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O-YES International Conference

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Opportunities for Youth Empowerment and Success(O-YES) Foundation Thailand is a non-profit organization, which officially commenced on the 19th of August 2014. O-YES International Conference is one of the annual projects of the foundation that aims to invite 60 young people from all over the world. The theme of the conference is "Creativity and Innovation as the way to a sustainable future" The main objectives are: 1.To encourage and equip youth with the creativity/innovation knowledge that promote creativity, innovation, sustainable development and peace. 2.To create an inclusive platform that enables the youth to learn, discuss, and share their diverse ideas, knowledge, experience, and skills 3.To facilitate effective partnerships with youth, youth-led organizations and other inteties to further strengthen inclusive youth participation in the decision-making processes and implementation of the national, regional and international youth development programs. To achieve this, there will be: 1.Creativity -Innovation and sustainable development training, 2. Research, innovation and talent presentation/show, 3. Best researcher, innovator, and talented awards, 4. Local trip. Target Audience OIC will take place at Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand on the 1st - 3rd March 2018. The target group is young people between 18- 30 years old. More than 60 youth will attend the conference as participants. OIC will also attract representatives from educational institutions, business companies, government offices, NGOs, general public and Medias. Overall, it is expected that approximately 200 people will attend some section of OIC over the three days. Outcomes • Establish a network of young citizens and leaders who will be able to work together to explore creative solutions to the challenges of sustainable development and peace. • Provide an opportunity for youth to present their creation and innovation to the world that can help for the realization of their work. • Encourage positive dialogue between youth from different countries that contributes to the implementation of SDGs and promotes peace.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

O-YES aims to provide opportunities for youth at all levels in collaboration with local community, local government, NGOs, individuals and any other entities that are willing to share its vision. Its vision is developing youth into mature and responsible individuals who are intellectual, professional and technically competent, imbued with desirable attitudes, and steeped in moral and ethical values, who will serve as a catalyst for social transformation, sustainable development and peace. To support its vision, O-YES develops programs that: are responsive to youth, inclusive, diverse, innovative and adaptable; collaborative and team focused; honest, fair and equitable; respectful for the health and well-being of people, animals, and the environment; foster creativity, innovation, leadership and volunteerism in youth and adults, and build partnerships for programming and funding. The major areas of focus and/or programs of the organization are: education; Youth Business; creativity and innovation; community services and environmental protection; leadership; and arts, sports, and athletic. These programs are key to the achievement of sustainable development goals and global peace. The 1st O-YES International Conference is one of the programs that more than 60 talented youth will participate to discuss, learn or share their creations or innovations or research, which have a direct impact on the development of youth who are keys for the realization of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that ambitiously aim to reduce greenhouse gases, eliminate poverty, and increase economic opportunities around the world.

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Sustainability and future plans

Since its establishment, O-YES has been providing /seeking several opportunities for Youth through all its educational, Youth in business, sport, and athletics programs. And running several activities in collaboration with local communities, government and non-government organizations, individuals and any other entities that are willing to share its vision. The financial sources of the foundation are membership fee, local government funds, local and international donors, and private companies donations. Thus, our teamwork, collaborations with other sectors and support from local government and community enable O-YES a sustainable organization. We are planning to advance our programs and open branches in other neighboring countries where the youth will have opportunities to share their culture, languages, knowledge, skills, and experiences

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Kemal Abdela is originally from Oromia, Ethiopia. Currently, he is the president of O-YES Foundation Thailand, and lecturer at Sakon Nakhon Rajabhat University, which is one of the public universities in Thailand. He is passionate and strives to help disadvantaged, youth and share his knowledge, skills with others, especially young people, and eager to make a difference in society. In short, he is a diligent young leader, lecturer, researcher and community service lover.

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