Scissor Jack Baby Incubator

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The problem for this project is the number of community health centers in rural areas who are less able to buy an incubator because the price is very expensive. They have a subsidized incubator from the government, the incubator is not as large as the number of births in the village. For example, in the city sidikalang, dairi district, north sumatera, indonesia, in sidikalang there is only one hospital while the number continues to increase. Any less healthy baby will get sick there. Congratulations to many babies born, are there sufficient incubators? No, there are even at most only one incubator. Incubator of government subsidy also diseases at the time of caring for baby, must be bent. Therefore, I make incubator with affordable price and changing system to make it easier to care for baby in incubator so as not to make musculoskeletal disease disease. I am an incubator with a pad covered with an automated car jack using the remote. Along with the rise and fall of the bed by the car jack, the door of the incubator will be opened and closed automatically too. I use a buffer iron to connect between the base mat and the incubator door. I also use a heater to warm the baby so that the baby feels comfortable inside. I also design ergonomic mattress for baby also feel comfortable. The dimensions of the incubator I made using the dimensions I took from anthropometry of indonesian people ( Remot I put outside the incubator. Under the glass incubator, I made a closet to get a baby clothes and expensive. I use solar panels to conserve electrical energy. Because many inland areas that have not been entered by electricity.

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Impact of your enterprise on sustainable development

The effect of the baby scissor jack incubator is environmentally friendly. This product takes power from solar cell. Solar cells that are already exposed to heat will save as much energy as possible to activate the automatic scissor jack and to turn on the lights to warm the baby. This baby incubator is sold at an affordable price than a conventional incubator in general. This incubator makes it possible for a community health center in a remote village to buy this product in large quantities for premature or unhealthy infants in that remote area. This incubator uses a different technology than a conventional incubator because the systems and technologies have changed. This incubator is also energy efficient, does not use electrical energy because the cost of unutk electricity payment is expensive, especially for people in the village. This product has ever won the competition product design competition in the field of health and energy-saving innovative products. This product has followed the exhibition of innovative products. Technology that facilitates the work of nurses and the appropriate incubator design of Indonesian anthropometry makes this product can solve the problem for ergonomics. Adjustable bedding design with baby will add ergonomic impression. Glass incubator equipped with holes and added gloves on the hole to be able to hold the baby and remain sterile. The process of making this product is not difficult, as well as materials used are easy to find and not expensive. Therefore, these products can be purchased at affordable prices and suitable for public health centers in remote areas.

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Sustainability and future plans

The sustainability for future plans is for all health centers in rural areas in Indonesia to get many baby incubators for premature or unhealthy infants and make them sell for a lot because of the public health center's needs. The future growth plan is to make continuous innovation based on the rapid growth of technology. description of business model, financing source, plans for future growth : Attached

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Your profile as an entrepreneur

My name is M. Ananda Rizki Putra. I studied at the industrial engineering university of north sumatera. I am 2013. I am 21 years old. I like design and product innovation, I also like to develop my idea. I am the assistant laboratory audio visual studio and drawing technique. I once champion business competition nasinal competition in jakarta and the rest just as participants in other cities. My motivation to follow this competition to add my experience and insight in the field of entrepreneurship. I want to bring the champion and the name of my university. I also want to know the evaluation of my product and hopefully develop with every competition that I follow. I want to tell others that I have a cheap product than others and can help ease the nursing work.

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September 1, 2017 04:08

Dear Resiliant Entrepreneur,

It's the end of the competition, I want to urge you to not leave this community without the contact (email especially) of as many other entrepreneurs on this platform. You never can tell what your further conversations may produce.

It's the power of networking and leverage I'm talking about...
Here's my email [email protected] looking forward to hearing from you.


August 31, 2017 23:54

Bye fellow entrepreneur:
As I say good buy, I must say it has been an astounding time reading so many great entries.
I went through the details of your idea and was indeed very impressed. Would you be kind enough to please explain to me as how you got this idea? Equally importantly, who were (are) the people who inspired you for you to come up with this idea.
Take care and all the very best!

August 31, 2017 22:21

Hello fellow passenger,

You might have heard the famous song "What I've done" by Linkin park. The lyrics have been beautifully carved by the late singer Chester Bennington. The song covers the ways in which our so called development has helped only a handful of the upper society members, whereas people are still living in poverty.

We have a great platform here which is urging super brains from around the world to come together and collaborate with their ideas and help make this world a better place to live in. You have been a part of this community and I congratulate you on your effort that you have put in.

