Summer futsal

Published on June 19, 2014 um 10:35

Summary of your idea

Summer futsal is smaller football play ground field with artificial grass (carpet) proposed to be built in Hargeisa, Somaliland (waqooyi-galbeed). Hargeisa is the capital city of Somaliland, with a population 1,200,000 residents (Ref. Wikipedia). Most of these populations are youth. Hargeisa has limited number of playgrounds, and very few numbers of futsals (smaller play ground fields). It has only 2 futsals excluding those for big hotels like Maansoor and Ambassador Hotels. Objectives of the new idea: 1. Increase accessibility of both young men and women in sports, specially football 2. improve the interaction and cooperation among the young men and women in Hargeisa city through football tournaments 3. Since this futsal works 24/7 service, its golden opportunity for the young men and women for a better physical health. 4. This new idea contributes job opportunities for the youth in Hargeisa, and hires 3 young men for the coordination and management of the new idea. 5. Reduce illegal immigration of the youth. 6. This futsal can be used as channel for Awareness raising since large number of youth will come together every day. Although only one futsal is not enough for the young men and women in Hargeisa, but it enhances the chances that youth can get a futsal with the lowest price in the city. Opportunities for the new idea: - My family donated to me with a land inside the city. (Free charge empty field) - Location of the land helps the accessibility and affordability of the young men in terms of both transportation and cost. - Hargeisa has only 2 futsals - Previous experience on managing futsale

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The target people of this new idea are youth. January 2014, First time i established futsal with cement floor. During that period (January 2014) i experienced and realized how successful this idea is. I saw how the young people are interesting to get futsals and football fields they can play at any time both day and night. Cement and concrete floors doesn't support for effective football games, and that is why i proposed to request this fund for buying artificial grass (carpet). I evaluated the success at different aspects including the location of the football field (it locates the center of the city), the cheapest price i will provide and the artificial grass (carpet) that i will buy. This type of futsale is new to Hargeisa city.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

As mentioned in the introduction of the new idea, Hargeisa has only 2 futsals. These two are over used and not sufficient for a city with 1,200,000 people. January 2014, My family donated me land (empty field) to make futsal with cement floor. (see the attached pictures), but after 28 days, the floor (cement ) of the futsal destroyed, and couldnot be played on it. The engineers told me that it cant be played and suggested me to bring artificial grass (carpet) for the futsal. Now, I planned to request fund from this opportunity to buy artificial grass (carpet) for the futsal, and personally contribute with my land. The futsal will be rented with 10 USD in every 90 minutes. It will be the cheapest futsal in Hargeisa city compared with other futsal with a rent of 20 USD (Twenthy US Dollars) per 90 minutes. It will work 24 hours and 7days a week. I will provide flash lights for playing night time.

Your profile

I am Ahmed Omer Hussein, was born in Hargeisa, Somaliland in April 22nd, 1992. I am 4th year medical student at Hargeisa University. I have been working for social work activities since 2010. I am a member of United Nations Online Volunteer. I volunteered to design visual elements for Somaliland media award organized by UNDP. I also worked for Horn Youth Development Association (HYDA) as communications and media coordinator. I managed a program called KOOR which is technically supported by PROGRESSIO and financially supported by UNICEF. I participated a number of trainings on project management, which can help me to improve and sustain this new idea for long period. I am young, motivated, and interesting to contribute my energy and time to the development of young men and women in Hargeisa, Somaliland. I am well-known person among the youth in Hargisa, and this enables my new idea for good evidence of success. I am interesting to show my people, specially youth that they can create sustainable ideas for their future and youth.

Stage of Idea

start-up stage

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Summer futsale

initiation of summer futsale with cement floor

young men playing at nighttime with flashlights

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