledge these differences, make room for each gender to play as they are naturally wired, while encouraging them to try out methods that they may not naturally be comfortable with.

August 25, 2017 16:38

29. Phonemic awareness and alphabet recognition increase childrens chances of reading achievement

As soon as a child is two years old, they can begin to recognize letters, numbers, and the association of sounds that go along with them. These pre-reading skills are an early indicator of a childs ability to read and enjoy literature as a child, teen, and adult.

According to Scholastic Research and Results, there are a lot of pre-reading skills that are necessary for literacy, but two stand out as most important; phonemic awareness (understanding the sound a letter makes), as well as alphabet recognition. Even though reading is a visual skill, activating the ear to recognize the different sounds of each letter is the foundation on which reading is built.

August 25, 2017 16:37

30. Getting in rhythms helps children grasp fractions

Fractions arent the easiest concept for a child to learn. However, it is a foundational mathematical principle that is necessary for future advanced mathematics. But there seems to be a connection between music and fractions that is proving to be beneficial.

In an article from the SF State News, educators have noticed that clapping, drumming out a beat, notations, and chanting help students understand the concept of fractions. In music theory, notes are identified by halves, eighths, sixteenths, etc. and students have a visual way to begin placing fractions in context.

The results show that students who use music and rhythm to teach fractions score notably higher on math exams that those that dont. So get out your drums and your hands, and begin clapping your way to a better understanding of fractions.

August 25, 2017 16:35

31. Daydreaming boosts brains

Daydreaming is often seen as wasting time and sometimes a lack of the ability to focus. But recent research found the opposite is true.

Among its many benefits, daydreaming has been associated with longer attention span, increased resolve, creativity and even higher IQ.

Perhaps this explains why some of the brightest minds in the world are born daydreamers Einstein being a prime example. In fact, Elizabeth Blackburn, Australias first female Nobel prize winner, said, I think you need time to daydream, to let your imagination take you where it can Just do that some of the time, because Ive noticed [that] among the creative, successful scientists whove really advanced things, that was a part of their life.

August 25, 2017 16:32

Hello everyone,
I will write here 31 surprising facts about learning (that challenge the academic approach) and I invite you to tell your opinion about them.
I hope you will find them interesting! ;)

August 25, 2017 16:00

Hello Uledi,
Thank you very much for your kind words! I am very grateful for your opinion and for the support you share. I am impressed by the measure of your impression on my idea!
Best wishes!

uledi kimbavala

August 25, 2017 14:29

Dear Linguraru
Your idea is very interesting every day when I read it am so inspired by itI have been incouraged by the good progress you're making on this idea.
You have shown great efforts for sure.
I wish you best of luck as the competition is approaching to an end.
Let's share our strength and experience.
Uledi Kimbavala
"Zero hunger is possible".

August 25, 2017 11:54

Hello Uledi,
Thank you for such a helpful comment! You have really encouraged me and you raised my motivation. About your question, we want our platform to contain as much important stuff for anyone as possible. The specific part of that is all the courses can be reached by a number of filters such as: grade, age, teacher, language, learning methods and others. I hope I answered properly.
Best wishes!

uledi kimbavala

August 25, 2017 07:32

Dear Linguraru Andre
This is very interesting idea and I have currently read it careful I find it very supportive and yet practical, As you have said being a live lesson and easily accessible will help to win the competition, You're about to do fund raising of it that is good progress you have made.My concern is to know the awareness of your partners and collaborators about your progress, if I have to advice how do you think if you can you make this platform specific and unique for education matters only specifically from primary to university levels. Congratulations for this innovation your age seems younger but you're a great thinker for sure.
Best of luck.
Uledi Kimbavala
"Zero hunger is possible"

August 25, 2017 06:40

Hello Manasa,
Thank you very much for your appreciation! We will try to implement this project as soon as possible, but of course we don't have to skip the steps.
Best wishes!

August 25, 2017 06:37

Hello Ajith,
Thank you for these nice words! I think I have already commented your idea, but however keep continue it and be encouraged to do more!
Best regards!

August 24, 2017 20:33

Your idea is really appreciable and very much useful for the society . Encouraging this kind of educational system is very much helpful.
I look farword for the implementation of your project.
Wish you best of luck for the competition.

August 24, 2017 12:20

Hello Anita,
Thank you for your comment! I think there can be problems with the live-streaming system because the lessons are live. But I trust my IT team to fix all the problems that can appear. Of course, that can be a lot of problems, but together as a team will pass through all.
Best regards!

August 24, 2017 09:48

Hello Linguraru!

Promoting and improving the educational system of our societies through the provision of another era in the system, is the aim of your idea. What are the challenges do you believe you might encounter during it's implementation?

Best of Luck!

August 24, 2017 08:52

Hello Shuhra,
I appreciate your enthusiasm and I will keep in my mind your offer. All the best for your project and I encourage you to continue it and create a big impact.
Best regards!

August 24, 2017 08:49

Hello Seth,
Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you share here your motivation and I appreciate your determination. Good luck for your next plans!

August 23, 2017 22:29

My warm greetings to you!
I have read your initiative and must applaud the same. I was just wondering if ALL the entries in this contest go deep and spread around the world, wont the world be a better place? Please join me in applauding this contest for bringing out the best in us. May I also request that you please have a look at my idea called EDU-CELL. If it is relevant in your country, please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with more details to you. I can even help in establishing it in your place during the course of this year!
Congratulations and all the best!!

August 23, 2017 18:26

Hello Anita,
Thank you for these encouraging words! I won't give up and I am pretty sure that we will meet each other in the finals.
So, see you there!
Best regards!

August 23, 2017 17:52

Hello Great Mind!

Its been awesome having you around, the first step towards creating a change is first to dare to make the move... You have what it takes to change the world, don't give it up for nothing!

I believe that nothing in this world can quench the passion to change the world burning in a determined soul as yours!

Stay motivated, great mind, it's possible!
Thomas Seth

August 23, 2017 14:22

Hello Champion!

According to Wednesday's Inspiration from Youth Citizenship Entrepreneurship Competition: Don't wish it were easy, wish you were better.

Champion, we should always keep forging ahead, refining ourselves and ideas until we improve the world.

Best of Luck!

August 23, 2017 12:30

Hello Pavol,
Thank you very much for your comment and advice! It was a really nice example and in this project and of course in general we encourage the free-thinking. I hope PTK will change many lives in good.
Best wishes for your project!