Thanks once again and all the best for the future
Team GreenSpace

August 31, 2017 22:07

Hello my fellow traveler, How are you feeling as our road ends temporarily?
I have just seen your entry and have been thoroughly impressed by it. Will you be willing to collaborate incase you want to set it up on ground?
I would like to be in touch with you,
Cheers from Kabul.

August 31, 2017 21:15

All the best for your project.As today is the last day of competition I am glad that I was able to read your mind blowing project.
Best wishes for your success and thank you so much for your support on my project.

August 31, 2017 20:42

In this fight for a sustainable future, what we need is innovation; something which is not necessarily new, but which makes us look at things from a different angle.

I believe this is one of the major motives of this community which we are a part of. Taking one step together hand in hand towards our goal is the only way we can achieve it.

So I wish you the very best in this endeavour of yours and hope to see you together in the new tomorrow

Team GreenSpace

August 31, 2017 19:01

Yes, it was a wonderful journey !
a. Reading them gives me good bumps. Will you be able to give me some more details about your proposal?
b. Also, please go through my IDEA called EDU-CELL and if you like it, please vote.
c. This is what I could think when I saw your proposal. Truly inspirational and positive initiative from your side that is sending ripples amongst my friends and relatives. If you think it will be applicable in Afghanistan, please send me the details.
Thank You !
Truly, Shuhra K, Afghanistan

August 31, 2017 18:11


August 31, 2017 17:41

Thank You my dear!
Three thoughts come to my mind as we end:
(a) Will we be in touch?
(b) It is a small and beautiful world
(c) All the best
Bye for now!
S. Koofi, Kabul

August 31, 2017 17:06


August 31, 2017 16:58

Dear Leader,

We are coming to the end of this awesome competition and I appreciate your efforts, drive and support on my idea, 'AfricEnergy'.

No matter how the result comes out, we should always be focused on implementing our unique ideas and projects for the improvement of the World.

Thank you for your contributions, advice and encouragement so far. I hope to connect with you via [email protected]

Best of Luck!

August 31, 2017 03:10


This entrepreneurship-campus platform has been amazing it has enabled us to see all the enthusiasts and to share our passion and experiences to learn from each other. Good luck with your work and wishing you all the success on your journey. Please try to keep in touch; this is important to me as I find this inspirational.

I appreciate all your votes, valuable feedback, advice, and suggestions. For me it has helped me to improve my ideas and also helps me to win and learn from the ideas that you have given me.

Best of Luck! And keep it up

Kindest regards

August 31, 2017 00:40

What a proposal! I am truly amazed.
So many good thoughts including yours. Reading them gives me good bumps. Will you be able to give me some more details about your proposal? And on a different note, wont it be great if you have a quick glance at my IDEA called EDU CELL.
Take care!
Shuhra (Kabul) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 31, 2017 00:04

Great Mind Ananda! This project is wow ! This is amazing project for real. Please be very courageous to implements this great project. Wishing you the very best.
Can I ask:
Since you are using solar cell, how do you intend to sustain the incubator heat at night?

All the best bro !
From your brother:
S-HomeDev project
Sinnot Technologies (Nigeria)

August 30, 2017 22:46

Greetings from Afghanistan!
Awesone. Fantastic. Relevant. These are the three words that came to my mind when I read your proposal. Congratulations. If you get a moment, would you be kind enough to read my proposal (IDEAS) called EDU-CELL from Afghanistan? And if you do manage to read it, would you be kind enough to vote if you like the IDEA? And if I am not asking too much, please forward the link to your friends and family.
Thanks in anticipation!
Shuhra K

August 30, 2017 22:39

Greetings from Afghanistan!
Awesone. Fantastic. Relevant. These are the three words that came to my mind when I read your proposal. Congratulations. If you get a moment, would you be kind enough to read my proposal (IDEAS) called EDU-CELL from Afghanistan? And if you do manage to read it, would you be kind enough to vote if you like the IDEA? And if I am not asking too much, please forward the link to your friends and family.
Thanks in anticipation!
Shuhra K

August 30, 2017 21:27

Hello fellow traveler!
I must say that I found your idea truly inspiring. I would like to know more about it? Do you think you can give me more details about your proposal so I can understand it more and give ffedbakc as well as evaluate if it can be done in my country?
I would also like to request you to please my IDEA called EDU-CELL. DO you think it is relevant in your country. If yes, let me know. I can even help in establishing it in your place during the course of this year!
Have a great day

