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Published on June 23, 2014 um 16:26

Summary of your idea

Opportunities Multiplied Greater (OMG) Organization provides links, connections and trainings to beautify your CV whilst helping children throughout Indonesia. Only about 37.3% of Indonesias population graduated from high school, which shows such a low amount of people in compare to other countries as a whole. Our organization aims to help children to gain a better education by encouraging teenagers to create events which aims to do so. For example, members of our organization are coached to create events which will, in one way or another, benefit the poor in finding better education. Main objectives: 1. Creating opportunities for young people (13-25 y.o.) to beautify their CV so they can have a greater chance to get into a prestigious university or when they apply jobs. 2. At the same time, kids in less developing countries such as Indonesia would have a greater chance to have better education. 3. Shaping young people's skills in organization, management, and communication. 4. Increasing awareness towards the society. Activities: a). Itll be compulsory for a group of >10 people to create a non profit event where all the money earned will be donated to organizations such as WWF. b). Well hold seminars and camps as a form of training members to enhance their skills in organization, management, and communication. c). Well encourage members to apply on certain competitions based on their potentials and skills. d). Well also encourage them to volunteer to their community in their spare time.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

1. To give those with limited access to school the required education, whether it is in the form of books or voluntary teaching. 2. The extent to which we could conclude our project as a success is such that if the particiants are eager to attend the next event and if OMG organization's popularity will be spread around the community.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Capital : 1. Well create our own business plan and give presentations to companies hoping that some of them will agree to sponsor our organization. 2. As high school students, we can fundraise our organization by selling goods throughout the whole school body. Profits: 1. Profits that well get from the events made by our members will be used for improving the education of the poor such as a. Building a mini library b. Broadening the access to internet c. Voluntary teaching in places around Jakarta d. Giving them 1 day access to join a private/public school in Jakarta e. Create events that will open opportunities for children to meet the most influential people around Jakarta like Jokowi Well need an approximate capital of $15000 which covers the expenses for our office, employees, advertisement and the making of our official website. In order to achieve the expansion of internet we aimed to obtain, we would be obliged to have Telkom Indonesia as our sponsor. Wed like to have Gramedia, one of Indonesias most well known bookstore to be our sponsor in order to advertise our organization as well.

Your profile

Clarin and Micheylla are two high school students that have been close to each other for years. At the age of 17, they want to achieve more than just being excellent at school, as such qualities are required to enter a prestigious university in later life. Micheylla and Clarin have been volunteering in various non profit organizations and have a dream to make an non profit organization of their own. Micheylla's dream is to build more hospitals in Indonesia so people have a greater access to health facilities. Clarin's dream, on the other hand, involves building schools for children throughout Indonesia

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

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You have a great vision! I have just nominated as number 33.


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