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Have you imagined your grandpa being a chess champion ? Have you imagined your granny to be a top chef? Have you imagined retirees or elderly people climbing a school bus every morning and driving to their community? This project aims at including activities that can function as powerful new interventions to promote the physical and psychological health of elderly. It will be an organization for elderly similar to an institute including a number of clubs based on their interests, hobbies and professional fields. The organization will engage elderly into activities of their choice and interest and help them build a community to share and to help one another.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Senior citizens possess what everybody else in society so desperately lacks: time. But the elderly form the most neglected community in the world. Social and productive activity is as important as physical activity. Keeping social and busy evokes changes in the brain that protect against cognitive decline. People lack the time to take care of the elderly in the house and the vital link between generations remains disconnected. How to improve their social life? How to decerease the intergeneration gap? How to engage elderly in something productive? How to make senior citizens feel needed? This organization will help engage elderly into activities which they find meaningful. It will help in personal growth by increased motivation, independence and increased energy to do things. It will also help elderly and their children to build an understanding.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

First we need to understand the broad spectrum of elderly the range in age, interests, and mobility. There will be a minimum fee for every admit. The admissions will be done keeping in mind the age, the cognitive behaviour and health issues I would like to launch it in franchise model in one of the populated cities of India and then move to other different cities. The organization will have clubs divided into two categories: Skills (Hobbies) and Professional (for retired professionals) Hobbies and skills can inlcude weaving, writing, stitching, cooking some delicacy, painting, baking, etc. Professional clubs is for people (retired professionals) from different fields such as science, engineering , teaching, etc. The organization will involve indoor and outdoor activities . Indoor activities can involve drama, dance, yoga, games, birthday and anniversary celebrations of everyone, etc Outdoor activities may include visits to parks, beaches, malls, cinema, museums,etc To decrease staff cost and increase intergenerational link, the children from different schools and intitutes can volunteer for some of the outdoor activities. The student will be receive a credit for the volunteering hours and on completion of certain number of hours, the student is liable to be an ambassaber of the organization and open a club in his school or institute. It can also provide support for intergenerational computer training and community service opportunities. There will be an online social media community for the organization to upload the activity through photos. The products prepared by the elderly can be sold in exhibitions, events, etc.Marketing can be done through social media, at hospitals, at health events, etc. Investment can be received through corporates and sponsors such as hospitals, medicine brands, etc

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I am 23 years old social media enthusiast and a blogger. I am a Systems engineer by profession with keen interest in social entrepreneurship, I have been a fundraiser and community volunteer for several NGOs. I was brought up in a multi-cultural environment of United Arab Emirates. I like travelling and speak several languages. I am also an enthusiastic Speaker. I have been a bronze memeber for a leading volunteering program. I have won an award for appreciation for volunteering a large number of hours.

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