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Summary of your idea

EARN(Environmental Aptitude, Recycle for Naira)WEALTH is a strategy campaign to make Nigeria a model for Africa on how to turn environmental recyclable wastes into wealth by deploying pick-for-reward responsible habits that deliver benefits to every stakeholder; The Government, Companies, Investors, Citizens and the Environment beginning with Nigerias capital city, Abuja. Only in 2012, Nigeria experienced her worst flood disaster in history with 30 of the countrys 36 states affected in a roar that span through a period of 4 months with some 1.3 million Nigerians displaced and a total of 431 deaths recorded(Premium Times, October 2012) . This carnage was traceable to heavy rains viz- a- viz the opening of Lagdo Dam in Cameroon and blocked drainage systems; one a natural cause, and the other artificial. Wastes that readily find their way to our drainages are mostly PET Bottles (i.e. translucent water and drink bottles), Pure water sachets and Aluminium cans dumped indiscriminately. The present practice in tackling this challenge has been from the surface; employing road cleaners and out-sourcing to waste disposer outfits which have proved insufficient and ineffective because the source is left unaddressed. The EARNWEALTH solution is designed to address the source, sustain the process and create a wealthy and healthy environment.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Managing these wastes by means of Landfills, Use of incinerators and open burning has its many side effects and short falls ranging from land pollution of underground waters, to release of heat and global warming gases, all of which are harmful to the environment and the population. Here are the expected impact of EARNWEALTH on Nigerias Sustainable development: *The environment is taken care of. Flood disaster and the accompanying loss is averted. Government money is significantly saved ( In wake of the flood disaster of 2012, the federal government allocated 17.6 billion naira to states and agencies to respond to flood damage). *Public Health is taken care of, so is its accompanying costs. *Reduction in poverty as it takes off the transport burden of the ordinary Nigerian *Keep companies in business by providing sustainable raw materials meeting the countrys aspiration of becoming an industrialized nation. *Delivers a Healthy and Wealthy environment for all.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The Implementation is in two stages: STAGE ONE *Collection of the PET Bottles,Aluminium cans and pure water sachets by use of Branded baskets, nylons, handled by trained personnel. *Storage and then transportation of the collected items to a recycling plant in Lagos(because of the absence of a recycling plant in the whole of Nigerias capital Abuja, I did make contact with two recycling plant operators in Lagos and one has agreed to set up a mini collection hub in Abuja to buy the items at a price.) STAGE TWO *Collection of the PET Bottles,Aluminium cans and pure water sachets by use of Branded baskets, nylons, handled by trained personnel. *Direct recycling into pellets useful to the already identified industries that needs them, selling them at a price. The strategy for collecting these items at specific bus stop has also been spelt out, with at least 2-man manpower each to help receive and then transport the items to the mini hub,(as in STAGE ONE) or directly to the plant(as in STAGE TWO) totalling about 100 manpower for a start. COLLABORATION: The Abuja Environmental Protection Board, A.E.P.B, has been identified and approached as a partner. The processes are in the finishing stages of completion. FINANCING SOURCE: *Self financing. Considering that these recycleable items are not particularly bought at high prices, self financing is especially challenging( paying staffs, purchasing Baskets and Nylons as well as logistics). The huge money is in the pellets. Which are the finished products of the recycling process. Obtaining a Recycling plant is therefore an inevitable priority for the sustainability of this idea. And thats the STAGE TWO we hope to get to with the appropriate exposure and attention.

Your profile

I am competent in acquiring skills and always ready to expand and learn. With acquired experience in people management cutting across networking, Information, communications and leadership world, i have developed the competencies of: Multi-tasking Leading and directing Interacting and presenting Analysing and interpreting Creating and conceptualising Organising and executing Adapting and coping Enterprising and performing PERSONAL DATA: NAME: Abdulkareem Nene Bilikisu DATE OF BIRTH:4th March 1989 MARITAL STATUS:Single NATIONALITY:Nigerian EDUCATION AND TRAINING *Content Strategy For Professionals,NorthWestern University, U.S.A Via Cousera.org, 2014 *Skills Acquisition and Orientation Course, Nigerian National Youth Service Scheme, 2012 *BSc Banking and Finance, University Of Abuja, Nigeria,2011. WORKING EXPERIENCE: *Networking developer,FLP,(Abuja, Kano, Kogi), Nigeria, 2012-date *Project co-ordinator,Huawei Technology Nig.Ltd, Abuja, Nigeria, 2013 *Project co-ordinator,PATHS2(Partnership for Transforming Health System,Phase ii),Abuja, Nigeria, 2011. MOTIVATION: Change is my biggest motivation. I have an understanding that change is one sure process that is inevitable. I run after it, I prepare for it and I prepare people for it. HOBBIES: Swimming, Reading, Writing, Travelling, Meeting people and carrying them along

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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environment, health, poverty reduction, youth

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