The IOT central control bulb based on visible light communication

Your title/position Designer, Organizer, Manager
Type of Enterprise registered company, other
Year the ngo or company was founded 2017
Website askaboo
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Explain your project in details:

We are currently applying for the CN patent, and we have a comprehensive introduction of our product. Unfortunately, there are too many terminologies in the paper, which is a huge translational work.Check this link out Some brief introductions about VLC: first, it's secure property---In contrast to radio frequency waves used by Wi-Fi, lights cannot penetrate through walls and doors, which makes it more secure and makes it easier to control who can connect to your network(As long as transparent materials like windows are covered, access to a Li-Fi channel is limited to devices inside the room) ---our the IOT central control bulb based on visible light communication utilize this property in a felicitous way. Second, it's wide application range---from home to hospital, up the sky to the deep ocean. Third, it's incredible speed in indoor communication---" the Russian company Stins Coman announced the development of a Li-Fi wireless local network called BeamCaster. Their current module transfers data at 1.25 gigabytes per second but they foresee boosting speeds up to 5 GB/second in the near future."

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

Measures to evaluate success: the energy and time we saved through this application. Current evaluation: collecting one-week length time and electricity cost from 30 random students; cross-comparing original data without using lifi Improvements needed, evaluation is not the priority

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Sustainability and future plans

The current project is a prototype, which requires further experiments and tests, and we have the confidence to make it function in the near future. Thus, our fist step is to use our company as a platform to raise fund in school scale and to recruit more tech-developed students joining our R&D. In phase two, we plan to install the device in three or more classrooms, further gathering experiment data and the company's reputation(we are the first and ever club&company in our school.the mission will surely spur some resonances from students )Our main financing source is from our VPN services(we possess six servers) and family support. We do not hold too much expects in making the device profits(we are not short of money anyway), but we believe it provides us with a more fast, secure, and reliable way of indoor communication. Word limits, just google LIFI for further properties of this tech.

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

I am a 17-year old student from Nanjing Foreign School. On 2016.6.17, I established a club in school called askaboo, which is also the predecessor of our current company. Since the initiate of the club, I and other three partners subsequently launched several commercial projects, including VPN services, school internet renovation, official website designing, and the list goes on. During this process, we earned out first pot of gold, valued approximately ten thousand CNY, and accumulated the experience of operating an organization progressively and orderly. With those foundations we formerly built, we had the ability to expand our services to a larger scale, later applying the license of askaboo tech company. Personally, I attend a lot of competitions and develop my own projects. The IOT central control bulb based on visible light communication is one of them. Utilizing my company as a platform, I will definitely apply this device into our daily lives in the not-so-far future.

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