Penda Dada Initiative

Published on June 17, 2014 um 17:01

Summary of your idea

Penda Dada Initiative is a new a youth-led organization based in Archers Post, Samburu County in Kenya. The organization was founded by Emmanuela Alimlim, 20 and Fridah Karwitha, 21 with the aim of empowering girls through education and mentorship. It is a new Initiative which will help see more girls obtain elementary, secondary and college education without falling into early and forced marriages, teenage pregnancy and Female Genital Mutilation. The Organization is formulated in a manner to bring up a holistic lady who is ready to be in charge of herself and the entire society. We want to see a society where women are empowered socially and also economically. The girls will be given a gift of education and mentorship.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Emmanuela who is the founder is now giving back to her community. We are hoping to impact directly close to 1000 girls. These girls will then turn to be a source of hope to their families. All girls will be provided with full support from school to home. Our program will be rated as successful by the number of donors joining the program and how these scholars are performing in school. We are aiming to empower parents of these girls to take their children to school. At the end, we expect these girls to give back to their community.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Penda Dada Initiative, aims to empower young girls through the gift of Education and leadership skills. Our Initiative will run on donors funding, sponsorship and grants for non-governmental organizations. So far, this idea has been supported by the UNESCO- US after I won in the Multimedia youth Competition. A website will be launched to invite partners and donors. Our Implementation plans will be to match each scholar with the school and ensure that they are comfortable. Each scholar will have a mentor to check their progress. During vacations we will organize conferences where we invite speakers and also scholars to share their experience of being in school.

Your profile

I am Emmanuela Alimlim 20, from Kenya. Despite being born by a barely sixteen years old mother am working to empower other young girls through education and mentorship opportunities. I came up with Penda Dada Initiative after seeing many girls with dream and hopes being pregnant at the age below fifteen. I am a first year student at the University of Toronto obtaining full scholarship from MasterCard Foundation, just to show girls in my community that they can make it. This Initiative was also recently awarded by UNESCO as the 2nd best during their Worldwide Multimedia Competition. I want to impact millions of girls directly or indirectly. I want them to achieve their dreams and goals

Stage of Idea

conceptual stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, empowerment of women

Schools Mnetorship

Girls Empowerment Session

Mentors session.

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absolutely brilliant!!!this is a humane and selfless idea....let's support alilmlim realize the project which will greatly help marginalized girls achieve their dreams.kudos alimlim!