August 23, 2017 11:23

Hi Andrei-Theodor, your educational project look really good. In our project we are using more non-formal education and some of our project partners came up with really clever ideas. For example our Scot partner make seventeen SDG cards with quick activities for young people that can be used for understanding or just for starting the discussion about the SDG themes and topics. The whole material can be downloaded here

August 23, 2017 11:07

Hello Team Greenspace,
Thank you for these kind words! I think I have already commented your idea and I think you have already commented my idea before, but thank you again ;)

August 23, 2017 11:05

Hello Anita,
Thank you for these recommendations! I think these movies will be very helpful for any entrepreneur, or any person who wants to become an entrepreneur!
Best of luck!

August 23, 2017 09:00

After going through your idea, I firmly believe that you can successfully convert it to an executable project and help the society grow in a sustainable manner. I wish you the best for the same.

I would really appreciate if you could go through my idea as well(follow this link Our idea deals with covering an otherwise unused rooftop of a building with green plants, and using that space for a multitude of activities. This would have various positive effects on the environment and also the society in general.

Thank you
Team GreenSpace

August 23, 2017 08:19

An Awesome Day to You, Dear Campus Colleague,

Cheeking through your idea and seeing it progress in this competition leaves me motivated and inspired that with us, our planet will become better and flourish in goodness and development desired by every human being with dreams and aspirations. To keep you moving and staying on in face of challenges as growing Entrepreneurs, it is my pleasure to share this link with you, "7 MOVIES Every Entrepreneur Should Watch", copy and paste this link to view;

All the best to you in you Idea!

Anita Mbah.

August 23, 2017 06:34

Hi again Kajol,
Thank you for these clarifications! Now I understand better how this idea is sustainable. All the best for the future and make your dreams become true!

August 23, 2017 06:32

Hello Seth,
Thank you for these high motivational words! It is really encouraging to read your comment and I assure you that I will try to make this project come true till my forces will be ended. About your idea, it is great and I appreciate your care about youth. Keep continue it!
Best regards!

August 23, 2017 06:28

Hello Kajol,
Thank you very much for your support! I know this project will be implemented some day, if not by myself, then by another person. Good luck for your project either!
Best regards!

August 23, 2017 06:20

Greeting for the day,
i really appreciate your comments and suggestion on my idea and i will explain you the way how my idea will be financed , the government will utilize utilize corporate social responsibility amount to finance education needs and government will promote the company for their social contribution.

August 23, 2017 01:21

Hello Linguraru,

Your idea is awesome! I love the motivation and the passion with which you're moving and just want to encourage you to continue. All we need is just a little more push to make our dreams come true!

Be encouraged and do more!

I believe that this will turn out to be an awesome innovation that will transform the educational sector of the world. I fully support your idea and wish you the best.

I look forward to support and comment on my idea "Eradicating Poverty and Unemployment via Teens Empowerment."

Thanks a lot,

August 22, 2017 20:08

congratulation for your great effort as we know that education is the basic need for every child for their development this idea will help them to explore themseleves.

kajol upadhyay

August 22, 2017 18:38

Hello Assumpta,
Thank you very much for your advice! The lessons will be recorded and the materials used during the lesson will be offered for free to our clients. All for a better learning experience.
Best wishes!

Assumpta Anosike

August 22, 2017 12:42

Wishing you all the best for your project.
Just a little suggestion: bear in mind that there changes of having network problems since you are opting for live teaching sessions. There should also be offline teaching/ learning materials.

August 22, 2017 07:58

Hello Nyanje,
Thank you very much for your comment! PTK is meant to be a worldwide business, so if we will have the possibility we will implement our project in Africa. Good luck for you too!

Nyanje Konneh

August 22, 2017 07:46

PTK is quite an interesting idea, the problem the entrepreneur want to address is well articulated. Thus l think overall it a good idea to have sure programme in Africa. Wish all the best

August 22, 2017 06:41

Hi Gibson,
I am really grateful for your comment! You said great words that I think will make my day. Thank you for your support and I wish you too all the best. See you in the finals ;)

August 22, 2017 06:38

Hello Anita,
Thank you very much for your comment! I am glad to be a part of this community and I try to add my help as much as it is possible. Best wishes for your idea too, I think it is a great one for the actual context of climate change.
Best regards,

gibson albert

August 22, 2017 06:24

Dear Andrei I have read your idea,actually it is innovative business idea as is arises in this global world of science and technology where by computer issues and internet have dominated. Am sure will help to emprove distance learning as well more online activities it will be easy to capture them every where a person is!

I wish you all the Best my Best!
Best regards
Gibson Albert!

August 21, 2017 23:09

Thank you Andrei.

Having you around is very encouraging and wonderful. I wish you success on your journey and you should always expect the best coming your way.

You may like to see my idea, AfricEnergy, for comments and support.


August 21, 2017 18:45

Hello Tecla,
Thank you for your comment and for your nice words! I want that PTK to be spread all over the world and I will do all I can to accomplish it. And yes, PTK's popularity is among the fewest ways to do that.
Best regards!

August 21, 2017 17:51

Wow, impressive Linguraru. Such an idea would be of much use in Africa where means to transmit education are still underdeveloped. Keep it up.

I agree that popularity would be of much help. Good luck

August 21, 2017 16:52

Hello Tochukwu,
Thank you very much for your support and encouragement! This project's objective is to change the actual education and bring to it improvements. Step by step, this objective will be achieved for a better world.
Thank you again!

Tochukwu Anyaduba

August 21, 2017 15:51

Hi Andrei,

This is quite an impressive outlook with potential for fresh and outstanding impact. You are quite right, old and traditional forms of learning are not really impactful as they should be in modern days. As such there is need for advancement or growth.

Your idea is outstanding and has a beautiful future. Congratulations in advance, I believe you are going places. keep it up!

- Anyaduba Tochukwu Dubem

August 21, 2017 06:18

Hello Talla,
Thank you very much for your comment! PTK is always opened for new members and I would be glad to collaborate with you. For any further details or questions, you can send me a mail at [email protected] .
Best regards!

August 21, 2017 06:15

Hello Veronica,
Thank you for your comment! In the world of digitization, all will use technology and the education won't be an exception. Through this idea I try to get the actual to the future and I hope I will.
Best wishes!

