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Summary of your idea

A walking stick or a four-legged walking frame is typically used to improve day-to-day mobility. However these devices are either bulky, hard to handle or do not render sufficient stability. Therefore, this innovative rehabilitates device for the physically challenged and elderly, the F Frame is designed to address the challenges end-users face when using these conventional devices mentioned earlier. Depending on the walking terrain and preferred usage pattern, end-users can choose to use the device in either the collapsed or non-collapsed configuration. When used in the collapsed configuration, it operates just like a normal walking stick. When desired, the end-user can effortlessly disengage the built-in lock to transform the device into an H-shaped frame, which is equipped with a pair of handles and legs, providing enhanced support. The collapsible walking device comprises a pair of supports and a pair of connecting frames. The supports and connecting frames are arranged such that they form a two-dimensional H-shaped structure in the non-collapsed configuration. The H-shaped structure renders better stability than a walking stick, and works well even on sloping and uneven surfaces. To switch to the collapsed configuration, the two supports are brought together in parallel to each other with the connecting frames executing a scissor-like action. In the collapsed state, the device can be handled and stowed easily (e.g. on board a vehicle). For better usability, a handle is attached to the upper end of both supports. Rubber foots are also fitted to the lower end of both supports to provide added support and prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Includes target measures or evaluate success (less than 300 words) It is known that ageing population in years to come will be a challenging responsibility. Out of every three people, one of them will bound to be age 65 years and above in year 2030. This is where our H-Frame comes in to cater to this targeted group of people and provide them with the benefits to enhance the quality of their lives. H-Frame is an extraordinary innovation that has diversified impacts on the ageing population. This device is suitable for the following end-user groups: Aged segment of the population People with impaired ambulation People who desire good transportability for their walking aids This invention is advantageous in the following ways; it helps improved mechanical support and stability. Our innovation the H-Frame allow users to enhanced device portability due to the simple and effortless folding/unfolding mechanism. The elegant design that H-Frame offers, require minimal numbers of inexpensive parts. H-Frame is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our H-Frame would definitely stand out in the market and I strongly believe the simple yet ingenious idea will turn into a need for all users.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

We are specialised in designing and marketing of Intellectual property (IP) innovations, with primary focus on designing products which helps the elderly and users of walking devices, determined to eliminate any redundant human discipline in order to ease their mobility independence. Our business model is to license these IP innovation to manufacture and distribute to companies so as to tackle the market efficiently and effectively. We will receive commission base on royalty fees on the distributors of the product(s). We aim to utilise value based pricing strategy and the price of H-Frame will be strategically set based on the market willingness to pay as referenced from the standard walking aids. In terms of promoting our innovation H-Frame, we aim to leverage on a partner, who expertise in manufacturing and distribution function with wide networks. With our extensive knowledge in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & mobile app marketing, through this platform, we hope to increase global out reach. Our sustainable competitive advantage lies in the managements high innovation capacity and the ability to consistently innovate new value adding products to secure market loyalty. us,we will hence be positioned as a design firm that is highly skilled in the relevant industry which possesses one of the most unqiue product design and entice more distributors. To top if off, we competitive advantage also lies in its strategic assets. The Intellectual propery right is a legal patent.

Your profile

We are a group of students from Singapore that builds around the believe of bringing innovations and generating first of it kind ideas in the healthcare sector. We believe in our own abilities and ideas, giving us the ability to drive us in keeping going and see things though. We are a team that understands that it is necessary to have not only the ideas for the business, but also the detailed plans to achieve objectives. Analytical ability, the process of researching and evaluating each aspect of business, from development, through finance, production, to market and sales, is another key aspect in building a successful product. Despite my teams age, we are very passionate in accomplishing our intended objectives given our ability.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage , idea offered for implementation by others

Your idea has a positive impact on

health, elderly

Collapsible State of the H Frame

Two Dimensional structure of the H-Frame

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