Save Life In My Community.

Published on June 17, 2014 um 17:38

Summary of your idea

Objectives: 1. To reduce the death rate of diabetic patients in my community. 2. To provide first aids to any patient in emergency. 3. To make available an emergency team that will respond to the emergency situation. 4. To provide diabetic patients with contour that will help them check their sugar level at any moment, and insulins for those that will need them. 5. To open small pharmacy centers in the community to serve the health need of the people. Activities: 1. Educating the patients on how to take care of their illness. 2. Providing daily treatment to the elderly people living alone. 3. Hosting campaigns that will create awareness of my work to the public ,and informing them how they can assist. 4. Providing immediate , effective and efficient emergency service to the diabetic patients. Innovative Approaches: 1. Opening a website that will inform the public about our work ,and information for diabetic patients. 2. Lunching a free emergency phone number to the public so they could reach our emergency team at any moment. 3. Lunching small emergency ambulance to assist us to convey patients to the hospital. 4. Educating the diabetic patients on how to live a healthy life. 5. I have the idea of lunching campaign to support the diabetic patients in my community, state and nation.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Targets: 1. To reduce the death rate of diabetic patients in my community. 2. To provide standard health equipments that will help elderly people who are diabetic to take care of themselves. 3. To see that no life that can be save is lost again. Measure to evaluate success: 1. I have the idea to use information system technology to track the level of my success. 2. Feedback from patients and other individuals. 3. Number of patients who have benefited from my health serve.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Model of my business is non- profit organization, which aim is to help save the lives of diabetic patients in my community. Financing source: 1. Opening of small pharmacy stores. 2. Local community union , example umunnachi improvement union. 3. Local government. 4. State government. 5. Other individual organization 6. State and community campaign that will get people to support my community service. Collaborators: 1. Local health center 2. Community union. 3. Local government. 4. State government. 5. Individual volunteer. 6. Youths and elderly people.

Your profile

Date of Birth: 18.12.1988 Background Information: Education background: High school: Holy Ghost Juniorate Ihiala. Year: 2001-2007 University Education: University: The National Missionary Seminary of St. Paul Abuja , Nigeria. Year: 2009-2012 Course: Philosophy University : American Graduate School of Business, Switzerland. Year: 2012- till date. Motivation : I have lost three members of my relatives because of diabetes,On the other hand, I will like to share the story on how I saved the life of Mr. Michel Faure whose pictures I have included on my campaign page here. It was on 17th of March 2014 at about 8:00pm Swiss time. However, at about 30 minutes after our last discussion Mr. Michel Faure asked me to get his contour so that he could check his sugar level. But unfortunately for him, he could only consume one cube of sugar before he went to hypoglycemia and lost his consciousness. He tried calling me for help but could not speak.But as Divine will have it, I heard a heavy sound on the floor behold Mr. Michel struggling between life and death. Thanks to the neighbors ,We saved the life of Michel. When Mr. Michel regained his consciousness ,and saw me at the hospital the first thing he asked was, what would have happened if I was not there to save him? This question is one of the things that kept my spirit up for this work "Save Life In MY Community". Help me save life that we can save!

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, elderly, youth

Michel and I


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We have a lot of our people who suffer silently with diabetes. Your proposal would surely save lives. I wholly support!

June 18, 2014 00:16

Thank you all for your vote, and I believe together we can do something beautiful by saving lives.