August 21, 2017 06:12

Hello Seth,
Thank you very much for these nice words! I will do all I can and more to achieve my dream with the name of Path To Knowledge. I hope there will be a lot of people who will follow this path for a better world for education.

August 21, 2017 00:39

Hi Linguraru!

I like so much your idea!
I think technology should be a tool to take advantage of and one of the best ways is education.

Success in this and all your projects!

August 20, 2017 22:50

Dear Andrei,

Congratulations on your progress so far, I must say I'm impressed. you will greatly affect the education sector and assist a lot of students become more knowledgeable and achieve their dreams.

Just to say that you keep up and be encouraged to do more.

Kindest regards,

August 20, 2017 11:49

Bun Valentin,
Mulumesc foarte mult pentru cuvintele astea frumoase! Sunt sigur ca aceast idee se va dovedi util i sper c va avea i impactul dorit de noi.

En: Hi Valentin, Thank you very much for these beautiful words! I am sure that this idea will prove to be useful and I hope that it will have the impact wanted by us.

August 20, 2017 11:45

Hello Aaron,
I am grateful for your encouragement and I hope I will make this project come true, to really help the learning abilities improvement for any student.
Best wishes!

August 20, 2017 11:43

Hi Bogdan,
Thank you for your opinion about the site! A member of PTK project, Grigorcea Iustin gave an impressive amount of time to offer us what you saw. All the good words for him! Thank you again for your nice words!
Best regards!

August 20, 2017 11:40

Hello Maria,
Thank you for your encouraging words! During this project we had many failures, but we didn't give up and we continued. And look at us here, in this competition, very close to the final.
Thank you again!

August 20, 2017 11:38

Hello Miha,
Thank you for your comment! I want that PTK to be pride for everyone, not just for me, especially the youth, because it is addressed to them. Best wishes for you!


August 20, 2017 11:19

Initiativa tanarului Andrei Linguraru o consider foarte interesanta si sper ca se va dovedi si foarte utila, iar zona Piatra Neamt este foarte frumoasa si cred ca va fi o bucurie pentru paticipantii la proiect sa o descopere.

August 20, 2017 10:26

Hi Linguraru,
Your idea is good and inspiring. It will improve on learning abilities, promote thinking and quality learning. Work on it and never give up.
Best of luck!


August 20, 2017 10:22

A wonderful idea, for sure! I have checked your site, it looks pretty professional and it is a good work. I wish you all the best and see you at the top! Don't give up and push your limits!


August 20, 2017 10:12

This idea is innovative, fresh and full of good approaches for a better world. Congratulations! Do not lose your enthusiasm and don't be afraid of failure. Success is based on failure. Good luck!


August 20, 2017 10:01

I like this idea, I think that Path To Knowledge can improve the quality of education and I want you to be proud whatever the result will be, because every step you made is enough to make you proud. I wish you success!

August 20, 2017 07:51

Hi Simbarashe,
Thank you for your advice! Regarding the target market, it is the students who have to pass national exams. I think they will be more eager to attend PTK classes at the beginning. But for an important impact we don not limit just to their needs.

August 19, 2017 22:06

great exploitation of technology to advance education, as an addition could you highlight on the specific target group and vulnerability and that could possible feed on how we are going to measure impact of your project..Above all the idea is great.

August 19, 2017 06:23

Hi Mamadou,
Thank you for your comment and support, I am really grateful! Regarding your question, I have set the number of students at 5 because I want to give the best experience to any learner. For a teacher it is hard to pay attention to 30 persons, or even 15. But for the lessons which will be free the number is unlimited. I reread your idea. I ask you if you have already a platform? And as an answer, I would be more than glad to work together.
Best regards!

August 19, 2017 02:50

I find your idea really cool, especially what impresses me a lot is how you use the new technology for the good cause. For we know that education is the future of the world.
But said you thought to increase the student monbre by course? Because I find the number very small.
Especially since you and I are working almost on a similar project why not join forces to change the world.

See you soon and I hope and reread

August 18, 2017 15:58

Hi Ali,
Thank you very much for your helpful feedback! I will really use your advice and again thank you for bringing to surface another potential of what can be PTK.
Best regards!

August 18, 2017 15:54

I appreciate that you are innovating for a novel cause
after going through the project something that interest me more is that you are providing a solution to overcoming the linguistic barriers that usually the students face because every one is not comfortable and well versed with English only.
Its not just about the language barrier but there are hidden potentials in your project
1.there are places where schools are still a dream but internet has paved its way you can reached out to them.
I would recommend you to start your project by providing free courses to underprivileged schools.
Start providing your courses in those schools because your project has a hidden potential that it can reach out the places where there is school but not good faculties and when they will learn under the supervision of teachers they will seriously learn and they will socialize too.
And yes who will enlighten them "YOUR INNOVATION"

August 18, 2017 15:47

Hello Ayda,
Thank you for your comment and support! I am glad that you like this idea and I will try to create with it as much impact as possible. Best wishes for you too and good luck with your own project!

August 18, 2017 15:45

Hello Ayobami,
Thank you for your nice words! Knowledge is one of the only things that cannot be stole, but easily can be shared. This is PTK's mission: to make the sharing knowledge process easier
Best regards!

Ayda Kagambo

August 18, 2017 15:20

Hi Linguraru,

This idea is very nice since it gives room to learn in a more efficient manner. Props to you for this and I wish you the very best.

Best of luck,

August 18, 2017 14:14


Knowledge is the key to self-realization. I love PTK, sharing knowledge to touch lives positively especially the lives of the young people.

I wish you all the very best. Great job!

Kind regards.

August 18, 2017 13:55

Hi Rogine,
Thank you for your comment! I am trying and I hope I will make PTK and PTK services affordable and easy to reach for everyone, but like all things, I will take it in small steps.
Good luck!

August 18, 2017 13:52

Hello Nnamso,
Thank you for these encouraging words. I try to do all the things with enthusiasm and to put a part from me in there and I can say Path To Knowledge is my soul project.
Best wishes!

August 18, 2017 13:05

Hi Path to Knowledge,

This is really a good idea and I hope it will be sustainable up to the rural community and grassroots level, I hope you will touched more lives and more community who cannot afford to go to school.