August 30, 2017 20:48

Hello my friend,
May I entreat you to read my entry EDU CELL. I have read your and must say it is fantastic. How did you come up with the idea, I wonder? Who helped you?
Bye for now,

August 30, 2017 20:03

What a proposal! I am truly amazed.
So many good thoughts including yours. Reading them gives me good bumps. Will you be able to give me some more details about your proposal? And on a different note, wont it be great if you have a quick glance at my IDEA called EDU CELL.
Take care!
Shuhra (Kabul)

August 30, 2017 18:44

Greetings from Kabul!
i. What a beautiful idea!
ii. I need more details especially on the sustainability of the initiative.
iii. Will you be willing to collaborate incase you want to set it up on ground?
Good luck
Shuhra , Kabul, Afghanistan

August 30, 2017 11:29


Remember it's not over until it's over.
It may be just a few days to the end of the competition but it's not the end of your dreams
There's still a lot you can achieve.
Stay focused.


August 30, 2017 11:28

Dear Fellow participant,

You have done well thus far. Only few people will venture relentlessly into the things in which their instincts proposes because sometimes the goal appears too crazy to achieve, so they just retreat.

Actually, someone has said that "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

You may have seen this before but I want to remind you that it's true, only those who are "crazy enough" eventually get results.

Congratulations for been "crazy enough" (seeing beyond normal and following your dreams despite the odds)...

Best wishes,

August 30, 2017 03:03

Dear campus members,

we are going to the last date to vote and comment on our ideas and projects or the end of the competition. I really appreciate all of you for your constructive questions, suggestions or comments on my project: O-YES Conference International(OIC) that aims to gather creative and innovators like you.

On this occasion, i would love to tell you that O-YES Foundation kindly invited you to join OIC where you will learn from others and share your ideas to bring a sustainable future for ourselves and community in general.
For more information please contact me via my email [email protected]/[email protected] Mobile: +66915635067 Facebook:

Wish you success in your life!

August 29, 2017 15:54

Hello everyone,

Now we are reaching the end of the competition. I want to thank everyone who have been voting and commenting on my ideas and interest in helping support GU.

As all of you said, a visual universal language is needed for this continuously developing society. I am trying my best to launch my Gadaa Universe with the help of you and your constructive comments. We will do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations.

Best of Luck! And keep it up

Kind regards

August 28, 2017 21:41

Hello my dear!
Three Questions come to my mind after seeing your excellent proposal:
(a) What is the main inspiration force behind you?
(b) Is your idea applicable in Afghanistan?
(c) Have you read my proposal EDU CELL

Shuhra Koofi

August 28, 2017 19:59

Being a part of India's well-known Entrepreneurship Cell of the most prestigious engineering college in India, I have interacted with many startup enthusiasts, have got to know how they think and what are some qualities that set them apart from the ones who are not able to see their idea through. Reading through your idea, I have realised that your idea has that spark which can help it become a successful venture. Coupled with its aim to help the society achieve its goals sustainably, your idea can be something quite helpful for the same.

But before it's implementation, you need to do a "premortem" check on how it can fail. This would prepare you for any uncalled-for circumstances and help you prepare for them accordingly.

Lastly, I would like you to have a look at our idea, GreenSpace, and share your views about the same.

Team GreenSpace.

August 28, 2017 16:18

Hello my Colleague ,

Thank you for participating in that great event , it was a great nice Journey , but the best thing of it is meeting good friends like you , I hope you achieve your dreams & good luck with your project.
thanks again & best wishes for you.


August 28, 2017 09:31

Hello My Friend!

Thank you for being here all this while. Your dreams are valid and your project is very viable. Keep thriving and best will keep coming your way.

Best of Luck.

August 27, 2017 17:20

Hello dear members of the entrepreneurship community,

I hope you will join us too and learn the GU universal communication system and the Gadaa system practices when the platform and the system implementations are complete and fully ready for use. This work is still under development. I will let you know once it is finished.

Please keep your constructive comments. Your feedback is important! Many thanks to all contributors!

Thank you for supporting GU project. We will notify you as soon as the platform is live.

Best of Luck!

uledi kimbavala

August 27, 2017 16:31

Hi M.Amanda Riziki
It would be not the profit that would make you frustrated in life if you have missed establishing this life saving project but regretting for not doing enough to save people.Congratulation for being innovative and life saving project you have.
You may wish to share your experience in my idea " Zero hunger is possible"
Best of luck!
Uledi Kimbavala
Zero hunger is possible

August 27, 2017 02:58

Hello Great Mind,

You have come a long way with this competition and I want to congratulate you for the resilience you have show so far. I tell you what? It's not going to go unrewarded.

