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Summary of your idea

GO GREEN which will operate as an NGO, interns to ERADICATE AND DRASTICALLY REDUCE THE CASES OF MALARIA BY CLEANING TODAY FOR A GREENER TOMORROW IN THE MOLYKO BUEA STUDENT RESIDENTIAL AREA OF CAMEROON.GO GREEN has three activities to carryout to achieve its vision and mission. first,through fundraising we hope over a period of two years,to provide 500 thrash cans for the small and main streets of MOLYKO Buea. Secondly,GO GREEN will improve on the sensitization of the public and especially youths on the importance to volunteer in keeping our environment clean,by planning,organizing and sponsoring sensitization and clean up campaigns. thirdly,pertaining to the immediate surrounding around students,GO GREEN will take legal contracts with landlords of student Hostels to clean,mop and empty their thrash at an affordable and encouraging fee.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Buea is located in the South West Region of Cameroon and it is a Town that inhabits about forty thousands students of the state University, a Roman Catholic University and five other private higher institutions.There is a company that carries away dirt from the main part of the City, but in areas especially the small sub streets that constitute a majority of the Student residential area, where individuals own Hostels and have rented them out to students, no company comes to get the dirt or thrash, and as such the is complete dirtiness and littering which leads to malaria. Hostels in this area are owned by private individuals who rent them out to university students. The rents are paid upfront and in just one installment.Students are given the permission to their rooms by landlords only after the complete fee for 12 months is paid since the rooms are limited and it is a first come first serve case scenario. With such a condition, the environment is completely neglected by landlords. success firstly will be evaluated if GO GREEN can donate at least 30 thrash cans to the Molyko Buea student residential area every month. secondly, in every month at least two clean up campaigns should be carried out. In the third fight against malaria by the sixth month of operation we should have about 30 Hostels we clean. It would be interesting to know that in all the Hospitals in Buea a good record as of the moment is kept of patients suffering from malaria,this figures are used by the government.GO GREEN through this figures,can always asses the malaria cases if all these are implemented

Plans for implementation and sustainability

GO GREEN as seen above will be run as a Non Governmental Organisation(NGO). It will be a Hybrid venture as most of the adverts and marketing will be done through social media like Facebook, Websites,twitter e.t.c and also through audio-visual means. The activities of the business will be run by the delegated head of a group of five students, Awah Anselm(organizer), kinfer Evans(web master and audio-visual Master),Ngang Ngu Njwe(Facilitator),Paul Lekene(Facilitator),Awah Andrew(Facilitator). Worthy of note also is the fact that,a survey of the idea to take contracts with landlords and clean their hostels had been carried out, and it really proved successful, because out of the thirty forms distributed to landlords, twenty three showed interest. Primary collaborators apart from the team willing to run this idea to reality is the Catholic University Institute of Buea(CUIB). The president is aware of this idea and is willing to encourage his students to volunteer for the community through GO GREEN since volunteerism is a graduation criteria in this university. GO GREEN is also working with the council of Buea to encourage volunteerism acts and fundraising for thrash cans to be bought,since the council cannot afford this at the moment. The initial funds for the development of the ideas, and all organisation of activities done for this idea to reach a major state this far have been sponsored by the group members. The members of this team are all students and will not be able to provide all these funds, so grands to accomplish the task are constantly sought for. Our contracts with landlords for cleaning will also contribute for the sustainability.

Your profile

I am Awah Anslem Fontsa,24years old, a senior year student,department of Chemical Engineering,at the Catholic University Institue of Buea(CUIB).I am the first in a family of four boys. My family originates from the North West Region of Cameroon.I have always been passionate about leadership, organizing people/groups to achieve their dreams.I have studied a total of seven courses on entrepreneurship with a spacial focus on social entrepreneurship through my four years in the university. I have always held firm positions in the Student Government association. In my Senior year i am the technical adviser to the president of the student government association(STUGA CUIB). I have equally been the Student Senator of Entrepreneurship for the whole university,helping students develop their projects from idea to initialization.I have held the position of the Senator of the school of Engineering. I have always shown a great affection for people and the environment and i think working to better the lives and put smiles on the faces of people is my call in life. My internship report on waste management at Pacific Plastic Ltd OMBE Cameroon,gave me the best junior year internship report award for the year 2013 in my university. I am also presently taking my final year thesis/project on Biodegradable plastics which is of high environmental interest for the cleanliness of any community today,taking into consideration that plastics account for about three quarter of the dirt on landfills today. Becoming a footballer or an entrepreneur are the two things i have ever wished for in life.During my university years i participated in two national university games competitions representing my university as a goalkeeper. I am a student volunteer facilitator helping to identify potential areas for volunteerism and assisting students to sign up forms for volunteerism at the volunteerism office.

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planning stage, start-up stage

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environment, health, sustainable energy, youth, other: volunteerism ,

My humble self. Awah Anslem

At school with some of my team members

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