Rogine Ceballos


August 18, 2017 12:06

I admire your enthusiasm, courage and your idea is a great one. You look forward to educating the community in addition to providing palm oil for consumption, improving employment chances and scaling the economy of the nation. It's really attractive! I wish you, success!
You can check my idea on the Portal.
Best of Luck!

August 18, 2017 11:34

Hello Lateef,
Thank you for your advice. Any information connected to the online education is more than useful. Best wishes for you and your project.

August 18, 2017 11:29

Kudos to you! I have read your article and suggested that, you are trying to innovate online tutorial in education sector. Please Google for "SAFSMS.CLOUD", to see what your predecessors have invented. Read in detail to build your initiative perfectly.

August 18, 2017 09:50

Hello Mbali,
Thank you very much for your advice! We will make at PTK some free lessons at the beginning because it will give us more visibility and as you said, subscriptions will be a given.
Best wishes!

August 18, 2017 09:42

Hi Andrei,

So this is a really good idea. I really enjoy the fact that it is more interactive than what is currently on the market. I do think that in introducing your product to the world, you might want to start with a free demo lesson on a traditional subject that students struggle with. So let's say you choose Physics or Maths, the demo live lesson you release to the public for free would cover a section in physics that students aren't really grasping. If through your demo live lesson students get to understand what they are studying at school better, then subscription to your platform will be a given.

All the best,

August 18, 2017 09:29

Hi Melissa,
I am very grateful for your support. I try to do all I know to help people and students in general, because the education really needs our involvement, youth involvement. Thank you again for your kind words!
Best wishes!

August 18, 2017 09:24

Dear Andrei, what I love is that you take advantage of the new technologies for those people out there interested in learning that way. I also want to congratulation you because at only 17 yrs of age you have achieved so much. I am very proud of you, don't let anything change your priorities.

August 18, 2017 09:16

Hello Bertha,
Thank you from all my heart for these encouraging words. You really made my day better. Our team is opened for everyone. If you want to be part of what will be your Path To Knowledge you can contact me at [email protected] .
Best regards!

August 18, 2017 09:12


Great idea you have here, I can tell there was quite a lot of thinking and math involved. I just want to highlight the fact that you picked out social media and innovation and multiculturalism. To me this is one way of making young people use social media to the benefit of themselves unlike the things we have been seeing. Innovation and multiculturalism way to go, pushing young people to greater heights and learning how to interact! am in love with this idea!
I have aligned you with sustainable development goal number 4.

Away from the competition, tag me along i want to be part!!!

August 18, 2017 08:30

Hello Kelejehovah,
Thank you for your comment and yes, we have thought about the areas which there is no internet access. Because the business is a site, most of the activities are online. But when PTK will be self-sustainable we will organize events, so any person can attend them.

August 18, 2017 07:34

Hello Linguraru Andrei-Theodor , having gone through your write up, I will say you really put in a great work to it but have you considered some areas where they might have internet connectivity issues, like slow internet connection or non at all? Since we are talking about educating and enlightening others with the view of been online I feel you should take that to cognizance.

Great idea. Wish you the best.

August 18, 2017 05:38

Hello Abdisa,
Thank you for your nice words. I have checked your idea and I wrote my feedback there. I wish you all the best for your future plans.
Best regards!

August 18, 2017 02:49

Dear Andrei;
I am glad that you are doing such great works. I fully support your efforts.Hopefully you can maintain and continue your project to be sustainable project around the world.

Please look at on the project I am launching. I will be happy to learn from your feedback in comments and voting.

Good luck!

August 17, 2017 17:57

Thank you Akshay for your comment! I will check that site. I think it can be an objective to follow. In Romania, yes there are not such competitors, but if in India, it had success, why shouldn't PTK have here?
Best regards!

August 17, 2017 17:52

It's really a nice idea if the market place you are in doesn't have any competitors. for example, there is a company in India based on this theme called Byjus and a site called edx .So, I think you should check them out as they have developed hugely in the Indian subcontinent.

August 17, 2017 17:45

Hello Asomaniwaa,
Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, the main objective for PTK platform is flexibility: that anyone can learn with us in their own way, with their own tools. Your words are really encouraging.
Thank you again!

August 17, 2017 17:39

Hi Andrei,

This is very impressive. This innovative way of educating young people is much needed because as you have stated, not all students get results from the traditional ways of learning. I wish I had this in my younger days in education. Because I realised early that I am better able to reproduce what I learn when I learn by both listening and seeing and so live lessons would have been ideal for me not just in the classroom but also in my private studies.

In pharmacy school, I really enjoyed voice aided PDFs and audio books. I am happy to know you are helping people like me.

All the best

August 17, 2017 17:36

No, we have not done sales yet. But we already from around the world have more than 20 orders, we are currently looking for sponsors or investors to set up small-scale production.

August 17, 2017 15:47

Hello Augustin,
Thank you very much for your comment! I can say I am a perfectionist and I always try to set the highest standards, but I am not afraid of failure. Thank you again!

August 17, 2017 15:44

Hi Nina,
I take every challenge as an opportunity and every experience a winning for myself and for others. Thank you very much for your comment and I send my best wishes to you!
Best regards!

August 17, 2017 15:42

Hello Carina,
Thank you for your comment and support! I will give all my best to this competition and I hope the results will come. And yes, I won't give up.


August 17, 2017 14:52

I have to remark your preparation in financials, which is the base of any business. You seem to be a high quality entrepreneur and set your standards as high as you can, because you can. Best of luck!


August 17, 2017 14:42

It is a great work what I see here and I encourage you to get over any difficulty and take it like opportunities to make you stronger. I hope you will win this competition and I wish you success.


August 17, 2017 14:31

This idea is very interesting and innovative. All your struggle to develop it is, for sure a brick for your strength you need in the future. Don't give up! You have my support!

August 17, 2017 11:45

Hello Alex,
I will call this idea in both ways: a dream for me and a plan for the future of education. I have the future activities in my mind so I follow the plan. I am grateful for your comment!
Best regards!

August 17, 2017 11:42

Hello Daniel,
I don't even feel how much time I put into this idea, but I know it will worth some day and anyway it is an experience that I don't think I could get in another way. Thank you for your comment.

August 17, 2017 11:40

Hi Iustin,
Thank you for your encouraging words! At PTK, we are trying to offer more than a piece of knowledge, to offer a chance for others to make money, to get experience and socialization. Thank you again!


