Introducing Oracle database management systems and CISA

Published on June 19, 2014 um 14:21

Summary of your idea

1. Our vision is to equip organisations and communities with the internal strength to remain competitive even in the face of extreme economic dynamics in this millennium of computer techno fad. 2. We will assist organisations to set, design, implement and secure their information technology policies, models and devices and strategic manpower resources. 3. We are aimed at achieving investors in peoples status and begin our skills transfer project at the request of client who wanted their staff to receive training in the deployment of systems we had installed. 4. We are looking forward to make significant investment in the employee ownership infrastructure, skills knowledge, equipment, staff resources and continuing training of staff that are innovative for solving emerging business problems. Thus will enable us to develop our delivery capabilities and access new national markets. 5. Our goal is to render value added consulting and related services to client using well experienced and multi-disciplinary professionals.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Administering of oracle database management software one of the leading database software company in the world in my communities will help reduce the use of filling cabinet systems in search of patients information in hospitals as well as universities where filling cabinet are still in use. This is helpful because with unique identification number given to patients and registration number given to university students as their unique primary key, information and records can be accessed easily without going through a lot of file searching techniques. Use of certified information system auditing (CISA) in my communities such as government, financial institutions, hotels, hospitals will improve the efficient management and monitoring of our financial account and risk control. It help to prevent frauders within various organisations from tampering with company financial account.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Description of Business model ICON Technologies Limited is an employee ownership firm with the aim of establishing before the year 2016. It is an IT solution provider, sales and supply of computer and it accessories, consultancy, installations and repairs of computers and satellite TV equipment sales and installation. Our target unique selling point is to sell and market our products online for people to buy them and for quick delivery and at affordable rate. Our client base is selling computer and its accessories to govt, financial institutions, and hospitals, schools to improve in the use of computer for better advancement technologies and for installation of satellite TV to these areas to enhance telecommunication worldwide. We began our skills transfer project at the request of clients who wanted their staff to receive training in the deployment of systems we have installed. Our enterprise is aimed at achieving investors in people status, are accredited by institutions of management and business skills and we got our training using e-learning process and are certified on both starting a business skills and sales performance skills. Our target clients include the financial institutions, the government, hospitals, universities and secondary schools, and both local and national levels at large. Financial source Grants Crowd funding Collaboration We need;- A technical Director who works with clients on all aspects of their projects. A tutor who delivers skills transfer projects. A team of hardware and maintenance technicians. We are also seeking sales and supply manager and satellite TV installation technicians.

Your profile

Name: Obiajunwa Marcellinus Chiazam Gender: Male Marital status: Single Date of Birth: 17 May, 1991 Nationality: Nigeria State: Anambra. Permanent Address: N0 6 okechukwu lane Off Jideoffor Nzegwu street inland town, Onitsha. Zip code: +234 Telephone no: 08101158536 Home town: Ora-eri L.G.A: Aguata Awards / Recognition Owns a certificate of participation in Nigeria centenary quiz south east zone. Certificate on e-learning in both starting a business and sales performance instructed by Pauline Hayes Member Information system Audit control association (ISACA) Member oracle group a leading database management software company in the world.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, youth

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