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Summary of your idea

AB.EX is the first of its kind in Nigeria and in Africa. AB.EX is a website that allows letters to be sent Online and received physically. Unlike the emails and other forms of such communication, AB.EX puts everybody on the map. AB.EX also presents a unique form of advertisement when letters are sent, they are delivered with other contents in the envelope such as pamphlets, depending on what our partners want to send to the public. This form of advertising will be very beneficial to small scale businesses, as it would be affordable and very effective in their locality. Main Objectives; To physically deliver messages/cards sent online To promote literary artistry To enhance networking AB.EX services makes it possible for the busy workman to send letters and birthday cards to his mum in the village, where there is neither electricity nor internet. Activities Include; Delivery of Letters, cards and other literature Active Advertising Art, Literature, Culture Promotion Innovative approaches; Custom and fancy envelopes and papers Special Smileys and uniqueness of AB.EX writing style Participation of users in web services such as article writing and literary arts. Mobile app.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

A situation to hope for is when simple literature and poems we grew up with, will be sent along with mails as a digest for young minds, for the kids who might not be in school, kids in the villages and the underdeveloped communities. This could be a project sponsored by an NGO or INGO in partnership with AB.EX. Educational Impact: Apart from the situation described previous paragraph, AB.EX would inspire and rejuvenate literature writing. Considering certain factors and the right timing special writing competitions can be organised in Nigeria by AB.EX. Political Impact: Politics involves a great deal of awareness and campaign. Being able to reach out to a wide variety of people in a form of a personal letter cannot be over looked. In Nigerian politics, new ideas come in every now and then, and the presence of a company such as AB.EX is going to influence campaigning as it is known to be in Nigeria. Social Impact: The characteristic nature of the website and uniqueness of letter style instantly makes AB.EX socially inclined. Social impact includes web publications and forums, advertisements. AB.EX is also very compatible with existing social structures. Economic impact: Money will be distributed more evenly around the economy. This is because AB.EX pays people working in the distribution, people from both rural and urban areas. This will help wealth distribution. It will also increase the accessibility to rural areas and hence bring about development. Amongst others, employment and job opportunities will be created. It is AB.EX target to be the first and only choice for individuals and public/private companies and corporations. Success of AB.EX can be quantified based on the number of users and cooperate partners it has. It will continue to grow and stay relevant with the changing world.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

Basically the business consists of the online platform and a physical office to handle logistics. All company services are offered only online. Presently, hosting a website has become easy. The website is also sort of a media industry, so in anticipation of the future, the company can partner with other media industries ( e.g. radio stations). This will help the publicity of the company. All users will be required to sign-up before having access to services. Users will be given a free trial for a period of time, as a way of a test run or kick-start for the company. Four different accounts would be made available; Regular, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. This account types are based on payment plans and access. The regular accounts will be free, but will have very restricted access. Money would be generated from such an account through adverts. The silver and gold accounts would be paid accounts for individuals. The platinum account is reserved for companies and cooperate bodies. The major running cost of the company would come from delivery of letters/cards. There will be need to partner with a delivery company such as NIPOST (Nigerian Postal Service), to reduce cost and work load of making deliveries. Money would be generated from the website through a number of means; Money from Paid accounts Money from adverts on the website Money from adverts through sent and delivered mails (regular accounts) Money from partners ( Schools, Banks, Churches/Mosques, Political Parties, NGOs, etc. ) AB.EX may be a business, but its also going to be a relevant part of the becoming society. AB.EX intends to become part of peoples daily lives.

Your profile

I am Nelson Oluku. I am currently studying mechanical engineering at the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State. My motivation comes from family and friends; Im driven by set goals. I am observant and imaginative; this has helped me succeed in many of my efforts thus far. I have come across different people whom I love. With all these people I have developed different relationships and shared different values. Today, communication between people have been reduced to Instant Messages and talking machines, and people without present day technology are left out. The internet and social networks dictates who we meet or keep up with. Well I think its also technologys responsibility to carry others along. We all deserve to be able to conveniently write a letter, and know they l can be received by those we love. Soon I will be graduating, then have a first-hand experience of the labour market. A labour market that could be better; my intent is to positively impact the society with what I have.

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Stage of Idea

planning stage

Your idea has a positive impact on

education, poverty reduction, elderly, sustainable trade, cultural diversity , empowerment of women, youth

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