August 17, 2017 11:34

Nice idea! I think your dream will become soon true, but don't call it a dream, call it a plan. I am sure that you set your goals so just do what you are doing best. Best wishes for your work!

Daniel D

August 17, 2017 11:25

Congratulations for this nice idea and for the time you put into it. Best of luck to you in the future and I know great things lie ahead for you! Your idea is simply priceless because of its potential.


August 17, 2017 11:14

I like this idea very much and how you brought to light in such a good way the power of example. Example is not the main thing in teaching others, it is the only thing that offers results. Good luck!

August 16, 2017 18:49

Hi Diana,
Thank you from all my heart for these encouraging words! I hope this project will be a success and I will work hard to make it come true.
Best wishes!

August 16, 2017 18:43

Hi Andrei,
It's a very great idea! Congratulations for it! In Brasil, we really need of persons that thinking like you and then, we have improve education. I'll hope see your project being executed.

August 16, 2017 12:27

Hello Cristian,
Thank you very much for your support and for this meaningful quote! We are trying to help as many people as possible to learn with us and because everyone has his/her own life experience, we can learn also from them.
Best regards!

August 16, 2017 12:24

Hi Elena,
I am grateful for your nice words. That is what we intend to do: to make the process of learning easier, both for students and teachers.
Best regards!


August 16, 2017 12:17

Your idea reminds me about a quote I have read a while ago: " What we do for ourselves dies with us- what we do for others remains and it is immortal". That is exactly what your idea promotes: share and learn one with another. Best wishes!


August 16, 2017 12:09

This site makes the teachers to work more easily and offers them time to fully dedicate to their students. It is simply marvelous! Congratulations! Best of luck for all the ones involved in this project.

August 16, 2017 10:55

Hello Ionut,
Thank you very much for your kind words! Yes, time is precious and we all should know how to invest it wisely. My time is shortly limited, but what I want to do can last for decades.
Best regards!


August 16, 2017 10:47

I like that you gave your time to this idea, which is the most thoughtful gift you can offer. You are doing a great job and this idea is for sure one of the best. Good luck for whatever you want to do!

August 16, 2017 08:37

Hello Mihai,
What can I say... just thank you for all this support! This competition is very important to me, but yes, this will not be the end. I am really grateful!
Best regards!


August 16, 2017 08:32

I support PTK and your work. I want to tell you that everything will be ok in the end, and if it's not then it's not the end. Good luck and I hope you will win this competition.

August 16, 2017 08:24

Hi George,
Thank you for these kind words! Yes, I won't let this idea go, thank you again for your support and encouragement. I will truly try to do my best and if it is possible, even more.
Best wishes!


August 16, 2017 08:12

I have never seen such a good idea for the future of education! It is amazing what you have done and this idea seems to be more than promising and executable. Do not let it go!

August 16, 2017 06:05

Hi Chloe,
Thank you for your comment! We will try to avoid any problems during the live-stream, but if any problem will appear, we will call a team of experts to solve it. There is a solution for every problem, so there is no obstacle for our developing.
Thank you again and best wishes!

August 16, 2017 05:44

Live lessons with exciting animation can be a hit as long as you are able to overcome some obstacles others in mass live streaming market have faced - system constraints for large number of people to stream, and marketing to people in different time zones to stream at the same time. I wish you tremendous success!

August 15, 2017 18:23

Hello Ayobami Adedokun,
I thank you from all my heart for these good words, you really made me feel more encouraged and yes, so be the sky our starting point. It is my dream that PTK to become international and a choice for anyone in this world. I will do all my best to achieve this.
Best wishes and gratitude!

August 15, 2017 18:13

Great Mind Andrei! Nice concept for PTK....Very well define idea and educative. Don't let this idea be limited to Romania, try and extend it other countries most especially Africa. Giant competitors may want to subdue your ideas but don't be discourage keep fighting on and sky will be your starting point. I am in full support for this great idea. Praying you will emerge here. Good luck to you.
From your brother: Adedokun Ayobami (Nigeria)

August 15, 2017 11:31

Thank you Tibi for your nice words, I know that PTK has a lot of potential and we will exploit it at maximum as possible. Helping youth is our target and one day every student will choose the shape, the teacher, the language and others in order to have the best learning experience.

Teodosiu Tiberiu

August 15, 2017 11:15

Both the live lessons and the opportunity for students to learn other things than the school subjects in real-time are great! I think this community will grow really fast because it's an innovative ideea. I really appreciate your wish to help young students. Maybe you could change a little bit the prices and make them lower for the beggining of the buisiness. I'm sure this will work good. Best wishes!

August 15, 2017 05:40

Hi again Roza,
The site is just a half a MOOC, because the lessons are being live , so it is a certain number of attendants (our proposal is 5). Every participant is free to ask his/her questions, because the lesson is not rigid, it is shaped by the students needs and problems, any single student. The study base is the same and we will need a strong base to get visibility. Here begins our partnerships and we are glad to collaborate with anyone who can help us and we can help them back.
Best regards!

August 15, 2017 05:34

Hi Uledi,
Thank you for your nice words! I will keep in mind your advice and when I will have the opportunity I will use it and make it reality.
Best regards!

August 14, 2017 20:58

Hi Andrei,

I have written an answer to your kind comment on my idea. Just in case, if the system won't notify you, I wanted to ask about your idea in here as well, I have checked the website, to be honest it is a little bit confusing. I would kindly suggest you, maybe add an English intro, "about" section that tells the visitor what you do, your 'pitch' I would say. As far as I understood, it is MOOC website. Is it?


August 14, 2017 20:56

Hi Linguraru
Your idea is real potential to transform student with new technology and digital world, I suggest you start with the marginalized remote area students to have access to Computer skills to be able to use the mordern system,this can be done by short courses in ICT and computer in general.
Best wishes

August 14, 2017 15:59

Thank you Louison,
I am glad that you have such a positive opinion. I will do all I can to implement this project, no matter how big the obstacles will be.
Best regards,

August 14, 2017 15:52

This is an amazing project that can improve the quality of education .It really an innovation , hope every through okay with this project.
Good luck to you Andrei;

Sincerely yours ,

Louison Mbombo.

August 13, 2017 15:55

Hello BIGBalls,
Thank you for your nice words and yes, we think through the live video streaming we can break the market and why not, create a new market for e-learning platforms.


