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Published on June 19, 2014 um 10:47

Summary of your idea

Objectives: Show Ads through smart TVs on a public transport at reduced cost giving opportunities to small business show their products and/or services. Reduce the use of papers in flyers or other material for Ads. Show through TVs educational Ads for a better society with more values. Give service to the businesses by giving the option to the public if they want to order the product or service in that moment and delivering it to their offices or houses paying through a mobile ATM. ATM will give the extra services as charging the consumer for the buy, money exchange. Job offers to profesionals needed. Activities: Sale the services, prepare Ads for the businesses, deliver the product to the consumer, install the services TV, ATM. Give jobs to profesionals. The first target for customers is small businesses by prospecting, then presenting and finally sales. This will help to give the information and create contacts creating a data base for future offers. While social networks as facebook, twitter, linkedin will be tools for ads and prospection, also the website and newspaper.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The idea might start with ten public transports, in the 3 months reinversion should cover for ten more. And the growth should be exponential with that idea of double size every three months. The second year the reinversion also should start with ten more in other city. And expanding though the country every year.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Mission: Give consumers easy, fast and comfortable experience while buying a service and/or product on a public transportation. Also help business to improve their profit with innovative Ads and marketing. Vision: Be the best company giving best buying experience and cheapest publishing company. Watch and buy it on wheels, a publishing company with web templates for creating ads or professionals whom will create the ads, or just upload the ad and publish it as easy as a consumer can buy their products and/or services paying by ATMs on the transport, consumer just need to wait for the product at home or office, but if its digital product its downloaded immediately. Not only that the website will give the consumers option to see and rate the products/services, creating a relationship and being a nexus with the selling business. The profit will be for the different services: It will give job opportunities to different professionals, they will just need to give a monthly membership, this membership will give a platform for the contacts, information, blogs, videos, trainings and forums for their specialization. For publishing the ad on the transport. 1% of the sales made on the transport. ATM money exchange service. Service to the different banks because there is no ATM that accepts different banks in one ATM neither different kinds of payment, monthly payment. Marketing strategy service for their products using rates and reviews. Implementation: 1 (base and start), install smart TVs on ten public transports and ask professional website developers, part paid as sharing services and the other by cash. The source will be from savings. 2 (feed the business), all gains will help to complete all services in the first ten transports, and website improvement. 3 (massive ads), creating a customer base. Next, 10 more and exponential growth.

Your profile

Christian Alfredo Parraga Veizaga, 28 years old. Studied Electronic Systems Engineering in La Paz, Bolivia My first business was in school, we made copies of CDs and DVDs, I'm ashamed because we were pirates. It didn't work well, because my parter used the burner for just burning the original copies and we just had a few sells (we weren't a good sellers at that time), that time burners had a short life and when it stopped working the business ended and almost it ended with our friendship. I forgot about starting businesses until I started to study in the university. I started to look for opportunities and different things appeared on the web, I saw many MLM business and I enrolled in one but nothing happened, I was the first Bolivian in that MLM business and I didn't even receive the welcome package. However it gave me experience to see wich one to choose, then I found one, my friend was my sponsor, it helped me to improve different skills, but what is more important I've learned that I need to improve myself everyday. I started to read and have courses always focused in business knowledge. I am more motivated everyday feeling more close to financial freedom.

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, poverty reduction

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