Bill Gates has said that "As we look into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." I totally agree with the successful software developer!

With that, I want to honestly congratulate you once more for been a leader, especially such that will empower others!

You're relevant and I wish you the best with your project.
I wish that we could network beyond the competition,

Kindest regards,
Seth Thomas
([email protected])

August 26, 2017 20:27


To all the people who are asking how to join once the GU platform goes live, all you need to do is to create a free account. Please keep an eye out on the website and my social media pages at:

Kind regards

M. ananda rizki putra

August 26, 2017 19:47

Hello shuhra.

thanks for your advice on my product. I think your product is very good. Good luck in the next stage. Hopefully go into the final in berlin.

best regards


M. ananda rizki putra

August 26, 2017 19:42

Hi andrei. thanks. I hope your project will also be selected for the next selection in the final. Keep making progress on your product. I am sure you can.

best regards


M. ananda rizki putra

August 26, 2017 19:34

I use similar materials but use a cheap price. Thank you for the advice. I will think again about the development of the product about my product.


August 26, 2017 19:23

Dear Champion,

It takes just one idea/project to transform the world. As you keep working hard towards your dreams and to add your quota in the improvement of the world, I wish you the best of luck.

Remain Lifted!

August 26, 2017 19:18

Dear Champion,

It takes just one idea/project to transform the world. As you keep working hard towards your dreams and to add your quota in the improvement of the world, I wish you the best of luck.

Remain Lifted!

August 26, 2017 16:57

Hello Great Mind!

Thank you for your support to AfricEnergy so far. I appreciate your kind words, positive remarks and contribution on my idea.
As you continue to progress in your quest for the improvement of the World, I wish you success and breakthrough.

Best of Luck!

August 26, 2017 11:20

Mr. Riziki
I repeat this to you so if you missed it please take this courageous fact.Human health care is the Gift one has to Offer without much concern to how much it cost.
You have shown great efforts on this project to save life of lower class Families.
Congulatulation for that Gift. Then what big challenge have you faceds so far.I wish good progress of this project.
Best of luck!

August 25, 2017 18:37

Hello Champion!

Did you miss Today's (Friday) Inspiration from YCEC? Here it is; "Change your thoughts and you change the World" - Norman Vincent Peale.

Your project is valid, so are your thoughts. Keeping improving and progressing.

Best of Luck!

August 25, 2017 14:57

Dear Ananda,

The TRUTH is, your community will not just benefit from such an amazing initiative of yours but that you will forever be remembered for this great change and transformation you'll cause.

Keep up the spirit because it's adorable.
Your kind is scarce, so hard to find around, you're indeed a great leader!
Wish you all the best world changer.

Kindest regards
Thomas Seth


August 25, 2017 07:37

Hi Ananda,

In my country most babies needing intensive care always die because of the absence of such equipment. What is amazing about your innovation is that its eco-friendly. It will greatly reduce the number of related baby deaths. Nice one.

August 25, 2017 05:01

Dear community member,

As the competition deadline is approaching near, we would like some feedback regarding our idea, some ways by which we can tweak it and make it a little better and ready for future execution.
(follow this link

Please vote and support our idea.

Thank you in advance.
Team GreenSpace

August 23, 2017 17:51

After going through your project, I firmly believe that with good management and excellent execution, this project will help the society grow in a sustainable manner. This would have various positive effects on the environment and also the society in general.

I wish you the best for the same.

I would really appreciate if you could go through my idea as well(follow this link Our idea deals with covering an otherwise unused rooftop of a building with green plants and using that space for a multitude of activities.

Thank you
Team GreenSpace

August 23, 2017 08:51

An Awesome Day to You, Dear Campus Colleague,

Cheeking through your Project and seeing it progress in this competition leaves me motivated and inspired that with us, our planet will become better and flourish in goodness and development desired by every human being with dreams and aspirations. To keep you moving and staying on in face of challenges as growing Entrepreneurs, it is my pleasure to share this link with you, "7 MOVIES Every Entrepreneur Should Watch", copy and paste this link to view;

All the best to you in you Idea!

Anita Mbah.

August 22, 2017 23:58

You have shown great efforts on this project and I believe you will make more good progress to its full extension

August 22, 2017 18:39

Hello Ananda!

We are few steps to the announcement day. I want to use this medium to appreciate your effort, progress so far and support to my idea. Never relent, keep pushing and I wish you success, all the way.