August 13, 2017 15:32

This is a nice ideea and despite the fact that there are already a lot of fully-grown communities doing almost the same stuff, this could get going fast cuz of the innovative live video streaming! Keep up!

August 13, 2017 08:54

Mulumesc foarte mult pentru susinere, chiar o s dau tot ce e mai bun din mine i tiu i c rezultatele o s apar. Mersi mult ;)

En: Thank you very much for your support, I will really give all my best and I know the results will come. Thanks a lot ;)


August 13, 2017 08:49

E o idee foarte buna,nu am mai vazut asa ceva in Romania ,il sustin pentru ca il cunosc personal si chear merita sa fie cel mai bun,de aceea i urez mult noroc in continuare

August 12, 2017 13:10

Hi Abduljabbar,
Thank you for your nice words and you don't have to thank me for support, because in this community we all should help each other.
Best regards!

Abduljabbar Zia

August 12, 2017 13:03

I see you have a good grasp of your financials as this is the basis of all businesses. And i think this solution you are proposing would be a fun way to education because sometimes the traditional ways can be boring. And thanks for your support bro.

August 12, 2017 10:15

Hi Claudia,
I am very happy that you are supporting me mom during this path and I thank you for all of what you are doing for me. I will do all my best in this competition and I will make you to be proud of me.

August 12, 2017 10:12

Hi Radu,
Thank you for your kind words! About the prices, these are a half from the market price in Romania, so many people from the middle class can afford it. Thus we have many types of subscriptions. I am sure that at least one can be suitable for all. And also there are many courses which will be attended for free.

Linguraru Elena-Claudia

August 12, 2017 10:05

I totally support your idea! It is one of the best and I know you will implement it if you propose yourself to do it. I wish you all the best and all the good luck in this competition.


August 12, 2017 09:41

Hi Andrei,
This is a great idea, I really like it. Maybe the prices are a bit too high for a low income person.
I think that you are the type of person that this society needs.
Hope for the best.

August 11, 2017 17:56

Hello Linguraru, also, in this same spirit, you may kindly support my idea, AfricEnergy, towards organic fertilizer, green energy and electricity. Thank you.. see it at;

August 11, 2017 14:59

Hello Kangoma,

I am really glad to hear your nice words and thank you for this useful advice. I will try to do all my best to make this project to reach its potential. I will also try to find the people who can make sessions for approaching psychical subjects.
Thank you again!

August 11, 2017 14:34

Dear Andrei,

For me your idea is a 5 stars with a world class vision. You know many western populations will be more attracted by online learning due to the increase of general anxiety disorder. As researches claim that by 2025-2030s there will be almost 2 billions people who will undergo some depressive disorders, making it the 2nd world disease.

I would suggest that you consider including some psychical tutorials in your courses. The current average price on the market here in Ireland is around 165 per hour for coaching only.

All the best in making your efforts come true!

Kangoma K.

August 11, 2017 08:55

Hi Anita,
Thank you for your comment! Answering to your question I say that I will try to make PTK self-sustainable and after this we will try to make a foundation to help children to attend PTK courses in-person. There is a lot of work to do and we will take it step by step.

August 11, 2017 07:46

Hello Linguraru, this is an awesome idea and it's an idea for the future. However, how will this idea work for rural communities of people with no electricity or educational background to use your innovation?

August 11, 2017 06:04

Hi Uledi,
Thank you for this advice. I will keep it in mind. However, my supreme purpose is to help all the people, it doesn't matter the area, to reach education and I will do all my best.
Best regards!

August 10, 2017 21:06

Dear Linguraru
I have passed through this Nobel idea for knowledge using real touched the critical area. I was suggesting that the part of idea can focus on Computer skills for marginalized students from remote area at least to equi them because they are the most victim, u streaming and YouTube lessons can be beneficial to those with background knowledge on computer just plan short courses on computer at remote area to bring unique and helpful impact.

August 10, 2017 16:49

Hi Jacmen,
Thank you for your nice words. Regarding your questions the lessons will be done by teachers, students with the coordination of a teacher or other educational sites with which we intend to collaborate. About the in-person attending of a lesson, when we will have a headquarter or other buildings for our business, we will make events to make the people in our community to meet each other. Anyway, there will be events with the presentation of our project in schools during our marketing campaign.
Good luck!

August 10, 2017 16:38

Hello Andrei,

Innovative idea, usisng ICT in advancing education is very great. Keep this idea up for more impact. But I would like to know the kind of lessons you are teaching, who designs the lessons? Are students attending your class in -person?

Best regards
Keep the good job.
Jacmen K.

August 10, 2017 16:29

Hello everyone!
My question for today is:
Which kind of approach fits best with the small children needs?
a) animations
b) real movies
c) images
d) others:....
Please don't choose them all :) I want to know on what to focus

August 9, 2017 20:25

Thank you Prathvi for your comment. Regarding the price is half of the market price in Romania, so many people, including middle class can afford it. This is the first place of activity. When we will be prepared to grow international, we will make the price lower, to make it more affordable for everyone. And in some day our services will be free, but the business then should be stable and self-sustainable.


August 9, 2017 17:23

I like your concept of live lesson so that both teacher and student interact with each other. But dont you think 135 euro per 15 course is little bit high,how a middle class afford this fees.

August 9, 2017 12:59

Hi Maureen,

About the live lessons, it means that the action is happening in the moment of filming. It is like a conference on Skype or Facebook. The difference is that there is a teacher/ trainer who guides you to learn something new or being better at something. What you said about YouTube is a tutorial, and there you receive too late a feedback. In a live lessons you receive real time feedback. I hope I answered to your question.

We will be in touch!

August 9, 2017 11:42

The value provided is not very clear. And also Live lessons do u mean the ones that are similar to free you tube videos? But I believe something similar to what you are saying exists but the problem is the cost. And i think if you do enough research then we will continue. Can u text me on whatsapp +25670106849 for more of my comments and help with innovating a classroom

August 9, 2017 11:30

I really thank you for all of your answers and for supporting me during this path!
The question for today is:
Which kind of student have you been?
a) practical/ kinesthetic: (you learn what you do yourself)
b) visual (you learn what you see)
c) aural (you learn what you have heard already, but making new connections)
d) none or others...

