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Published on June 19, 2014 um 14:10

Summary of your idea

My research shows that unemployment in Nigeria is not because there are no jobs but because therere some things wrong with our tertiary educational system. Here are few things I discovered: (1) Quality Education is very expensive in Nigeria. (2) Outdated courses are still being taught in our tertiary Institutions making graduates unemployable because they lack the 21st century skills required by employers. (3) Practical Skills are not taught in schools: Students go to school; learn theories; study hard only to pass exams; graduate with good grades, then joins the unemployed hordes who are in search for jobs. Schools are not preparing students to be creators of opportunities and solvers of economy challenges and societal underdevelopment. (4) We put the cart before the horse. Students should have the skills first before being certified and not awarding degrees without having the necessary skills and experiences. I guess that is why Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, a one-time Governor; Central Bank of Nigeria once said that Nigerian graduates are unemployable. I am facilitating the establishment of e-Skills360 Nigeria. E-Skills360 is an e-learning portal, a UN GAID flagship initiative which will give Nigerians the access to over 3000 state-of-the-art Skills and certification-level Information Technology, Business and Professional Development courses FOR FREE through sponsorships by individuals, companies, foundations, and government. The platform will equip girls and boys, women and men with the 21st century employability skills so that they are ready to compete in the global economy. The well-trained individuals will attract multi-national, local and corporate investments into the local economy. The raised talented workforce who will not only become sought-after which companies can hire skilled employees from, but also, those who will create jobs for others rather than waiting for government to create one for them.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

Considering that the key to the development of any nation is the availability of a highly qualified workforce. E-Skills360 e-learning portal will help to build and upgrade the available skills of potential employees, and increase the number of qualified individuals in all areas. Using the e-Skills360 portal, will give Nigerians access to the latest IT, Business, and Professional Development courseware which will improve your work skills. E-Skills360 will help to solve the problems that persistently plague educational systems in Nigeria some of which include: Lack of subject matter experts, deficient curricula, unaffordability, redundant teaching methods, ineffective educational policies, a lack of accurate monitoring of learning achievement and evaluation programs, failure to identify correct educational needs, little or no accountability, little or no quality assurance, inconsistency of curriculum, standards, metrics, and mechanisms, andinability to authenticate teacher training or qualifications. The e-Skills360 initiative is the only program of its kind in the world that addresses all of the key barriers to the use of e-learning in developing countries, such as high cost, low bandwidth, piracy, etc. As noted by United Nations agencies, e-Skills360 program provides benefits in terms of poverty reduction, youth empowerment, educational and economic opportunity generation, entrepreneurial enhancement, building a knowledge-based economy, and bolstering the job preparatory skills level of large pools of prospective employees, which attracts corporations to provide jobs in these areas. E-Skills360 will be available to anyone who hungers for knowledge regardless of age, sex, tribal, colour and creed and by the end of 2016, the awareness of e-Skills360 would have spread across the nooks and cranny of Nigeria ensuring that all are aware and have access to quality education, skills and certifications through our program.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

E-Skills360 is a UN GAID flagship Initiative. Established and administered by ICWFD (International Commission on Workforce Development), incorporated in California as a Public charity organization and is challenged with recommending policies, strategies and solutions that enable the workforce of G77 Developing Countries (DCs) and marginalized sectors of all countries to compete in the current and future global economy. ICWFD welcomes individuals, groups and socially responsible companies or organisations who could help make the program accessible to others. Through this program Over 13 million people across the G77 countries have been given access to state-of-the-art courses in job skills since March 2001 (launching date). ICWFD partnered with leading e-learning content and solutions providers to offer over 3000 of the highest quality courseware to the underprivileged at negligible costs. The same courses that are available for hundreds of US Dollars in the West, are now available for FREE to the underprivileged masses via philanthropic and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs as it allows individuals, companies and foundations an opportunity to fund and sponsor the skills and offer them FREE of cost to students. The same courses that cost US$ 99 to US$ 540 commercially are available for sponsorship at nominal rates. The courses can be taken from anywhere in the world through a PIN-based branded scratch card system which lends itself very well to sponsorships by companies with CSR programs. Through this program, companies can very easily show CSR in their local markets and bridge the digital divide at the same time. I will personally facilitate and seek collaboration with local partners to join forces with ICWFD to Introduce and establish e-Skills360 in Nigeria. Capital needed for acquiring equipment and to put all structure in place will be sought by fund raising, donations from philanthropies and through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Your profile

I am Timothy Olukayode Ajayi, born in July 8, 1987- I studied Computer Engineering and ICT from the former Gateway ICT Polytechnic, now D.S. Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Itori-Ewekoro, Ogun State but presently studying Communication Technology from one of Nigerias prestigious University in Osun State. I am a registered student on the e-Skills360 portal. I am Introducing and facilitating the establishment of ICWFD/e-Skills360 Nigeria. An entrepreneur, working as a service provider in the Digital Media and ICT industry, I am also the founder of Young Executives Africa (YEA), an Impact/Change Enterprises which is encouraging and equipping young Nigerians to create opportunities rather than waiting for others to create one for them through Print Media, Online Media and Broadcast Media. An emerging public figure, conference speaker and author; after being and seeing how things operates in some other parts of the developed and developing world, my vision and dream drifted from being just successful to raising Successful, Financially free and Influential Young Individuals in Nigeria and Africa who will help turn things around and make positive impact in their immediate society. One of my greatest dream is to own a Professional University which will focus strictly on Business, Media and Infocomm Technology education in Nigeria, charging a very ridiculous fee (almost tuition free) yet, not breeching or lowering our standard which is to breed and equip the best and sought-after Professional graduates, and be known as the prime in Africa.

Stage of Idea

planning stage, start-up stage

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education, poverty reduction, sustainable trade, empowerment of women, youth, other: Skills and Capacity Building

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