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Summary of your idea

Imagine, having groundnuts and chilled natural orange or pineapple juice, with good soft music playing, what a feeling? The nutritious value and economic importance of nuts such as groundnut, cashew nuts, etc and natural fruits can never be overemphasized, and neither can their rich tastes be ignored. FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC has objectives and plans of taking fruits and nuts to the next level in the society and these objectives and plans of increasing the production, consumption, and durability of fruits and nuts and more also elevate individual place of importance on fruits and nuts are: 1. Provision of a high-rated cafe or spot where `natural` fruits, `natural` fruits juice and prepared varieties of nuts; groundnuts, cashew nuts and so on, are served. And this is the first of its kind. 2. Embark on agricultural and nutritional education of the society, focused on the students, farmers and the general public on majorly fruits and nuts, and their production. 3. Boost fruits and nuts production by provision of fertilizers, pesticides, weather news and forecasts, seminars and workshop to rural farmers who are the major producers of fruits and also by working with government agency. FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC would create and provide a spot or café where people would enjoy the other side of fruits and nuts. It would provide a place of relaxation which would be enhanced with provision of news, information and tips through making available national dailies, newspapers, magazines and charts. This aims at not only providing news but also elevating the reading culture of our customers indirectly. FRUIT AND NUT REPUBLIC is poised in being involved in nutritional education, informing the society of how this natural food can sustain their health and also assist subsistence rural farmers.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC wants to give to the society new and rich values; enjoyable, natural and nutritious taste of natural fruits, fruit juices and nuts and at the same time educate young ones, rural farmers and the entire society at large on the importance of agriculture and also fruits and nuts agriculture and likewise assist subsistence rural farmers who are the major producers of fruits by the ways of educating them, provision of fertilizers and pesticides, weather news and forecasts and widening their views, aspirations and knowledge to gradually expand and commercialize fruit production. We also partner with them by becoming one of their foremost customers and so help them sustain their new agricultural venture. Our activities would help the Federal government of Nigeria, achieve goal 20:20:20; increasing the contribution of agriculture in the nations GDP. It would not only help reduce the level of fruit loss due to spoilt by acquisition of variety of fruits in large quantity from farmer but also improve standard of living by making available fruits, even when they are not in season. It has been a challenge in Nigeria that a particular fruits is totally scarce, when it season passes. Several employment opportunities would be created. Too many of university undergraduates offering agricultural disciplines have this notions that their disciplines are inferior compared to those studying law, engineering or medicine. Through its agricultural programs and seminars would broaden the view of this student and help them understand outstanding and realistic chance that await them and therefore increase their esteem, importance and productivity. FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC has initiates plans to increase the economic value and individual consumption of cashew nuts by industrially processing the raw cashew nuts into finished product, with hygienic and neat packaging.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC would be implemented and sustained through time, through the following plans devised; first in its implementation, plans have been made to use different communication channels to approach customers and create wide and obvious awareness of the FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC to the public and this communication channels, include flyers, webpage, mass media, internets, social media and word of mouth. This publicity is necessary as it would reduce and minimize risk; no good entrepreneurial idea or project is void of risk. Massive publicity would be embarked on since FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC is the first of its kind in its society. The location of the café/spot would be at the heart of the city, at a cynosure, so as to attract customers and visitors. The start-up financing of the business would be on personal finance. This service is based on quality environmental comfort and hygiene, so I am ready to give my best all rounds. Also the Federal Government under the Ministry of Agriculture is ready to collaborate with any organization or body poised to make agriculture better and likewise support their activities. We would partner with the faculty/school of agriculture of universities to organize seminars, workshops and conferences for the students. FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC would achieve rural farmer education by working together with Local Government Areas administration, the State Government and several local and international NGOs to educate rural farmers and provide necessary facilities for their growth and sustainability. Finally, FRUITS AND NUTS REPUBLIC would assist willing hotels and suites to attract customers and render quality services by establishing the cafe in their hotels, making natural fruits and nuts available to customers. Let us put hands together as we take fruits and nuts to the next level.

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As an undergraduate, Francis Maduakor is poised to make a difference, to do little things in a great way and affect lives positively. Francis Maduakor is a Chemical Engineering student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria; a graduate of Youth Development Academy and a member of United Nations Millenium Development Goals [MDGs] Student Club,Awka; twenty and twinkling.

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start-up stage

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environment, education, health, food security, poverty reduction, youth

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