August 9, 2017 10:56

Hi Maureen,

I thank you for your opinion. Regarding your questions, the value PTK provides is live lessons with higher possibility for international contact, animations and ICT products which create a better learning experience and the engagement that you have mentioned, no one is left apart on PTK. Everyone can make something for this online community.

Regarding our partners, anyone who is in this community can be our partner, providing us study material, being a volunteer or just a supporter. Regarding our cost structures, we need 2000-2500 $ to set up our company and this money will be used to pay the first teachers on our platform and to develop the live-stream system.

All the best!

August 9, 2017 10:49

And with regards to your question, i think a mixture of the systems would be good. We need to experience all. This is because we learn something small from each of the systems for instance, the traditional method brings you closer to people, u get to learn how to interact with people and with the online, it give u practical knowledge and everything. All the systems have their prons. So i wouldn't want them to be separated.

August 9, 2017 10:45

Well vim is what this world needs. It is true that the traditional ways of teaching, sitting in class whole day with the teacher making noise is not helping. Not even one bit. It is just a waste of time if i may be simple. So with your idea of engaging students and teachers into more practical lessons would really be great. I would not know other schools that do a similar thing but Ashesi University (Where am currently enrolled) and ALU have found means of mixing both the traditional and the more innovative means that they believe would help students. I can testify that Ashesi has done a great job in its practical aspects since i have been able to apply them.

I want to actually know, how much research have you done concerning your idea, and I think you should make your Business Model Canvas clearer since it is mainly focused on the finance, yet the most important part is the value you are providing our target market. I would also want to know the type of people you are planning to partner with and how you think you cost structures might look like.

August 8, 2017 18:51


In response to your question, I will say that the combination of the three systems of learning is to be responsible for the personal growth of a child in this age. A child needs to grow by getting use to and interacting with his/her environment as the day goes by for proper up-bringing.

August 8, 2017 13:31

Hello everybody,
I have two new questions:
1. Which school system is more appropriate to personal growth of a child?
a) traditional system
b) home-schooling
c) digital and online (on platforms like PTK)
d) others:....
2. Which subjects should be firstly touched by PTK platform?

August 8, 2017 08:47

Thank you Spyros for your opinion and your advice. We intend to make PTK accessible on mobile phone, but we need some money, so first we will be on PC, and with the first revenues we will invest there.

All the best

August 8, 2017 08:01

You're idea looks promising if there is a serious involvement by other major stakeholders as well (e.g ministries of education, local governments, telecommunication companies, sponsors, etc.).

Although it may not be applicable in the poorest areas, where not even energy is a public good there, it can surely benefit regions such as the Balkans.

What I can suggest you here is to promote it by avoiding raising arguments with the current educational systems (you know that competition in education can be extremely high).

Another possible idea but that depends on your planning is to have this "platform" widely available for mobile devices. As you probably know already, not many people own PCs but a large majority uses smartphones and tablets or other portable internet-linked devices daily, regardless their age, social/financial background .

All the best,

August 8, 2017 06:52

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your comment and I will think with my team about your advice on price strategy. Answering to you question, yes, the internet is accessible in almost all areas with a population above 100 people and its speed is renowned internationally. But PTK is not planned to be implemented just in Romania, so again, I will really consider your advice.

Thank you again and good luck,

August 8, 2017 03:02

Hi Linguraru,

The need of such technology as your idea can not be over emphasised. One comment though, how reliable and accessible is the internet in your country? developing a platform and/or a mobile application which can allow offline access to some of the material/content could be really cool. For example, a mobile music application "Spotify" have a free version (requires that you should be online) and premium version (which you can download music and play offline). Just in case, access to internet might be a challenge. You may not even need to charge a lot, a reasonable monthly subscription and use economies of scale.

All the best!

August 6, 2017 10:43

First question is: What are the most important subjects in education? Which one should be more reached?
a) theoretical: Math, Physics, and so on
b) practical: Sports, Manufacturing activities...
c) professional: Jobs...
d) others:....

August 6, 2017 10:38

Hello everyone,

I am grateful for every single comment written here and because I want to improve my idea and be ready for the next stages of implementation I would like to hear your opinion. Daily, I will post here some questions about my idea, but also education in general. I hope you will support me on this road and I thank you anticipated.


August 5, 2017 18:59

I really thank you Morapedi for your nice words. I wish you good luck on your path and keep finding solutions to our these days problems. I hope we all will develop our ideas and make them into projects. If everyone comes with an idea, the future is much brighter.

July 31, 2017 06:51

Hi and Thank you Katlego Sito! I'll keep in mind your advice and our team will try to do more affordable subscriptions to make easier for all to reach them.

Good luck!

July 30, 2017 21:05

Ur project is good and will help at motivating the today generation students.please try making the prices a little affordable as the governments are trying to make education free or either affordable.try finding sponsors so you could either decrease or give free.what I would like to advice again is using the current syllabus because failure to do so will result to students getting confused of what they learn on your establishment.thank you and good luck

July 27, 2017 10:52

Hi Linguraru,

You idea is good, it will help contribute to knowledge. What I like here is your effort in trying to change student's use of the internet and gadgets for education.

Keep it up,

July 5, 2017 16:39

Hello Kupakwashe,

I really thank you for your support! I'm glad that you brought up the fact that some of the students could not afford our services. Well, PTK is not just a market, it is also a place for work. If these persons prove us that they are able to teach and they really can handle in their domain, they will become collaborators and we can pay them for their work in Kc (Knowledge credits- our bitcoin) and then they will be free to buy our services. About the poor Internet connection, yes, it is a problem in benefiting from our services, but we will try to make negotiations with telecommunications companies to increase their area and to approach us to all the clients who need us.

Best regards,

July 4, 2017 03:09

Hi Theodor,
I absolutely love your idea and will vote for it! I think it's brilliant.
For those who want this technology but cannot afford it, how will you make it accessible for them? Also, there are also other companies on YouTube who exist to do what the PTK will do, how will you differ from these companies? For those living is areas of poor internet access, is the PTK out of reach for them? If it's not, how do you propose to bring the PTK to them.

Kindest regards,

July 2, 2017 11:08

Students need innovation in education.Very true . Many traditional education methods dont give results Innovative ideas have to put in action. With New Generations. Speed and reach are essential things for learning.
Really awesome.


