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Summary of your idea

We noticed that Senegal has many difficulties to evacuate their trash. In order to help the senegalese governement i decided to create a private entreprise. Indeed i have a team who are ready to begin. I will go door to door in our neighboors to talk about our entreprise and the danger of trash.If people our services we will put 2 garbage can (1 for plastic trash and 1 for the other trash). Our team will take care of the evacuation of the trash in the night between 00h to 2h. We collect the plastic waste to recycle it in order to build other garbage can and other things. Nowadays we have ton of ton of plastic waste every day. The people who will evacuate à lot of plastic waste will have a discount.By doing this we are going to fight in our own way against the use of the plastic.Once a month we will choose a district and clean it free of charge.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Senegal is one of most pollued country in Africa. We have ton of ton of trash everyday. We can say that we are the solutions to this problem. Indeed by creating our entreprise we will create jobs and will keep the city and the country clean. It will also help people to avoid the trash excess because our team will come everyday to evacuate their trash. At the same time we will fight against the use of the plastic. Our services will avoid also people to get tired because we will take care of all.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

After the small market analysis that we done people said that this is good idea and they are ready to work with our entreprise. To begin the our activities we don't need a lot of money. In the long term our entreprise can be develop on a large scale in others countries. The evacuation of the trash is a real problem for undevelopement countries and we think our entreprise can try to solve this problem. When our entreprise will be create we want to have a important part of market in less than 6 months and contributing to the fight against the waste.

Your profile

I am a Senegalese student of 20 years old who has the desire to act for the development of Africa and the preservation of its environment.After obtaining the Senegalese bachelor with Cum laude distinction I am currently enrolled at the International School of Management,Dakar(ISM), in the second year of study Diplôme Supérieur de Gestion. The entrepreneurship dear to me.I am even more motivated than, from my point of view, Africa must be present in the concert of nations and achieve worthily its way to be heard. In this regard, I would like to be part of policy makers and leaders of tomorrow, and responsible master of the destiny of Africa. I think I am endowed with certain assets such as leadership skills, the spirit of initiative, perseverance, high adaptability and, above all, a fierce desire to succeed what I undertake . I love brainstorming, public relations, travel, experience different cultures, which are an endless source of enrichment and openness. Enterprising, I also realize several projects.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, health

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