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Summary of your idea

We aim to provide a service which predominantly targets the youth demographic, this will be achieved by establishing an alternative and beneficial medium for social interactions. The platform is SOPO a social networking system. As well as providing the classic online social media functions (friends lists, instant messaging, etc.), SOPO will also connect youth to exciting and relevant social events (for example-concerts) as well as educational activities and incentivised charitable work. Being part of a smaller scale network will enable youth who subscribe to the service to build a sense of community through meeting other users- during event attendance-while having fun along the way. Since the rates of depression in youth are extremely high, through this self-sustaining service we hope to address a root of the issue-social isolation in youth. How it works: 1. People will have to sign up/register to become a member this will require them to enter their personal details and an email address for confirmation. 2. The members can then view the events, which are currently happening in that particular city- they can read a description of the event (date, time, location). It will also provide the number of incentive prize points which they will receive. 3. Once the member attends the event they will receive a code which they can enter the code online. This will then add the number of prize points to their account. Once they have accumulated enough points they can redeem them on the Prizes page of the website. The more valuable the prize the more points required to redeem it. The quantity of points obtained will be proportional to the subjective charitable nature of the event. 4. Prizes are sent to the address bound to the account during registration

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Youth culture and the role of youth/adolescents in modern society is a complex affair, the social position of youth is constantly changing as a function of modern cultural dynamism. Youth are obviously an appreciated and hugely important subset of modern society. Despite this, there exists (and has likely always existed) a certain tendency toward self-alienation and disenfranchisement that can befall young people who may lack adequate social support, or the feeling of a valid position in a social hierarchy. However, the rapid evolution of networked social media platforms (Facebook being a pertinent example of this) has provided youth with a unique perspective on the function, and actual process of modern human social interaction. It is our belief that although the advent and uprising of social media has been beneficial to youth in many regards,(ostensibly, increasing the fluidity and flexibility of their social interactions) it has contributed deleteriously to the real-life sociability of young people today. A personal profile and the apparent activity of other users on a social media platform may not present an accurate portrayal of reality to a young person browsing and interacting through this interface. This may contribute to social segmentation and the formation of discrete groups, in youth that may otherwise be comprised of a similar demographic. This reinforces a culture of alienation and potentially reduces a young persons perceived contribution to society. In acknowledgement of the technological fluency of modern youth, and some of the challenges that are associated with this, the goal of the proposed service is to address this concern, providing an incentivised online social media platform and networking service with a difference.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Social Media: Well set up a page for SOPO that will update those who like (subscribe to) that Facebook (Fb) page with up and coming events, and any promotions we may have currently on offer. We will also use Fb advertising to promote the SOPO website and service. The ads on Fb calculatedly presented to the users based upon a series of algorithms that determine users preferences and habits, displaying ads and links that would be relevant to their respective interests. Twitter and Instagram sites will also be connected to our brand, to allow youth to tag #SOPO in photos and posts. Partnerships: The organisations which we partner with to create the events members attend will include our Social Points brand SOPO on brochures and at the actual event, contributing to our positive brand image. We will also collaborate with universities in the region and their student organizations. Brand Ambassadors: The ambassadors will be selected youth who represent our brand in schools and universities. They will distribute brochures and organise/coordinate meetings to discuss the benefits that are on offer upon becoming a member of our website. Brand ambassadors will receive training, and most likely be selected from the universities to promote our organisation and service. Revenue model-Organisations: pay an initial fee and with a continuing monthly fee to obtain SOPO membership. These organisations may pay additional fees to utilise the SOPO website for ads/brand promotion. Funding: As the overarching goal of the SOPO service is the promotion of a countrys social development, we will appeal not only to financing companies for assistance, but also the government to seek subsidisation. Prize costs will increase each year, as these are directly correlated to the number of members, however we will appeal to get these at a discounted rate.

Your profile

Name: Thi Kim Duyen Nguyen (Preferable name: Kim Nguyen). Date of birth: Feb 27th, 1992. I am currently a student of Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland. My major is International Business and my profession is Marketing. My group and I have come up with the idea of SOPO since we joined a competition named Geebiz but we did not win the contest. We have improved it and now we come back to this competition with a refresh idea of SOPO. Although each of us has our own motivations to take part in this competition, we have one common goal: we want to challenge ourselves! For me, it is a perfect chance to add an honor and proud achievement like this competition to my resume. My group contains members from different aspects: Marketing, Business, IT, Accounting. We believe that with all our knowledge and abilities, we can develop this idea. What we lack now is the support from finance and professional guidance. And one more thing, I am crazy enough to take risks and take the action. Don't believe it? Give me and SOPO a chance and you will know it!

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

environment, education, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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