June 21, 2017 21:53

Teaching through visual effects is a good idea to implement. according to my experience visual learning is more easy to understand and students can easily memorize a clip or effect they watched than traditional book studies.

June 15, 2017 13:22

Hello Team GreenSpace,

Thank you for your comment and advice! Responding to your questions, PTK is thought to be a complementary system to the actual one, not to replace it all... and why PTK is different from Coursera? Because Coursera offers just recorded lessons, while PTK offers live lessons. Even if you say there are already sites which are doing their action live, on PTK after you pass an exam, you will be able to teach what you have learned, using in this way a new method for this market.
If we are speaking about certifications, this will be a long process and we will advance steady to make connections and relations.

Best regards!

June 15, 2017 11:04


Rather than being the primary source of education, I think your idea has the capability to supplement what students are already learning in their schools or colleges.

It can also be used as a platform for distance-learning programmes where people can actually earn a degree by studying and completing courses and doing assignments. This would take a lot of effort as you would have to tie-up with big educational institutions.

By the way, "Coursera" is already doing very well in this domain. How is your idea different from them?

Best Wishes,
Team GreenSpace

June 15, 2017 10:58

Hello Sheher,

Thank you for your opinion and yes, you are right, PTK cannot do all this stuff alone, but for example for the live lessons we will use BigBlue Button (or other site which offers the same features) and for the quizzes we have created a sub-platform.

Good luck!

June 15, 2017 10:51

Hi Shuhra,

I'm glad that you asked this question! How is PTK different from the webinars? Well, after a webinar you get your needed information and just it. But, on PTK after you finished a course and you prove us that you assumed what you have learned, you can be a STUDENT-TEACHER and you will be able to teach what you learned and of course other stuff you are good at.
Best regards!

June 15, 2017 09:55

Your idea is very impressive and has a lot of potential in it but how are you going to manage such a large network without sub platforms as I'm sure your project is going to take up pace in near future as this type of education is much demanded in now a days.
Best regards for your project.

June 5, 2017 19:43

Hi linguraru,

This indeed is a great idea and the world is moving with a fast pace and we have to be updated these days. But don't you think there are already so many webinars and live sessions are going on..So how your idea is different from them.


May 30, 2017 16:50

Mrs. Aseel, thank you very much for your comment! About the animations, there are so many talented youngsters who are eager to work and to prove what they can do. These animations will be done by the volunteers of this project, including these young people. Thank you again for advice and I\'ll keep them in mind.
Also good luck for your projects!

May 22, 2017 07:23

Hello Linguraru!

Good luck with your work.. but where can you get funding for doing animation videos? Do you know that 1 minute of animation costs around 1866 US dollars ? It needs a lot alot alot of work.. Because you need science in animation too , someone who will study distance if you threw a ball for example. It also needs 3D rendering which is expensive and usually done in special engineering offices .

Animation is very complicated and needs a lot of time, competent workers and money.

Try using interactive videos and having online quizzes to test the progress of students.. that would be nice.

Good Luck dear!

April 15, 2017 06:42

Thank you for this advice. I'm sure that PTK will definitely make partnerships to get better and better and Khan Academy could be one of the most important collaborators. With such a big curriculum behind, PTK will become soon very popular.

April 15, 2017 01:06

The field of this idea has huge potential, specifically due to the societal work of such organizations as Khan Academy. Khan Academy is definitely a group that this idea could pair up with in order to reach a larger audience, as well as exposure.

April 14, 2017 14:30

Thank you for the idea with the sub-platform. I will talk to my team to incorporate in this in the site's system. And about your question, I don't think the students will want to skip their classes just to take them from our site. One of our objectives is to make the students more responsible, giving them the possibility to share their knowledge and hobbies. In that way they will respect a schedule, so also the school classes will be respected.

April 14, 2017 14:13

This is a good idea. The world is really moving faster now, so, we all need to wake up! I will like to know if this will stop students from going to class.
You can also add a sub-platform on your website where students and teachers can relate as per a course or share ideas.

April 14, 2017 10:40

The PTK's systems don't have to take the place of common education. This site is made for the help of the students to learn from many teachers, not just one, being free to choose his teacher. If we give them this choice they will be more responsible, so from that is coming the discipline. In addition, PTK will intermediate these lessons so any inappropriate behavior or other stuff like this will have consequences. The platform makes the possibility for the teacher and for the students to make the program, anyway the things are done better when they are done with well will.

April 14, 2017 10:27

Thank you for the answer. But internet right now in many countries has caused the loneliness. Finally I should say that you are talking about a new architecture of the education in society. for instance in your method there is no discipline. How you are sure that discipline is not needed. I think if you want to make your idea more reasonable, first attack the notion discipline. I am not sure we don't need it at all. Also that will limit socialization, not vanish it.

April 14, 2017 09:22

Thank you for you sincerity! Now I'll try to explain you the concept behind what appears to you to be Path To Knowledge. I think you have heard about home-schooling. That children are not locked into they room and so on. They socialize like others, I can say even more, because at home you can study any time and in your own way and you are free take a break when you need it. Plus, the adults or the students with disabilities can socialize anywhere, not just in school. Through the special sessions which I have mentioned about, they can talk about their problem, but in addition to this they will find out that they are not alone and anywhere can be a person to talk with. About the formulas and memorizing, that's the thing PTK is changing. With our tools (virtual lessons, animations, tutorials, comprehensive models and others) we make the lesson more appropriate for the students' needs. Once again, thank you and I hope you understood the concept of this idea which I wanted to transmit.

April 14, 2017 09:08

The only reason that children go to school is not to learn formulas, but to communicate and find their place in the society. Even the disabled shouldn't departed from the other. They must come out and meet themselves, that who they are. They must meet their disability and accept it. I think this is not a good idea, because it leads to a education that is based on memorizing and more important, the children wont socialized. I suggest a bit change it. The internet can be useful in education, but not in this way.
best regard
Hamze Bagheri

April 13, 2017 09:23

Usual stuff is represented by the school's lessons: math, physics, chemistry, and so on. For our start we will speak with 5 teachers: math, IT, ICT, Plastic arts and Romanian language (for the students who have to pass the national exam). The hobbies will be promoted by the students-teacher and they mean anything useful they want to share: cooking, web design, coding, other things from other domains. The special sessions will be for the ones who need to exchange impressions, to speak, or to make friends and most of them will have a moderator and they will be free.