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Summary of your idea

The idea consists in waste management service for schools of recycles, with this services we can reduce the waste generation, the contamination of landfills, and the poverty because we generate jobs. The activities of the company are: Convincing schools to join the project. Student community awareness on waste and environment using various techniques. Identify materials, equipment, infrastructure, or training required for each school. Collect waste in schools separate form, and follow the development of recycling culture in schools. Management of recyclable waste (collection, storage and sale). Managing resources generated by each school. Delivering Value: materials to schools retribution. It's a innovative idea because in Mexico no exists a enterprise than develops this service actually. The immediate impact that have this idea is developing a stronger culture of the student community recycling and reducing waste in the city dump where Recycle operate in the long run with better infrastructure, schools will be equipped with technologically pioneering and best teachers trained, schools with greater economic capacity and possibility of increased scholarships for further studies, and environmental improvement by reducing land use for landfills. Additively a large increase recycling encourages the recycling industry to grow, develop more businesses and more jobs.

Expected impact of your idea on sustainable development

The mission of the idea is develop better recycling culture focused on working with the sustainable development of Mexico by greener cleaner environment. The vision of the idea is: having a presence in cities with greater market potential recycling in Mexico and generate long-term global change on the use and disposal of natural resources. INDICATOR GOAL FULFILLED: Statistics of schools attached to the project. Statistics providing resources to schools by the company. Growth trend of the company according to earnings and revenue generated.

Plans for implementation and sustainability

The idea have two principal customers: schools (publics and privates) and government (municipal, state and federal). The business model is based on the commissions of the service, service commission of 65% of the profits from sales and 35% for schools. With this project the schools can develop better infraestructure, development educational of teachers and betther equipments on the schools, that is the principal offer to atract the customers to contract the service; it's a simple project: the company handles recyclables from awareness in the student community, through collection to sell, finally buying school supplies (infrastructure, equipment, courses teachers, etc.), for that the company charges the 65% commission. Offer the service to the government (mainly federal) would be to create collaboration agreements, use of teaching materials government loans or establish and / or support for the expansion of the company in cities of interest to government (municipal, state and federal).

Your profile

I'm 20 years old, a young creative, smart, open minded but analytical, innovative, adaptable, nice; Seeking to develop projects with high social impact, currently studying a degree in biotechnology by UNAD Mexico, plus get training through courses of entrepreneurship and related companies and product development (I have records of them) in my main interests this area environment, waste management and recycling, renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and sustainable development projects. I'm going to start a business in the area of management of recyclable waste in schools, although I admit that I still have much to learn, I think it's time to carry it out. While it is currently only an idea of their Jesús Andrés server, i have the goal in my life to give this more green when I got him planet, seeking to develop and implement proposals to improve the environment and the life that inhabits this planet, so I am committed to finding the people that can form the team to realize the project recycles, because through this project can reduce waste from landfills, recycle more waste and provide greater economic capacity to schools therefore greater control by providing education resulting in greater educational quality and better tools, more responsible society and a cleaner environment greener. It is an image of your server, I have the personal goal of leaving this planet greener when I got it, carry out projects that improve the environment, culture and Recycle has this spirit.

Stage of Idea

planning stage

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environment, education, sustainable trade

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