The Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition is an activity within the framework of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

automated enterprise generation system (AEGS)

Stage of Idea planning stage, start-up stage
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Explain your idea in details:

Objective: 1. Attain financial security/freedom through investment while earning salary/as employee or satisfactorily committed to offer full time service to your employer without distraction to side business to make ends meet.2. Opportunity to improve value on individual's little saving through polling of fund of other co-invest to be able to start-up a venture/business/enterprise.3. Opportunity to work and own/co-own an enterprise without full time commitment to your enterprise by leveraging on independent professional business manager.4. Provide opportunity to participate in job creation and economic development of the country.innovative approach: (enterprises focus on commercial product/services to provide solutions to problems).1. An online platform for homogeneous investor to poll resources, shared accrued knowledge/experiences, and share risk while socializing with co-investors.2. Investor are able to preview investment feasibility & viability pitches, promotion and verification on project of interest.3. Prospective investors sign-up membership and commit funds for project/enterprise of interest with legal binding, and also view project update, make suggestion and advise virtually.4. investors is able to see project progress via project management system reports.5. suppliers bid and selected virtually for supply of material or raw material (via supply chain management system).6. virtual testing of product/market launch/market survey and online feedback system.7. platform for sale of viable business idea to prospective investors.8. platform where government incentives, banks loan and economic/enterprises subsidy/incentives are highly leveraged and harnessed.9. platform for online sale of products and services at highly discounted rate. 10. platform where international products/service expert/providers collaborate toward industry and capacity building towards a product or service launch.

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Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

vision: establishment of 12 enterprises (6 Agricultural and 4 technology based enterprise/industry) per year at the inception year of AEGS. Enterprise must engage at least semi-automation/automated production process at the least commercial scale.1. employee who are prospective investors are satisfied with their current job and guaranteed of financial freedom via professional investment of their earnings.2. high enterprise security and sustainability to comprehensive leverage system and shared risk by investor.3. improve the cultural behavior of economic synergy to economic sustainability.4. automated enterprise generation and job creation, thereby reducing the looming unemployment that plague Africa.5. Due to sufficient enterprise availability, this encourages cross industry migration that helps individual to accrue cross industry experiences that helps for positive intellectual contribution and innovation.6. access to affordable products and services due to increase of enterprises and competitions.7. improve on economic development and higher contribution to gross products products. 8. reductions of youth economic agitation and appropriate economic engagement of youths.********continuation of plans for implementation and sustainability****************revenue stream:membership signup fee per enterprise.suppliers signup feeprofessional service signup feesale of vendor online advert space on their services/product necessary on enterprise development.sales of certified business plan to independent investors.30-50% shareholding per enterprisemode of payment: online transfer/bank transferother cost structure:secured web hosting and online website/mobile application management marketing, radio and television promotion.cost of project development, enterprise trial experiment, market survey and research.

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Plans for implementation and sustainability

this idea is inspired/supported by world bank research project on enterprise development.problem: 1. low and middle class employee, their savings is insignificant on individual basis but significant on pooled funds by other prospective investors to engage on enterprise start-up towards achievement of financial freedom.2. teaming unemployment in Africa due to poor and slow enterprise emergence.3. Poor economic growth and development and lack of professional business management application by new and existing business owners in an online platform for pooling of funds of individuals savings to accrue economic strength to engage in industry and enterprise development and therefore harness economic incentive, subsidies by government and development partner on enterprise development.2. an online platform that leverage time and effort of independent enterprise development and management company while operation are monitored and evaluated virtually.3. supply chain management system, project management system and enterprise resource programs are integrated on the platform for efficient on the process delivery while allowing investor to make intellectual contribution virtually in real time in agreement in other co-investors.4. supplier biding and selections, human capital recruitment are done virtually and transparently. economic leverage opportunities/incentive are harnessed and business management are done professionally.unique value proposition:providing an online automated enterprise generation system that grows investors wealth and eradicate unemployment through leverage systems.unfair advantage:pioneer's market entry advantage.customer segment:full time employee with entrepreneurial interest and mindset. key metrics:rate of membership sign-up per enterprise.rate of proposal on enterprise development.rate of project mobilizationrate of market share per enterprise.rate of human capital base per enterprise.rate of growth of per enterprise capital base. customers channel:social marketing/ digital marketingpublic sensitization via radio outreachfeedback system (tracking and analysis) via social media platform/email marketing.animation visual advert on television and social media platform.cost structure:cost of developing the online platform/mobile application with integration of visual display, enterprise resource program, project management system,supplychainmanagement

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Your profile

date of birth: 23/10/1988. i hold a bachelor degree in agronomy from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Nigeria. i have undergone entrepreneurship training at the African management initiative via a scholarship offer by bank of industry, Nigeria. currently undergoing entrepreneurship course at bocconi university, Italy. i draw my inspiration from my work experience at an oil servicing company in port harcourt, Nigeria, as a human resource manager. i have a uncontrolled urged to contribute to eliminating the gross unemployment in africa and this was further consolidated by a research result to read which was sponsored by world bank on enterprise development. i pray that this vision is supported to reach the lime light as it hold a encompassing advantage for economic growth of any Africa country driven by technological leverage. my dream is to become an business system expert.

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