Best of Luck!

August 22, 2017 04:23

Hello Nanda,
Your project is life saving as it touch both healthy care and social well being.A community with meaningful collaboration vision opens the doors for members to learn more.This is a very impressive idea and it will surely be beneficial for all the young minds looking for an opportunity.
Congratulations for all your efforts and for your project.Keep it going.

August 21, 2017 23:52


I find your project highly innovative and needed in such a time as this and I just thought to stop by and check on your progress thus far and must say congratulations for your efforts so far, we all need to put in more efforts to achieve our dreams.

So I just wanted to say that you keep up and be encouraged to do more.

You can also stop at my idea eradicating poverty and unemployment via teens empowerment"for a comment too. Thanks

Kindest regards,

August 21, 2017 06:35

Thank you Ananda!

Having you around is very encouraging and wonderful. I wish you success on your journey and you should always expect the best coming your way.

You may like to see my idea, AfricEnergy, for comments and support.


August 20, 2017 14:17


I invite you kindly to please read and give some suggestions or comment my idea GadaaUniverse[GU]-Gadaa Universal Communication System and GU-Fair.

Thanks in advance for your votes and comment. I really appreciate your contribution and would be glad to hear your advice and opinion.

Good luck with your work!

Kind regards,

Firanbek Robele

August 20, 2017 14:01

Your project is life saving as it touch both healthy care and social well being. Congulatulation for the efforts and good progress you have just shown.
All the best

August 19, 2017 15:04


your project is a very impressive and it will surely be beneficial for all the people..
It looks promising.
Congratulations for all your efforts that you have put into your project.
Good luck

August 19, 2017 14:44

I invite you kindly to comment my idea Path To Knowledge. I would be glad to hear your advice. I have written this message after I commented almost all ideas and projects and probably yours too. I am deeply sorry if this message bothered you, but everyone on this platform wants to go to the finals with his/her idea and makes all it is possible to get there. Maybe not all the actions are fair. Some participants copy the same meaningless message and paste it to all ideas. I just do marketing. Again, I am sorry if this message disturbed you.
Kindest regards,

August 18, 2017 15:07

Please read my idea edu-cell and give some suggestions on my idea if any ?
Community effort is always welcome.
Thanks for reading my request!

August 18, 2017 05:41

Hello Ananda!

Your project is innovative, as you tend to provide incubators for the new born babies in your community. This eventually, promotes healthy life. Congratulations for your efforts!

I wish you success and you may stop by on my idea to add your contribution.

Best of Luck!

August 18, 2017 05:23


This is a very impressive idea and it will surely be beneficial for all the young minds looking for an opportunity.
Congratulations for all your efforts and for your project.
Good luck

Shuhra Koofi.

August 15, 2017 08:05

I think your project is really innovative and really helpful. There are a lot of villages with this need all around the world. I hope that you want to extend this project and I wish you all the good fortune to do that.
Best regards,

August 11, 2017 05:32

Great Project. I want to invite you to vote for my project and comment if you want it.
Thanks and good luck

August 7, 2017 17:24

In rural or disadvantaged communities, health facilities are not easily accessible when they are not highly expensive.thanks for thinking outside the box.however I need to know if the production costs of the finished incubator won't end up making it expensive?how are you going to keep them low.thank you and good luck

Please care to look and advice on my project as well

August 2, 2017 20:34

thanks putri handayani, maybe in the future, ill change the technology and system according to the development of technology and system in this world. like a using saving energy with new system, make the higher technology, multifuction and make value added.

Putri handayani

August 2, 2017 09:40

I think this product is very good because henat energy using solar cell. I read the surprises of this research originated from problems in small villages in Indonesia, therefore utilizing heat in remote areas is very good, let alone added products different from others just like changing technology and system. I hope this product can develop continuously according to the development of technology.

August 2, 2017 09:20

Thanks wiwin. All of your suggestions I received and I will improve for the future like making the name and brand of my product. I will visit remote areas in Indonesia to better know the conditions there.

August 2, 2017 07:13

Hello Nanda!

The idea of helping smaller communities that have less proper health facility is a very good idea! Especially you are focusing on helping new generations; the babies. I like your idea and your product. It can help a lot of people who live in small places around the world and your product is also powered by solar panel. I wonder if you could visit small villages and give training or presentations on how to build the incubator. That would help the people from the health improvement perspective and also help educate the community. I think it would be a good idea to name your product or give it a brand! Over all, I really like your product!


Wiwin Hartini